Cyberland is all about what Disney Theme Parks might become in reality in the future. Pardon our dust but Cyberland will always be under construction. With your help, we will try out Imagineering ideas of what a Disney Theme Park might become in the future. We will have a Virtual Disneyland of the future here in cyberspace.

Remember what Walt Disney said, "Disneyland will get more beautiful year after year. And it will get better as I find out what the public likes."

Here is your chance to imagineer the future...

Please note this site is in early construction and many items do not work yet. Please be patience and send any suggestions to me

Cyberland, the unofficial Virtual Disneyland, makes the Imagineering effort more of a challenge. As a quest, the shows will have more quality and enthusiasm and the satisfaction of having accomplished the main theme: the entertainment of the "Guests" to this site.

Upon entering Cyberland all the "new" things could be clicked-up. Everything from shopping differences on Main St., waiting in line, parades, what-have-you, to the Lands and attractions. All new and ready to explore.

It would seem appropriate for you to give time to each project, as Imagineering is a lot of work. It would give the dream a chance to better take shape.

As an attraction or idea comes into focus, the votes will tallied. When the "Imagineer" - you - feels comfortable with it, it will be incorporated into the Park by popular demand. And like Walt, the Imagineer could even yet keep plussing it, making it better as time goes by.

We have a planning stage even the fledgling ideas won't be thrown out the window, but worked upon and discussed. We don't want to lose the best stuff.

I am still working out the mechanics on how all this will work so bare with me. Send suggestions to me.

Inspiration of Tim Carter and the Spacecoast Hidden Mickeys List

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