Nautilus Sea Harvest Restaurant


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Nautilus Sea Harvest

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Tim Carter

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In concept stage

Basic Concept

A fine seafood restaurant with a view of natural sea life in the decor from the movie "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". A heavy metallic and barbed sculpture of rings rises to become a structure much like the Nautilus submarine in appearance, directly above the Sub- marine Lagoon. The Nautilus Sea Harvest. The Submarines cruise underneath and through the ringed supports. A gangplank over the water nearest the Matterhorn beckons. As one comes near the grotesque metal design and inside the mock pressure doors, the interior is seen to be plush in Victorian style among ocean-going props; golden ropes and brass and period scientific equipment as is true to the movie. The hosts and hostesses are dressed in period elegance and are the appointments of the host: Captain Nemo, who appears upon occasion to discuss his latest excursions into the deep. The immediate waiting area is a small exhibition of diving equipment attached to the walls. Odd sea creatures are in several small containers on shelves. The ambience is yet of an opulent style of life under the sea amidst a bountiful undersea life. The set from the movie, including the organ and all its pipes is at one wall, complete with the viewing window. The space within the restaurant is nearly spherical, but somewhat elongated. There is oceanic life surrounding the whole of the restaurant where patrons can experience life undersea swimming just outside from their table. The impression is dining on fresh harvesting at the bottom of the sea, courtesy of Captain Nemo. The food is all from the ocean; salads, meat, garnishing. The menu offers the styles from the world over. A sumptuous dining experience, as the saying goes.

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Technical Concepts

There is no huge water tank around the restaurant. Only indivi- dual tanks three feet wide and ten feet tall at each window to let bubbles come up for dramatic effect. These are embued in dark blue colored light at night. Behind the bubbling are three dimensional movies being played upon highly polished dish mirrors placed strategically near the windows. Each half of each stereo movie is being projected independently. A stereo image is two pictures photographed simultaneously in the same direction from an angle of the average distance between human pupils, 66mm. A special lens simulates natural light transmittance, which follows the path of least resistance in a spherical fashion. The hemi-spherical lense would project the companion stereo frames upon the reflective dish and become one 3-D image. They converge and the brain defines the perspective differences between the two angles: 3-D. This is the most natural method I can imagine, and has not been tried. It remains my personal theory. You can have a sea turtle swimming up the window with his underside nearly touching, and it's not real. The same effect is used out the main viewing port. The deep sea excursion team is a stereo film shot from an appropriate distance above. The scenes are shot in the clear tropical waters of the world in the same way that Circle Vision has been shot for decades, only with stereoscopic cameras prepositioned to match where the Nautilus windows will be located. A shark will swim past all the windows solid-looking as though he is there. All the surrounding underwater activity would be natural and in its entirety.

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