The Black Hole - Sequel to Space Mountain


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The Black Hole - Sequel to Space Mountain

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In concept stage

Basic Concept

The Black Hole is a roller coaster ride themed much the same as Space Mountain, generally to be a sequal to Space Mountain. This ride is much underground, and very few parts of it are actually above ground. There is a building about half the size of Space Mountain nest to it. The building is not very odd looking, looking much like a futuristisc airport or something. You enter the building and start to walk through a somewhat narrow future style hall. Then the top becomes clear and you can see people above you walking on a clear floor (part of the queue). You keep walking and start to turn and weave around on some parts you can see into the ride (like space mountain) then you start to walk upward at at a slope, no stairs, and then the walls are clear and if you look down you can see the people below you. You keep walking and you see a clear tube about 15 feet in diameter, it is very dark here and the only lighting are black lights. This is so the thick clear tube is not very visibal. There are lights on the ground to guide you. Then as you cirle the tube you are startled by a roaring sound, then jump as a rocket speeds downward through the tube. You then start to head upward on an incline again. There are still no lights except for the black lights and safety lights guiding you. Then all you can see is the guiding lights. There is mist surrounding you. Then you head through lasers flashing around you as you hear a waring about the ride. You are no longer walking, but standing as a ramp takes you upward slowly. Then you reach the loading dock. You are greeted by Cast Members who board you to your rockets. The rockets are single, not conected. The rockets seat 10 people in 5 rows of 2. You board the rocket and are restrained by a bar. You then head off into a room where you can see lasers that appear to be showing a run way, at an angle. You start to slowly turn into the runway. You can see controls infront of you and a small video screen. The screen turns on and you see a face telling you about saftey and about your journey to see the black hole. You visting the black hole and are warned of the dangers involved. Then you hear, and see, the rocket starting up. Then with a sudden jolt you start roaring down the runway. [The system is a new propeling system. That can propel the rocket at any given time. It is not a normal chain, but a hole new system.]

You start to gain speed and climb. The top speed of the climb is 50 mph, the rocket shakes and wind is blown in your face to seem to increase the speed. Then you seem to slow down and level out. The screen comes on and a man tells you how you had a smooth take off. then there is a bang and the rocket junmps. The man tells you that there was a minor problem with the controll of the rocket, nothing to worry about. The there is a larger boom and the Controlls light up and start to flash and the screen goes out. The rockets goes wild and starts to go fast in every direction. You head toward the black hole. The screen comes on again and the man says that the rocket is out of controll and to try to avoid the black hole. The controll tower no longer has controll of the rocket and that you should try to steer clear of the black hole. Then there is one more bang and he says that you have lost total controll and you are heading right for the black hole. You can see light entering the black hole, because of it's strength, and the screen goes dead and you see the fuzzy black and white lines. Then you start to get pulled into the black hole and go wild up and down towards the hole and when you reach it you go into circles and then break free and head out at a tremendous speed you see a rocket heading straight towards you and you nearly avoid hiting it. Then with some more wild flying and special effects you crash land on the runway where you are fine and the rocket is guided in by another. Then you exit and the ride is over.

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