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General Hollywood Pictures Backlot Fun Facts

  1. The gate is guarded by two bronze elephants that stand 11 feet tall. Inspired by D.W. Griffith's 1917 classic Intollerance, the original elephants from the movie stood over 50 feet tall.
  2. The feel of the land, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, is old movie studio/Hollywood circa 1930's.
  3. Just before the Disneyland train pulls into the New Orleans Square train station, behind the restrooms in the new orleans square alleyway, there is a platform with a Mardi-Gras style head on a stick and some prop boxes of fireworks. I noticed that in California Disney Adventure on the Hollywood backlot there are some similar props (more Mardi Gras heads) by the restrooms. Are these props left over from an old parade? REPORTED: Pahool 22 May 03

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