Cyberland-Talk Charter

Cyberland-Talk is a discussion list for exchanging information, questions, and answers about the evolving Cyberland Web site. Discussions should be limited to topics related to Cyberland and other interests of Cyberland Imagineers.

This is a discussion list, and as such, attachments to mail messages are strongly discouraged. Instead, mail your attachments to the Imagineer in charge and he will get them on the page for review and comment.

How to Send Mail and Requests

You can perform some the commands listed below from the Cyberland List Maintenance page. Subscribers to either the talk or digest versions of the list may send discussion messages to: Cyberland-Talk at

You can control the list either via the previous form or by mailing Address-List at and including the commands below in the body of the message. You can send multiple commands, each in one line finishing with END.

How to Send Mail and Requests

If you wish to post to the list via a form save this link: Or you can send discussion messages via EMail to: Cyberland-Talk at