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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

  1. Lobby of Hotel... on the couch there is a Shirley Temple Doll. The doll is wearing a White dress with red polka dots. One of the Dots is a Mickey Mouse.
    REPORTED: Jungkhans 27 APR 04
  2. In the waiting room of the hotel of the Tower of Terror, before you go into the library, there is a hidden mickey every so often in the carpet. You can only see it if you are in the standby lane. Some of the curls in the design of the carpet form the shape of a Mickey head!
    REPORTED: anon 07 JUN 06
  3. If you get directed to the doors on the left of the "front desk" of the hotel, you will see a portrait of a very regal woman in a huge gown and pearls. When you look at her crown, made of pearls, you will clearly see a hidden Mickey in one of the "points" of the crown. It's above her left eye. I never would have seen it had it not been for my father.
    REPORTED: Debbie Najera 20 APR 05
  4. Pre Show, on the television. Little girl in the group is carrying a micky mouse Plush toy.
    REPORTED: Jungkhans 27 APR 04
    REPORTED: Katie D 25 MAY 04
    On the Tower of Terror ride, the little girl in the video is holding a Mickey doll. I randomly saw it and accidentally blurted it out in the quiet, dark room, and everyone laughed. But most people went "oh yeah." Just to make sure I went on the ride 3 more times. decor
    CONFIRMED: Jaime 31 AUG 05
    In the 88 second library film, and where ever else you see her in the Tower of Terror, the little girl on the elevator is holding a plush Mickey Mouse doll. The little girl ghost is holding the very first Mickey doll ever made. You can clearly see it when the group in walking into the elevator. Also, when on the ride, the ghosts of the girl is still carrying the plush.
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 28 MAR 06 15 JUN 05
  5. In the pre-show (on TV). When they show the service elevator, on the left side there is an elevator bell. The bell is composed of two bells and a rectangular box below. Some call this a mickey. The clapper for the bells is between them. the bell is only in the video, NOT at the ride elevators themselves.
    REPORTED: Jungkhans 27 APR 04 Hidden Mickey
  6. So I was at California Adventure in Mid June and I was in line for Tower of Terror and we happened to be on the second loading level on the far left side and I noticed next to the elevator there was a panel that contained 3 vertical rows of gauges. The bottom gauge was larger than the others and offset. I thought it was odd, and when I looked closer I realized I may have found a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Chuck 15 JUN 05 Hidden Mickey
  7. In the Basement / Boiler Room This is a tricky one to find. Locate the horizontal cylinder boiler. If you divide it's length in half, you will see two of the many pipes going up. look at the dial on the pipe just to the right of center. you will see a micky on the needle. This is a DEFINATE micky, as the micky is on the pointer end, not the balance end, of the needle.
    REPORTED: Jungkhans 27 APR 04
  8. It's in the line after you go through the hotel lobby and into the basement, if you're on the bottom floor, there are a bunch of pressure gauges and on one of them, the hands are mickey mouse heads.
    CONFIRMED: J. Neu 17 OCT 04
    This hidden Mickey is located on the first floor of the tower of terror in the line area after you watch the video; it is on the third or fourth gauge over. CONFIRMED: Christine Shook 19 SEP 05
    After you view the video and enter the waiting line on the bottom floor you enter the main room make a left and in between you and the elevators you will see large analog type gauges, the middle gauge at the end of one of the needles the pointer is a 3 circle Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Earl 27 FEB 06
    When you are in the queue in the basement look at the pressure gauges. One of them has a hidden mickey on the end of the needle.
    CONFIRMED: Candy 09 MAR 06 Hidden Mickey
  9. In basement, Lights used to form cirlces on wall form a mickey. REPORTED: Jungkhans 27 APR 04
    Inside of the Tower of Terror, just before you step into the ride elevator itself, look all the way to your left as you're facing the elevators, up on the ceiling the lights create a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED:Mark Bish 12 NOV 04
    In Disney California Adventures Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ride, there is a hidden Mickey. Once you get through all the lines, there are six "Service Elevators" that constitute the actual ride, three on the upper level and three on the lower. The leftmost elevator on the lower level has a metal grate above it's waiting area and there are stage-type lights above it. Where three of the lights hit the grate the large round beams form a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Uncle Hulka 07 MAR 06
    If you are in the far left line for Tower of Terror look to the ceiling to your left you will see three blue lights making a Mickey head.
    CONFIRMED: eileen o 09 MAR 06
    My 8 year old daughter spotted this hidden Mickey on the Hollywood Tower. As you enter the ride on main level {not up the stairs} and as you reach the loading area to the very far left as you enter the elevator doors and before you enter the actual ride itself, on the screen ceiling a blue Mickey head appears. The blue Mickey is projected from blue lights on to the metal screen ceiling.
    CONFIRMED: Joy 09 APR 06
    In the Tower of terror elevator one at California Adventure the lights form a hidden Mickey
    CONFIRMED: greg loveall 02 MAY 06
  10. On the Tower of Terror in Disney's California Adventure, if you are waiting for the far left elevator on the first floor, you can see that the blue and white lights that are cast onto the metal overhang form a hidden mickey. If you know it's there, you absolutely can't miss it; it's pretty obvious.
    CONFIRMED: anon 07 JUN 06 Hidden Mickey
  11. In the line of the Tower of Terror, there are three guages....
    REPORTED: Sonnie Swenston 10 DEC 04
  12. Just as your Elevator is pulling away from the doors some Fiber optic stars start spinning. Just before they flicker out they form a PERFECT Mickey out of the stars.
    REPORTED: Stephenni Bentley 11 NOV 04
  13. In the Actual Ride Sequence. Elevator door opens 2nd time. The group from the lobby is on the elevator floor. The little girl STILL HAS THE PLUSH TOY, but it is now Under her left armpit, with the arm down.
    REPORTED: Jungkhans 27 APR 04
  14. Behind the photo counter in the Hollywood Tower Hotel's gift shop is a collection of black and white photos depicting the early years of Hollywood. In one photo is Walt Disney with a Mickey Mouse doll decor
    REPORTED: Jim O'Connor 08 JUN 04

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