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  1. While in line for Splash Mountain, look at the top where people come down from the final drop. If you stand so that you are facing the drop look at the hole. The gigantic hole and two holes located directly next to it form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Ross Monogram 22 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: Foo Bar 22 JAN 00
    The hole where you come out of at the top of Splash Mountain is cut to have a Mickey head as you look at it from the outside.
    CONFIRMED: Rupert 24 MAR 02 pict from
  2. When we were waiting in line, we spotted a Hidden Mickey! It is just as you enter the building (after having waited in line outside). It is easiest to spot from the line on the left. There is a set of gears on a grinding machine that form a Hidden Mickey. There is one big gear and two smaller gears that form the head and ears. The Mickey is at an angle with the ears leaning to the right.
    REPORTED: Daniel Jennings 07 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 11 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: M. Giese/E. Snow 10 JUL 97
    As you enter into the "barn," after waiting in line outside, for Splash Mountain, there are three gears that make up a Mickey head, as previously reported. For awhile, however, the gears were actually moved, and no longer formed the Mickey. On our most recent visit, the gears have once again been "reassembled," so our ol' Pal has returned.
    UPDATE: Bruce and Debby Forrest 02 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Barbara Fett 11 FEB 99
  3. In line for Splash Mountain, when going up the stairs and into the building, one of the stones on the stone wall is shaped like Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jim 17 AUG 00
  4. After you board, you go up and then make a right turn (you're now outside) look to your right. Embedded in the red clay mountainside are three large, round, gray stones in the formation of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Ken 13 MAY 97
  5. A group of stones in the queue that form Mickey
    REPORTED: Wisterya 05 AUG 95
  6. Just after you board the ride and turn the first corner look to your right and up at the last lantern before you start up the hill. Mickey is spray-painted on the front of that lantern. The paint has dripped a bit, but it is a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Stacie Evans 21 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Kayne & Tanya Pedrick 08 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Barbara Fett 05 APR 99
  7. When you enter the 1st "inside Section" directly located to the right, (note: Right after the entrance to the inside) inbedded in the seccond row of "cartoon Grass" is 3 Green Circles, forming a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jason Bischoff 27 MAR 99
  8. As you leave Uncle Remis's shack with the large fireplace there is a short concrete wall on the right. If you face the wall and look straignt at it you will see two Hidden Mickeys formed by buldges in the concrete.
    REPORTED: Sara Belluomini 14 JUL 96
  9. As you make the first turn closest to the Rivers of America, on your right, there is rock wall with the Hidden Mickey in it! It is after the first drop, but before the second.
    REPORTED: CindyP 02 APR 97
  10. When Brer Rabbit and the Turtle are singing "How Do Ya Do," near where the possums are hang over head, if you look to the right there are some bushs and other plants. I can't remember exactly but I think I saw a Mickey in the bush (a round green "leaf" and 2 round "leaves" above it)
    REPORTED: Krissy 31 MAR 00
  11. It is in front of the little porcupine that is "playing" the turtle's back with mallets.
    REPORTED: Bob wall 26 APR 06
  12. I saw a hidden Mickey where you go up the second hill in the barn where the owl is. When you get to the top of that little hill, look right above you. There are a bunch of rocks and 3 big ones. That is totally a hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: Nikki Murphy 19 MAY 00 pict from
  13. On the ride there is a famed photo of Mickey and a frame photo of guests in their log which one guest wearing a Mickey hat!
    REPORTED: anon 09 SEP 01
  14. In the scene before the final lift hill, where the mother rabbit is singing to the baby rabbits the "Poor Brer Rabbit" song, there are three turnips on the left-hand side that form an upside-down Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Leota 11 APR 02
  15. Before the climb that leads to the last drop, you see a clamshell with 2 baby possums in it to the left of the sad mother possum. On the bottom of the shell is a roll with several circles that almost connect to form some Mickeys.
  16. I owe this one to Nick Lauricella. On Splash Mountain, right before the big drop, while going up, if you look above there are three rocks that look like a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Josh 17 JUN 97
    I sighted the rock formation, just before you begin the climb to the Big Drop. I'm surpised there haven't been more confirmations since sometimes you wait there for a while with plenty of time to look around. Thanks.
    CONFIRMED: Patrick Naish 15 MAR 98
    There is a hidden Mickey as you go up the last lift. It is on the right hand side. It is a light that shows Mickey in the rocks, just past the possums.
    CONFIRMED: Frumpy 11 SEP 00
  17. At Disneyland Aneheim's Splash Mountain, just as you're coming out of the tunnel for the big drop, if you look directly ahead and a little to the right, there are a group of branches on a tree shaped exactly like a sideways profile of Mickey Mouse. It sticks out a little from the group of trees and is TOTALLY intentional!
    REPORTED: aLeXiS 06 FEB 06
  18. Look to your left as you are about to descend the slide in Splash Mountain there are three pools that make the Mickey.
    REPORTED: eric evans 25 JUL 95
    Right when you're going down the slide of Splash Mountain, on the left are indeed 3 pools that form Mickey. On the show "Inside Out," they showed and confirmed this and 3 others.
    CONFIRMED: Gary Larizza 16 JUN 96
  19. On the ride of Splash Mountain, you pass through the ride where there are many honeycombs where bees are flying around. On one of the honeycombs is inscribed the shape of Mickey's ears and face. Very obvious because the honeycombs are yellow and the outline is all black.
    REPORTED: Robert Ruiz 22 DEC 00
  20. There seems to be a subtle Hidden Mickey created by the rock formations of the cave. It is on the ceiling at the end of the cave where you are at the point when the Cast Member asks you, "How many in your party? " Look directly up just before that point and find a sprinkler. While you are waiting in line, you can see a sillouette of Mickey's profile. The sillouette is best viewed when you can see the light coming through the mouth (end) of the cave. Also, once you are directly under that final sprinkler, look up and you'll be able to make out Mickey's nose (created by the sprinkler), eyes, and right ear.
    REPORTED: Catherine Lorenzo 03 APR 96
    It is easier to see this one if you are actually sitting in your log. This Hidden Mickey is fairly big
    It is best seen from your log just before you exit. This one is a little vague,
    CONFIRMED: Barbara Fett 05 APR 99
  21. To the right of "sprinkler Mickey" is an impression that looks a lot like Mickey!
    REPORTED: Barbara Fett 05 APR 99 pict from
  22. As you ride the ride just before the drop look up were the animatronic Brer Rabbit says "Your in for a ride hold on" Right behind Brer Rabbit theres a Mickey Mouse Plaque
    REPORTED: Jeff 28 JUL 99
  23. In the checkerboard on the left as you go past the big drop part and go up a hill.
    REPORTED: josh milostan 11 FEB 98
  24. In the Riverboat scene, the gingerbread railing has several Mickey Ear shapes.
    REPORTED: kimera lawrence 09 AUG 97
  25. While I was on Splash Mountain with my friend and her family we were all looking for hidden Mickey's. I was looking at a basket of apples when I saw that the three apples made a Mickey. The apples are in a basket right after the Brer Fox sign. THere are two baskets and it's the second one that has the hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Veronica/Makai 05 JUL 01
  26. The 3 watermelons -- 2 small for the ears and 1 large for the head in a cart on the right side of the log about shoulder / head level of the rider. It is just past Brer Fox's house but much lower. I have been on this ride several times and looked at those watermelons in the past and did not notice the Hidden Mickey previously.
    REPORTED: Susie Schurman 09 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Edgar Montes 21 SEP 99
    Right before the first drop on there are three watermelons stacked on top of each other and they are tilted so you have to look at it so you can see it but i makes a hidden Mickey
    CONFIRMED: Ashley 29 JUN 00
    This Hidden Mickey is most obviously picked up at night because a light behind the watermelons makes them look more like three black circles.
    CONFIRMED: Kyle 16 AUG 00
    Before the first drop, we did notice the 3 watermelons that form a head of a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Bitzie 29 MAR 01
  27. As you go a little more right from the watermelons as you are making the turn to get to the drop there are three rocks that also form a Mickey head
  28. There is a large room with critters singing shortly after the big 'slash'. The showboat has singing critters on it and is located on the right hand side. The Hidden Mickey is located just before the showboat near a bunch of brightly colored flowers though it is separarate from the flowers by a short distance and different from them by color-dark red to black. The flowers are all round, but the Mickey shape is the classic shape and in one piece - not flowers put together to give the shape or a shadow.
    REPORTED: Wendy Pott 01 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Jan S. McMahon 01 SEP 96
    As you enter the showboat room on Splash Mountain there are several patches of round flowers to the right. Apart from these and a little below them there is a group of four flowers that seem to form a Mickey-in-profile -- three flowers for his face and ears, and one very small one for his nose. They're angled so that you can only see the Mickey if you look back at it as you're going by. It's framed by a tree root just before it disappears from view.
    CONFIRMED: The Shaws 06 JAN 97
    After traveling outside in your log, look to your right as soon as you enter the enclosed area you will see a solitary green flower with the face and two ears before the watermelons.
    CONFIRMED: Luis Licea 26 FEB 98
    When the ride goes into the main area, on the right side next to the singing ducks (?) the flower patch (which are individual Mickey flowers) are full of hidden Mickeys, BUT, the rest of the flower patches throughout the ride are like cardboard cut outs....
    CONFIRMED: Tracie 18 MAY 98
    On the ride there are many green flowers which form the head of Mickey Mouse
    CONFIRMED: John Porzio & Sean Profeta 04 MAR 00
    I just wanted to confirm the sighting of the flowers forming a Mickey on Splash Mountain. I was on the ride and I turned around and noticed it.
    CONFIRMED: Kelie McCutchan 22 MAR 00
    While visiting Disneyland on a choir trip, my friends and I talked with quite a few of the staff member there. One worker, Bob, told us that on Splash Mountain, the flowers on the ride form little Mickey heads.
    CONFIRMED: Valerie Ledesma 27 JAN 01
    After the first time that you enter into an enclosed area where the critters are singing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, look for the "flowers". These are actually found throughout the entire ride in bunches, and are brightly colored circles with a different color in the middle. They overlap each other a lot, creating a bunch of hidden Mickeys.
    CONFIRMED: Bitzie 29 MAR 01
    If you look at the flowers through out the ride you will notice that a lot of them are in the shapes of Mickeys.
    CONFIRMED: David Smith 31 MAY 01
    CONFIRMED: Tweedle dee 20 JAN 02
    Right before you enter the laughing place, on the right side there is a patch of flowers. When you are passing by them look at the top three flowers in the left hand corner. They form a perfect hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Inlow 10 JUN 02
  29. In the room were Zip de doh da is playing, upon entering, look on the left side on a barrel near the alligators there is a bag which appears to have a Mickey Mouse object inside it. It apears to form the outline of a 3d head shape. I have checked this out 3 times to make sure and have confirmed with my dad.
    REPORTED: David Williams 02 SEP 97
  30. In the room with the show boat and in the clouds laying down is Mickey cause you can see his nose and one ear and body.
    REPORTED: josh milostan 11 FEB 98
  31. If you look at the paddle wheel cover of the Zip-A-Dee Lady there are four openings through which you can see the paddle wheel. The upper two openings of this cover have Mickeys ears and part of his cheek showing.
    REPORTED: Lane Decker 23 OCT 97
  32. At the end, just after you pass the river boat, there is a Hidden Mickey. It is in the vines that are over-head. It is pretty hard to see, but the vine for sure curves around and makes the one large circle and two smaller ones for the ears.
    REPORTED: Andy Murphy 20 JAN 97
    After the big drop in Splash Mountain after you pass the river boat there are a group of vines over head that are in the shape of a Mickey. I went on this ride 7 times in a row with a friend so I am sure of this!
    CONFIRMED: Kimmy 16 JUL 00
    After the drop by the ship where all the animals are dancing, over the tunnel, the thorny bush
    REPORTED: nicole 29 AUG 00
  33. When you are going through the ride and get to the part when Brer Bear is hanging in the trap on his right cheek there are three freckles that form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Pyshco55 02 JUL 00
    The three freckles on Brer Bear's rear end are a bit difficult to see.
    CONFIRMED: Bitzie 29 MAR 01
  34. If you look very closely at Brer Bear's right cheek when Brer Bear is hanging in the trap, you can see what appear almost to be stains in a definite Mickey Mouse silhouette.
    REPORTED: Bitzie 29 MAR 01
  35. In the middle of the finale, you see Brer Bear stuck in a briar patch and Brer Fox is standing on his back holding onto a thorn on one of the vines while the alligator pulls his tail. On one of the vines to the left of Brer Fox are 3 circles that form a hidden Mickey. The ears are far from the head.
    REPORTED: KINGCRAB 30 NOV 96 pict from
  36. When "America Sings" in Tomorrowland closed in 1988, many of its Audio-Animatronics Characters "migrated" to Splash Mountain in time for the attraction's premiere the following year. After the big drop, you pass along characters from the old America Sings on a riverboat. Right before you float around to the screen which shows your screaming faces, there is a portrait of Mickey on the left hand side. It is pretty dark around his portrait so you have to really look hard. decor
    REPORTED: allen rice 08 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Mike Stella 12 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 02 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: C C 06 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Frank Carrillo 02 AUG 97
  37. Near the end of Splash Mountain, a sort of hidden Mickey can be seen on the very last tunnel right before exiting the log. If you look up before going through, an obvious bulging Mickey head and ears stands out from the other stones on the tunnel.
    REPORTED: Pierre 21 FEB 00
    At the very end of Splash Mountain, after you see the TV with your picture on it, you turn and go under a bridge looking thing,, there are black rocks that look like a Mickey above you.
    CONFIRMED: "HEN" 24 JUL 01
    After the ride is over, when you are leaving the ride, look up and you will see three rocks on an archway that form a hidden mickey
    CONFIRMED: joemama 29 OCT 01
  38. On Splash Mountain right before you get to the last corner of the ride before departing the log, where you can see the screen of YOUR picture of the ride look to your left and you will see 2 or 3 different framed picture's one of the framed picture's is of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Steve 03 NOV 01
  39. At the end of the ride there will be an owl that opens his beak and nothing comes out; now look at him/her and next to it is a Mickey
    REPORTED: Bob wall 26 APR 06
  40. This hidden Mickey is found after you get off of Splash Mountain. You walk through the end, past the place where you first look at your Splash Mountain pictures until you come to a barn-like structure. (As soon as you turn the corner, you see the place to buy your picture). Turn around when you reach the barn and look at the back wall with all the stones. On one of the top stones, about 5 feet off the ground, there is a small hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Dot 16 FEB 02 pict from
  41. At the photo purchasing counter as of Jan. 24, 2000 there is a Mickey in a picture frame on the cash register. It is a photo made by four people. They are looping arms to form Mickey's head and ears. Who did it? Terry, Janice, Tom, and Marilyn.
    REPORTED: Terry Bechtel 26 JAN 00
  42. While leaving the Splash Mountain, and walking along the main pedestrian walkway going toward New Orleans Square, I glanced back and noticed at the very top of Splash Mountain, above where the "big splash drop" comes out there appears to be a "Hidden Mickey". To see it you need to be outside the ride and queue area, watching the log come out for the drop, look at the tree stump that juts out forming the top most part of the structure. There are two holes separated by one of the roots and a large boulder at the base of the tree, that make up the head and two ears. While they aren't perfect shapes they do make up the classic Mickey Mouse head...
    REPORTED: Don W. Pederson Jr 05 MAY 99

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