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Basic Concept

Tomorrowland is the future year: 2086. Embarking in the Monorail from Tomorrowland, the rider instead of going directly to the outside world of reality and outside Disneyland and particularly, outside of Tomorrowland, that rider instead enters a time tunnel. Inside that tunnel it is announced that this is a tour of a future city in the year 2186. There is a light show against the walls of the tunnel to represent the transformation in time. Also special effects are played over the intercom. Having emerged, outside of windows on either side are the sights of this future city. Strange, beautiful and eerie buildings and goings on are witnessed. The monorail slows past a monorail station of the future. It is announced to the guests that since we are from the past we are not seen by the people waiting there. They are dressed in strange outfits. The kinds of activities of the people waiting reveal technical wonders. Television seemingly projected into the air as businessmen conduct meetings from where they are seated. Convenience machines reveal amazing technology, etc. As the monorail finishes its slow-by it returns to the time it was when the guests bought their tickets that day, via the light show, and off to the Disneyland Hotel. Upon returning to Tomorrowland the monorail goes through another burst of lights in a ring forty feet long to bring it back into the year 2086. The progress of the Monorail inside the two tunnels is marked by lights on the outside for observers from the ground.

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Technical Concepts

During the ride through the main tunnel the Monorail slows throughout as the lights give the appearance by themselves of great speed. This makes a large amount of tunnel unnecessary.

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