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  1. pict from Right before the birthday party scene under a purple huffalump's trunk. Mickey "bubble"
    REPORTED: Kathy 21 FEB 06
  2. when you first go into the winnie the poohride at disneyland, you pass a circular pole on your right. about halfway down the pole are the famous 3 circles.
    REPORTED: Zachary Barr 15 APR 06
  3. The hidden Mickey is in the room with Tigger. It's upside down on the wall towards the bottom, it's a honey spot. The next time I go I will take a picture. Happy hunting!
    REPORTED: Ruben Hernandez 10 JAN 06
    CONFIRMED: Jared 30 MAR 06
  4. We recently found a hidden Mickey on the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland. Towards the end of the ride, on the right side, towards the floor, there is a tiny Mickey head and ears. Its right after the dream room.
    REPORTED: April 06 FEB 06
  5. The final door that opens on the ride as you exit outside in the bottom right hand corner there are honey 3 honey droppings, 2 smaller being the ears and 1 bigger being the head.
    REPORTED: Shannon 12 MAR 06
    When on the Winnie the Pooh ride in Disneyland Anaheim, there is a very obvious hidden Mickey. After the room with the hefalumps and woozles, there is a wall with pictures of hefalumps surrounded by drops of honey. On the lower right hand side of the wall is a hidden mickey made by three drops of honey under a purple hefalumps snout.
    CONFIRMED: Jason Klebs 26 MAR 06
    On the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, I found a hidden mickey near the end of the ride where they are celebrating Pooh's birthday and it shows all the gifts given to him. Right before you exit the ride, there is a picture of Pooh with a bunch of honey bubbles around him. If you look at the bottom right hand corner, there are three honey bubbles that make a perfect hidden mickey. It's actually really easy to find.
    CONFIRMED: Trevor White 10 APR 06
  6. The last thing that you see on the right (the three baloons) they form a 3D Hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Timothy 05 JUN 06

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