Club 33
33 Royal Street
New Orleans Square, Disneyland
Anaheim, California

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Phsst: Fun Facts
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Fun Stories

  1. The newly redone Trophy Room in Club 33 has at least one Hidden Mickey. First, in a case is a non-hidden Mickey in the form of an old plush Mickey. Behind that plush is a film canister -- with two smaller canisters attached to it in just the right place and proportion to make ears. Also, there are various pictures on the wall -- one of them is the one of Walt leaning against his hand in a doorway, with his shadow being Mickey. There are probably more...
    REPORTED: anon 19 JAN 99
    The film canisters are up high so I had to go to the east end of the room to see it. Then there is the picture/poster of Walt in a 1930's picture in a doorway and a shadow of Mickey on the wall to his left. Same picture as in one of the financial reports back in the 80's.
    CONFIRMED: Ronald L. Gibson 26 FEB 99

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