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Bountiful Valley Farm

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It's Tough to Be a Bug FastPass
pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. I looked on the rock wall to the right, outside in the queue, and there are stones in it. There are three stones clearly making a mouse head.
    REPORTED: amber 08 MAY 01
    In the "Bugs Life" Theater waiting room, in front of door #3 you can see a circle hole in the wall with two rocks above it that form a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: David and Ciara Barnes 28 JAN 02
  2. In the queue/lobby area at the far right-hand door to the Theatre itself, look down and you will see a small, pink mickey in the floor tile...reported by a Disneyland tour guide after her first visit (during DCA preview days)
    REPORTED: Steven Deer 13 FEB 01
  3. In the Bug's Life movie, "It's Tough To Be A Bug" in the waiting area before the movie, there's a Hidden Mickey made up with three rocks. Go to the far side of the waiting area, and you'll see what looks like the roots of a large tree in the ceiling, with a couple of large boulders underneath it. On the ground in front of the boulders are three rocks arranged in a classic Mickey shape.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 04 FEB 01
    Bug life Theater pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. Inside the "Bug's Life Theater" above the second entrance door from the front of the theater on the right hand side there is a configuration of Mickey using three little hollow plants.
    REPORTED: jennifer 21 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: anon 14 JUN 01

Bountiful Valley Farm

Citrus Grove

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. There is a sign for California grapefruit and oranges showing a grapefruit cut in half glistening with juice. If you look at the drops of juice, one of them makes a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Meg & Jared & TR Shaw 08 APR 01

Season Crops

StickerGiant Eats Stickers
  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Fruit & Nut Trees

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Irrigation Water Play Area

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Tractor Area

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Farmers' Expo

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

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