Huck Finn's Cave Upgrade


Name of Attraction:

Huck Finn's Cave

Type of Attraction:

Walk through

Lead Virtual Imagineer:

Tim Carter

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Frontierland\Tom Sawyer Island

Disneyland Location:

Frontierland\Tom Sawyer Island.

Disney World Location:

None yet

Disneyland Paris:

None yet

Tokyo Disneyland:

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In concept stage

Basic Concept

Rebuild the mass of Tom Sawyer Island at its center, and extend its height in dirt and rock formation to make room for a larger cave. As part of its features the cave would have a lookout from high above, and a host of passages to explore, inter-connected with existing ones. Inside can be found a "sure-enough" king's throne, stalactites and stalagmites, bats, secret rooms A couple of shows seen through small apertures that really appear to have an entrance near by, but do not. One of Injun Joe asleep; a lantern near by. Another of Tom and Huck making their discovery of the chest of gold pieces. You see them raising the lid of the chest and their candle lights up the treasure and their astonished faces. There is also a skeleton of a lost explorer who seemingly scratched at an entrance door there until his death. There are a few underground waterfalls, endless abysses that go beyond access, and beautiful gem-like veins in the rock. All is heavily air conditioned to simulate cave conditions, and there are secreted everywhere microphones and speakers where the live voices of the guests will be reverberated with echo effect.

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