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Disney Animation

  1. The other day I found a hidden Mickey on top of the flag poll on top of the animation sign at the Animation building in the Hollywood Backlot by accident while looking up at the sky wondering were i could find a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: joe 10 SEP 01
    CONFIRMED: jim taber 12 SEP 01
  2. Inside in the main lobby area, while the big screens are displaying animation examples, the sequence that covers 'Aladdin' shows a still of a view of the city from above, at night. It is seen thru a cloud break with the streets of the city lit up to form lines and such. There is the outline of a Hidden Mickey in the lower left of the scene. This show repeats itself all day long and takes about 20 minutes to cycle. So this scene does appear constantly thru out the day.
    REPORTED: Ronald 29 JAN 01
  3. Outside the building, in one of the display windows, wallpaper is used which has Mickeys which are part of the pattern.
    REPORTED: Ronald 29 JAN 01
  4. As you are walking in the building there is writing on the wall, sort of a mosiac with small tiles. In the lettering there are clearly three round tiles that form a Mickey. This appears to be intentional.
    REPORTED: Teresa W. 14 JUL 01
  5. In the Disney Animation Building when you exit look at the floor from the center of the room. It's not a tri-circle Mickey but a sorcerer Mickey profile. It's sorcerer Mickey looking right.
    REPORTED: Merrill Madriaga 22 May 03

Drawn to Animation

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. Besides the obvious Mickey plush, there is a hidden Mickey drum set in the "The Art of Animation" set. The drum set is located above the main screen along with other props. There is even a picture of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy on the bass drum!
    REPORTED: Martin & Veronica 23 JAN 01
    Look at top area of front stage. You will see a drum set with Mickey on it.
    CONFIRMED: Mark Fisher & Ryland Madison 28 JAN 01
    During the Art Of Animation tour the animator gestures to the stage which is covered with various characters and potpourri, and says "Can you see the Hidden Mickeys?" Up on the top shelf is a full-sized Mickey doll (obviously not hidden), but next to him is a drum set. The bass drum is the head, and the two toms make up the ears.
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 04 FEB 01
    We saw at least 6 decor Mickeys in addition to the hidden Mickey drumset: the large plush on top of the shelves, printed on the drum set, on two playing cards framed on the back wall, a bookend below the screen, a Mickey Mouse watch on the wall on the right side.
    UPDATE: Sean Catherall 27 JUL 01

The Sorcerer's Workshop

Magic Mirror Realm

  1. In the multi screen central hall during the "Fantasia" segments the dragonfly in the upper right hand portion of the sprite's hair has a Mickey for the head. It is the green sprite to the left of the exit.
    REPORTED: Russell Livesay, Jr. 05 FEB 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. In the "Disney Animation" building in "The Sorcerer's Workshop" there is a Sorcerer Mickey on your left about 2/3 of the way through the room. He is surrounded by lots of bubbles. Look closely at the pattern of the bubbles - lots of hidden Mickeys!
    REPORTED: Doug Rager 09 JUN 01
    The bubbles around the Sorcerer Mickey in the Sorcerer's Workshop.
    CONFIRMED: Gary Eckhardt 09 AUG 01
  3. Inside Disney Animation there is a room called the Magic Mirror Realm. Right above on the wall before you exit are four different characters on the left. One is Mickey from Fantasia.
    REPORTED: Carmen Gonzalez 21 JAN 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. Inside Disney Animation there is a room called the Magic Mirror Realm. On the left wall from the mirror is a Mickey made up of a G cleft!
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 14 JUN 01
    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. In the "Sorcerer's Workshop" area of the Animation building, there is what looks like some aging stucco on the walls. One of the areas forms what looks like a hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: Gary Eckhardt 01 AUG 01

The Beast's Library

  1. In the library the fireplace grill has a Mickey in the center.
    REPORTED: Russell Livesay, Jr. 05 FEB 01

Ursula's Grotto

  1. Go to the last booth on the right. On the right look at the eves. On the second or third one, in the middle is a familier shape of a hidden Mickey. I even had to point it out to my family because they didn't see it until I pointed it out.
    REPORTED: cassidy 25 MAR 01
  2. In the Hollywood section there is an Animation building where you can see movies about how characters are developed, see which character you're most like and put your voice in a Disney Film. In Ursula's section, the voice-over one, there is a hidden Mickey in one of the studio areas. I don't know how to explain which one it is. It's in the stone the comes out from the wall to give a cave feeling. It's quite easy to see as it isn't embossed from the stone but actually cut out.
    REPORTED: Megan 24 APR 01

The Animation Screening Room

  1. Same Robin William movie as Florida, Robin turns into Mickey during pencil sketches
    REPORTED: Mark Fisher & Ryland Madison 28 JAN 01
    In the Disney Animation building in the screening room. where Robin Willams turns into Micky mouse on the screen durning the scetching is true. He says "look, I'm a corporate Icon."
    CONFIRMED: Darcy Slater 10 MAY 01

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