King Arthur's Carrousel Upgrade


Name of Attraction:

A Holiday With Mary (working title)

Type of Attraction:

Carrousel\Dark Ride

Lead Virtual Imagineer:

Tim Carter

Associate Virtual Imagineers:


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Disneyland Location:


Disney World Location:

None yet

Disneyland Paris:

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Tokyo Disneyland:

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In concept stage

Basic Concept

Appearing in every way as the normal carrousel at Fantasyland. Children and adults get on and buckle-up. The traditional King Arthur music starts and the horses begin to go around and bob up and down in the usual way. After 30 seconds of this, a new song is heard. It is "A Bloody Holiday" from Mary Poppins, played by the music machine. Just then a planter of flowers raises revealing a passageway below ground. From there a full orchestra sound of the same song is playing as the horses, one by one, and in single file march up and down off of the turntable and into this place. Inside the riders experience the countryside of England: picnics, sailing, flying kites, laughing, fun, and especially miss supercalafragilisticexpeali---or however the darn thing is contrived: Mary Poppins! She, Bert, and the kids come riding up beside smiling and waving. There is a little dialogue, something like: "Hello to you too!" And eventually, "Hey Mary, where are you going", from Bert, "To the races", says she. "Well everyone, you want to go?", says Bert. "Well come on then!" And everyone is in a derby together where, of course, Mary Poppins wins with ease. Naturally. As the crowd in the stands cheers you hear Mary, Bert and the kids saying in unison: "Goodbye! See you next time! Come back again!", some comedic lines from Bert as they all continue in song that drifts behind as the riders emerge back into Fantasyland and reappear on the turntable from the center out. The planter goes back down. Finale music. The end.

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