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ABC Soap Opera Bistro
  1. In the Soap Opera Bistro there is a hidden Mickey in the set of All My Children in the Chandler Living room. The Christmas Tree in the far corner has 3 small blue ornaments placed about 1/3 up from the bottom in a little recessed area in the tree. It appears to be intentionally placed.
    REPORTED: Teresa W. 14 JUL 01

Hollywood & Dine

  1. Just outside the Restaurant area called Hollywood and Dine, at Disney's California Adventure. Almost all of the tables have 2 "Screens" over them. There is one in particular that has 3 screens above it in the typical Mickey theme.
    REPORTED: Ken Tomb 13 FEB 01
  2. The large mural outside shows a futuristic scene. high on the top left is Disney Quest floating high above ther city with its tri-circle logo
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 14 JUL 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  3. After you enter the main door, turn to your left and walk to the wall labeled "Don the Beach Comber". There are a number of shells that are strategically positioned to make Hidden Mickeys. For example, one is made up of one large white shell as the head with two small brown shells as the ears.
    REPORTED: The Buck Family 15 FEB 01
    In Hollywood & Dine, there is a seating section on the left-hand side of the building (from when you enter). I believe it is called "Don the Beachcomber" and is styled in a Hawaiian motif. In that corner, there are three shells placed together in the shape of a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Lindsy (& Al) 23 FEB 01
    CONFIRMED: Doug Rager & Ric Maldonado 09 JUN 01
  4. Inside the Hollywood & Dine restaurant there is a large mural above all of the four themed restaurants. There is a large champagne glass in the mural. There are several bubbles in the glass and there are three that make it a perfect hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: David Gutierrez 02 AUG 01

Between Takes

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Fairfax Market

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Award Wieners

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet


  1. Outside, on the right there are two murals that look like they were designed by Mr. Imagination. There are suspicious buttons impressed into the mural.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 14 JUL 01

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