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Matterhorn Upgrade

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Mike Hathaway

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Epcot: Swiss Pavilion

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Basic Concept

This is for an upgrade to the current Matterhorn mountain attraction currently located in Disneyland. Of course, since Disney has not built anotherone yet there are hopes that with this upgrade cyberland, Disney will build this newer version into every park.

Matterhorn mountain's base and cue and station are to be rebuilt. The the base of the mountain will be extended all around. The mountain will now engulf the station loading area, cue area, and all of the fenced in space around the mountain. Now when a guest walks up to the Matterhorn they will be able to walk right up to the mountain and touch it. The new look will take the "Ice Cave's" look a step further by created a set of new Ice Cave tunnels for the new cue line. Guests will enter the line to the left of where the station was once visible The will be walk into what will look like a mind tunnel except it is all ice. guests will walk down a stairs carved into the tunnel until they are below street level. Then the guests will walk in drafty ice caves lit up by lanterns connected to electrical pips and nailed into the icy ceiling. Guests will here the story of how the caves where discovered, and carved out. The path will lead towards the Submarine voyage ride once at that point the cave will upen up and show large windows that will appear to be thick clear ice. Through these windows an under water arctic scene will be visible. The cave will then narrow the ice cave will wind to a set of stairs. These stairs will lead up to the New Station area for Matterhorn Mountain/ Guests will be with bright white and blue sunlight peaking in from 30 ft above where the cavern opens up into the sunlight. The station will have been completely removed and guests will see This new massive ice cave a new loading area that looks like it was carved right out of the ice/rock. The area will have more lanterns hanging all over the place to provide lighting at night. From the top ropes and other climbing ties will be visible showing how the original discovers of these massive ice caves originally got in. This is where guests will have a choice as to which coaster the want to ride/ or a cast member will point them towards either loading area.

Cast members in more modern looking exploration costumes will help guests into the bobsled for an exciting ride through the caves. The sled ride sill be new and improved. Inside all of the caves will be repainted and re lit . Lanterns, pick axes, and many other caveing and exploration gear will be visible. At the end of the ride guests will off load and exit to the right of both loading areas.

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Technical Concepts

This rehab requires not only the building of a massive new loading area, extending the mountain, and a lot of internal work. The street will also have to be dug up in order for the new ice caves to be installed.

The project will run in steps.

  1. The area where the street will be ripped up will have to be closed as crews rip p the street and build the new caves in sections. Starting with the area by the submarines first. The sub ride will be drained and the area closest to the matterhorn will be repainted to look Arctic. Then the ice windows and tunnels will be built and covered with pavement and road.
  2. The area to the left of the Matterhorn will be closed road dug up and the mountain extended this will be done in one step since the entrance stairs and right hand cave will all be covered by the new larger Matterhorn mountain and will be one large two story cave area.
  3. Finally the ride will be shut down for the main rehab where the station will be removed and the huge ice cave structure will be built over it.

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Park Tailoring

The entire project is custom tailored for Disneyland. Due to the fact that the other parks do not have a Matterhorn Mountain ride that customizing will be done on a park by park basis. But since it would be build from scratch the easy way to make the caves would be to lift the entire mountain up a story and build the caves winding through under the coaster.

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Physical Implementation

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