Swiss Family Treehouse Upgrade


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Swiss Family Treehouse

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Walk through

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Tim Carter

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In concept stage

Basic Concept

Start over. Walt Disney observed that a tree has no perspective. Build the treehouse to the specs of the one in the movie. All the furnishings and floor space are actual size. Beautiful birds adorn the railing, fresh flowers in vases and places around. Collections from the wreck and the island are visible, and things are in partial disarray as in daily use. There are monkeys and parrots and coconut bombs around. Beside the tree trunk is Frances' pirate pit, covered with fronds and a growling tiger inside. The guests can lift a small portion of the covering to have this verified. Hanging half way between treehouse and ground is little Frances with a monkey in one arm and waving with the other, and spinning around trying to regain control. Above, Fritz is holding him fast at the other end of the rope while Roberta holds a limp end past that. Earnst watches frozen and afraid. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, unaware, are waving to the guests in the Jungle Cruise boats at intervals. As the guests visit the home the characters are looking the other way as though unaware of the guest's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, for instance, open a curtain and are looking out the window to the boats below and then into each other's eyes. At night the rope scene rises and closes, and all of the Robinsons join in together for and evening of song in the living room behind tarps or curtains. This is especially nice at Christmas time as they sing "O Christmas Tree" and other carol favorites to the accompanying organ. The passers below all wish they were there with them, in that dream. The warmth of the glow of the tarp is indicative of the safety and warmth of the evening even in the deepest darkest Adventureland. There are occasional animal cries and varying eyes lighting up in the jungle beneath--and of course, the complaints about the food of the tiger.

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