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  1. Over 500,000 people will be sailing on Disney Cruise Lines annually
  2. 14% of the passengers will extend their stay in Brevard County
  3. Port Canaveral is Disney Cuise Line home port.
  4. Disney officials recently told analysts they expect the Magic and its sister ship, the Disney Wonder, to each pull in $50 million in operating income during the first full year of operation.
  5. 92 percent of the American public has never cruised.
  6. Disney sees the cruise line as an extension of its wedding consulting business. Guests can't get married on the boat as of yet, and officials say there aren't any immediate plans to allow weddings on board. What Disney does offer is three, seven-day packages which include a wedding at the Walt Disney World resort and a honeymoon cruise, along with other various resort amenities such as theme park tickets.
  7. Since its opening in 1971, Walt Disney World has never closed its doors until Hurricane Floyd. Floyd, a Category 4 storm, was forecast to place hurricane force winds over Walt Disney World early on 15 Sept 1999. Disney closed its doors in the afternoon of September 14 to prepare and ride out the storm and stayed closed to the public on September 15. Two notices were provided on the web. You can read a copy of the first and second ones. Luckily, the actual hurricane track stayed futher out to sea but did produce gusty winds over Walt Disney World in the early morning. Disney's park workers spent Tuesday securing benches, trash bins and boarding up windows. At Animal Kingdom, park employees used large nets to capture birds, which were moved to a warehouse to ride out the storm. Other animals' shelters are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. Additionally, Port Canaveral required all ships, including Disney Cruise Lines, to evacuate the Port. All Disney ships, the Magic and the Wonder were on the high seas during the storm. Only essential employees were asked to report to work, Disney World spokeswoman Diane Ledder said, and guests who were staying at Disney's campgrounds were given shelter at the convention center at the Contemporary Resort. "Because the storm is so big and powerful and it truly is unpredictable, we are erring on the side of safety and making sure that everybody can be in a place of safety when the weather gets worse," Ledder said. It is the first time in Disney's 28-year history that it has been forced to close its parks. Like Disney, Universal has never shut down its theme parks for a full day in the nine years it has been operating in Florida and Orlando International Airport also shut down for the first time in its history. Theme park resorts brought in everything from free food to travel consultants Tuesday to keep guests happy, with guests at Disney's on-site resorts even getting Animal Kingdom to themselves Wednesday afternoon when the treat of Floyd abated. Because of Floyd, the Disney Wonder arrived and departed Thursday at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The Disney Magic returned Friday as scheduled to Port Canaveral, Fla. Disney World theme parks remained closed to the general public Wednesday but reopened on the 16th. Many restaurants, shops and other attractions at Downtown Disney reopened Wednesday afternoon. For more information about hurricanes consult the Hidden Mickeys bookstore.
    REPORTED: Tom & RenŽe Shaw 16 SEP 99

Cruise Terminal 8

Cruise Terminal 8
  1. Cruise Terminal 8, the Disney Cruise Line Terminal, was completed and dedicated on November 17, 1997. The $27 million, 70,000-square-foot facility is Port Canaveral's third ultra-modern mega-ship terminal, and will be the exclusive home of Disney Cruise Line's first two ships, the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder.
  2. View Terminal 8

Disney Magic

Disney Magic
  1. The Magic was christened July 28 and had its inaugural voyage July 30.
  2. The Disney Magic is one of the three largest ships of the world.
  3. The Disney Magic arrived at Port Canaveral nearly five months behind schedule because of construction delays at the Italian shipyard where it was built. The delays were due to Disney's requirements of getting it perfect.
  4. The arrival of the Disney Magic in Port Canaveral was a big event, with fireworks off the boat, film crew in a helicopter flying around, and a couple other things. The one thing that didn't quite come off perfect was the horns. The Disney Magic has a series of foghorns that play the notes for "When You Wish Upon a Star". As we approached the port, someone decided to use them several times in a row. They use a compressed gas, and after about the 4th time the notes seemed a little long. A couple more times and one valve froze open, and wouldn't stop blasting it's note. They tried playing it a couple times to see if it would unstick, but no luck. A couple minutes later one of the ships officers was seen kicking something near the horn and it quit, and every time it was played after that, that note was missing.
    REPORTED: William 08 JUL 98
  5. Its horn can whistle "When You Wish Upon A Star" WAV Sound
  6. Rather than dining in the same room each night, passengers rotate through the restaurants while sharing the company of their regualr table mates and keeping their same waiter
  7. Built by Fincantieri, the Magic cost $350 million
  8. 9,000 square foot spa and salon
  9. 5,500 square foot shopping area
  10. It has a basketball court and jogging track
  11. 4 swimming pools - one for kids, one for family, one for adults and one for the crew!
  12. Cast Members name tags display their country of origin
  13. Staterooms accommodate 2 king-size beds and a desk. Most have 1 1/2 baths. 44% have verandas.
  14. Wood is used throughout. Something which in novell on current cruise ships.
  15. The captain is Captain Tom Forberg Magic and Big Red Boat
  16. Disney did some initial test marketting on the character cruise market on 'The Big Red Boat'. When docked next to the Magic in the Bahamas, it is just a big boat and not big enough to call it a ship. Magic towers over 'The little Red Boat'.
    REPORTED: Martin Lee 14 JAN 99
  17. Adults alone should consider the second seating for dinner
  18. When in port in Nassau, Disney fires off fireworks from the stacks at night!
  19. Disney Fireworks Patents: US05627338, US05739462, US05526750, 5440990 and US05339741
  20. While talking to our waitress she informed us that the cast members have 3 floors that guest can't get to. On these floors are there staterooms, cast restaurants, gift shops, even their own pool. You can see it from the deck above it but you can't get there.
    REPORTED: tara hamway 11 FEB 00
  21. The Disney Magic was new in 1998 and the Disney Wonder in 1999.
  22. 3 story Atrium lobby
  23. 5500 square feet of Disney themed shopping.
  24. 875 Staterooms with 255 more space than an average Cruise Ship.
  25. In each stateroom Remote Control Colour TV, Safe, hair dryer, Direct Dial Telephone with voice mail, Individual Controlled air conditioning and Stocked mini-Bar. (Local charge).
  26. 3 Swimming pools: Family, Kids and adults.
  27. Dining rooms: Animators Palate (watch the colours change!), Lumieres with a French flair on the Disney Magic and Tritons serving seafood specialities on Disney Wonder, Palo Adults exclusive intimate and Italian, Parrot Cay Tropical Cuisine.
  28. Indoor/Outdoor CafŽ
  29. Pool bar
  30. Coffee bar/ Ice Cream Bar
  31. 24 hour Room Service
  32. Movies in the Buena Vista Theatre
  33. Non-stop sports TV in the ESPN Skybox
  34. A different Broadway- style stage show each night in the Walt Disney Theatre Beat Street aboard the Disney Magic, Route 66 aboard the Disney Wonder, two night time entertainment districts featuring a variety of unparalleled excitement designed exclusively for adults.
  35. 15,000 Square Feet of Children's Space with trained Disney Counsellors Studio Sea Family Lounge with dancing and game shows. Promenade Lounge with live Trio.
  36. 15,000 Square Feet of Children's Space with trained Disney Counsellors supervising Disney's Oceaneer Club, Disney's Oceaneers lab and Common Grounds for teens.
  37. Children's Evening Drop-off service, private babysitting available.
  38. 8500 Square Feet Oceanview Fitness Centre Vista Spa and Salon.
  39. Table Tennis, Basketball, and Shuffleboarding Volleyball and Golfing Range.
  40. Self Service and Valet Launderette, Laundry and Dry Cleaning.
  41. Disney's Private Island Castaway Cay.
  42. Disney Wonder is almost as long as the Eiffel Tower is high, and it's nearly as long as the Empire State Building is high.
  43. If Disney Wonder were a land vehicle, it would need an eight lane motorway (including reservation!) to handle its width.
  44. The anchor alone is as heavy as two Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs or three elephants.
  45. The horsepower of Disney Wonder's five engines is equivalently to the power of more than 100 Formula One racing cars running at full speed.
  46. Each day of operation, 5,000 people will be transported from the airport to their resort, to the part and back to the airport
  47. There are 1,367 miles of cable on the ship.
  48. On a three-day cruise, 6,525 pool towels will be used and washed, enough to handle every athlete of every participating country's Olympic swimming team.
  49. There are 5,390 pillows on board.
  50. 8,260 cups of coffee are served every days, on board.
  51. In a month of cruises on the Disney Wonder, 15,776 cans of Coca-Cola will be consumed. To play '99 Cans of Coke on the wall' you would need a wall 3,616 feet long and you'd have to sing the song for two straight days to get to the end.
  52. The ship can make 1,200 tons of fresh water from seawater each day.
  53. Disney Cruise Line will transport approximately 10,000 suitcases per operating day. If each bag weighs 15 pounds, the team will get a great daily workout: lifting 75 tons.
  54. From the beginning, Disney Cruise Line was destined to be different.
  55. Novel in its approach, Disney Cruise Line's rotation dining allows guests to enjoy a different themed dining experience every night. From the French cuisine of Lumire's, to the island-inspired paradise of Parrot Cay. Not forgetting the magic of Animator's Palate, or the adult-only alternative, Palos. No other cruise ship offers so many dining options or the rotation dining concept.
  56. Bath-and-a-Half Innovation in the Largest Staterooms: All the 875 staterooms aboard the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder are 25 percent larger than the current industry average. Many also feature an industry first, a bathroom-and-a-half, featuring separate bath facilities.
  57. Never before has a cruise line offered three original, Broadway-style Disney musical productions. With state-of-the-art sound, lighting, staging and props, Disney raises the curtain nightly in its magnificent 975-seat Walt Disney Theatre.
  58. THE ESPN Skybox is the only interactive sports club at sea! The ESPN Skybox features multiple screens broadcasting all the latest sports news and events from around the world.
  59. Both ships feature three themed adult-only night-clubs, including the first-ever seagoing comedy club, a stylish piano bar and a dance hall featuring a variety of headliner entertainment and live music.
  60. With more than 15,000 square feet - nearly an entire deck - of children's space, Disney Cruise Line has a special world just for kids that is unsurpassed at sea.
  61. Disney's Oceaneer Adventure offers a variety of activities, including the Oceaneer Club featuring role-playing games, costumes and individual and group activities for kids 3-8. Disney's Oceaneer Lab features the latest high-tech fun for kids 9-12. And teens can enjoy their high-seas independence at Common Grounds, a private coffeehouse just for them.

Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3

Beat Street

  1. The adult entertainment zone

Rockin' Bar D


Off Beat


  1. French and Contential restaurant inspired by ships of the 1930's and contains a sweeping mural from Beauty and the Beast

Parrot Cay

  1. Casual style Bahamian restaurant

Deck 4

Walt Disney Theater

  1. 975 seat "Broadway" type theater
  2. The whole operation in this theatre is amazing. In a space that most theatres would only be able to handle one production at a time in, they do four. Changeover from one show to another takes several hours, which means that only one show will be seen on any particular day. They are also fully equipped to show movies, but that is only likely to take place if bad weather prevents a lot of outside activity.
    REPORTED: William 08 JUL 98

Mickey's Mates

Treasure Ketch


  1. On the Christmas Tree (in Dec.) there were little Mickey ornaments amoung the regular round ones
    REPORTED: Shanna 24 MAY 01

Studio Sea


Animator's Palate

Black and White to Color
  1. International and inventive cuisine with live animation. The surroundings including the server's uniforms change from black and white to color as does the art on the animators drawing board!
    REPORTED: News Reports 28 JUL 98
    Here is a picture toward the tail end of the dinner sitting. You can see the servers have change from B&W and into COLOR. The whole room is alive with splashes to color. This was our favorite restaurant on Disney Magic.
    COMFIRMED: Martin Lee 14 JAN 99
Black and White to Color

Deck 5

Ocean Adventure

  1. Open from 9 am 'till 1 am
  2. Takes up nearly all of Deck 5
  3. Staffed by 50 college graduates who have additional training in child care
  4. Devoted totally to children
  5. Parents will be given pagers so their children will be able to reach them at any time

Oceaneer Club

  1. The Oceaneer Club has a character greeting area

Oceaneer Lab

Common Grounds

Buena Vista Cinema

  1. 170 seat movie theater

Deck 6

Deck 7

Deck 8


Deck 9

Vista Spa & Salon

Mickey's Pool

  1. It even has a water slide

Family Pool

Adult Pool

  1. No children allowed

The Promenade Lounge

Deck 10

ESPN Skybox Broadcast Booth


  1. Adults Only
  2. With a 270ˇ view and an open kitchen, dine on foods from Northern and Southern Italy

Topsider Cafe

  1. Children and Adults. If the child is checked into the on board program in the Oceaneer Lab or the Oceaneer Club, the group will go to lunch or dinner at Topsider. They then will have an area reserved in Topsider for the children and the counselors.

Deck 11


ESPN Skybox

  1. Highest point on the ship

Disney Magic & Disney Wonder Facts & Figures








March 3,1998 (Magic)

Maiden voyage

July 30, 1998,1998 (Magic)

Overall length

964 feet


106 feet


25 feet

Gross tonnage









21.5 knots (24 maximum)


927 from 40+ nations

Passenger decks



875 (44% have verandas; most have 1 1/2 baths)


2,400 (1,750 double occupancy)

Ship's Registry

The Bahamas

Home Port

Port Canaveral, Florida


See the map of the island. Dock

  1. Cay pronounced "key," not "kay."
  2. It is a 1,000 acre Disney owned three-mile long island in the Bahamas
  3. Formerly known as Gorda Cay, it was used chiefly as a stop for drug smugglers and still has an old runway, presumably used by drug runners. The crumbling airstrip now bears the Disney touch in the form of big white letters spelling out "Castaway Cay."
  4. Castaway Cay is located at 26ˇ04'608N 77ˇ32'283"W
  5. Castaway Cay has a character greeting area
  6. Castaway Cay has a separate beach for families and kids. At the half-mile family beach, you can rent bikes, volleyball, snorkels for the 15-acre, offshore snorkeling course, walking trails, sail boats, sea kayaks and cabanas for open-air massages.
    Tiki Huts
  7. Construction to make it look like a perfect deserted island took 18 months which included dredging 50,000 truckloads of sand from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Imagineers created a few weathered-looking, tin-roofed buildings that house tiki bars, an open-air dining pavilion, bathrooms, a Disney gift shop, and a post office.
  8. A Bahamian post office on the island will cancel mail with a Castaway Cay postmark.
  9. Weather vanes on the roofs are flashy, cartoonish birds.
  10. The island is largely undeveloped - only 55 acres are being used.
  11. Out of view are a sewage treatment plant, two facilities that turn sea water into fresh water, and housing for about 40 employees who will live on the island.
  12. The dock where Disney ships can berth cost more than $25 million. To create the mooring site for the ships, workers dredged sand from a 1,700-foot channel about 35 feet deep and 200-to-400 feet wide. The dredge material was used to build the landing island. The dock built to look like a natural peninsula off the craggy island. Air Bar
  13. Castaway Air Bar was built to resemble a tin hangar as a tribute to the nearby runway.
  14. Disney has planted palms and flowers. There are signs identifying the flora, not something a true castaway would find. Included in the planting is the gumbo limbo, which natives call the tourist tree because its red, peeling bark resembles a sunburnt tourist.
  15. Perched on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic, are two private cabanas where passengers can book open-air, 55 minute massages.
  16. A sub from 20,000 Leagues has been partial sunk off the beach.
  17. Crafts are sold at a shop by Bahamians who will commute via boat from the closest island -- some eight miles away. The store wiil be the only place you'll be able to purchase official Castaway Cay goods.
  18. Most of the bikes on Castaway Cay were blown out to sea during Huricanne Floyd.

Serenity Bay

  1. Is a secluded beach for adults. A short tram ride takes adults to a secluded beach, which Disney has named "Serenity Bay" to avoid the decidedly non-Disney image conjured up by "adult beach."

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