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Disney Animation

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Disney Animation

  1. Max Factor Building Pantages Theater
  2. Its facade is modelled after the Pantages Theater and the Max Factor Building.
  3. E. B. Effects created the hanging crystal lanterns themed lightning. Checkout their work.
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAY 01

Drawn to Animation

  1. Mushu explains how characters are created.
  2. There is a hidden Winnie the Pooh, a small plush sitting on the right side of the stage wearing a Mushu mask.
    REPORTED: Sean Catherall 27 JUL 01

The Sorcerer's Workshop

Magic Mirror Realm

  1. Early animation techniques
  2. In the Magic Mirror Realm, look up and behind you when you enter the room. About 10-15 feet up the wall is a mural of Walt. It's not easily seen, due to the low lighting.
    REPORTED: Riddlerfreak 15 FEB 01
    Alice Aladdin Mulan
  3. I'm very surprised that no one has noticed this yet! In the Magic Mirror Realm of The Sorcerer's Workshop, the crystals hanging from the ceiling have images of Disney characters in them!
    REPORTED: Fred 08 JUN 02

The Beast's Library

  1. Which Disney character are you most like. Here you'll find out!

Ursula's Grotto

  1. Foley interactive area
  2. The booths in Ursula's Grotto are motion activated. So don't bother trying to touch anything to get it started. All you have to do is walk up to the touch-screen and wait a moment or two.
    REPORTED: Fred 31 AUG 02

The Animation Screening Room

  1. The film presented, Back to Neverland starring Robin Williams and Walter Chronkite, is the same one shown in Magic of Disney Animation attraction at Disney/MGM Studios at Disney World
  2. In the movie with Robin & Walter they claim to be at the Disney Studios. But have you ever noticed that in the begining of the film when Walter & Robin first meet that Earful Tower is in the wrong place and it looks totally different.
    During the Animation tour film Walter does say that they are at the Disney Studios, he doesn't say they are at the Disney MGM studios. They are actually at the Disney Studios in Anaheim.
    UPDATE: Goot 25 OCT 99

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