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Soarin' Over California
  • Wings of Fame Queue Area
    1. When you first enter the Soarin Over Calif attraction, you can see a window up ahead, in the window, you can see clouds flowing across the window. If you are there at teh right time, you will see a cloud that seems to be shaped like a Mickey pass by. I went on the ride a second time, and I saw it again.
      REPORTED: Mark M 19 AUG 01
    2. There is a Hidden Mickey in the the top shelf, in the last area prior to passing the second turnsile. The Mickey is hidden in the form of three bombs, placed in the upside down formation, there is some mounts and other formations on the set of three circles that form our friend but when you look at them closely the round additions serve as our dear friends nose.
      REPORTED: Mickey's Best 06 MAR 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  • Hall of Fame Queue Area
    1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet
  • Preshow
    1. There is a Mickey Mouse Ears hat in the preshow for Soaring over California
      REPORTED: Howard Kier 16 FEB 01
      CONFIRMED: Meg & Jared & TR Shaw 08 APR 01
    2. During the preshow video there is a little aviator that they use as an example. If you look at his shirt and shorts you will surely be able to identify the two hidden characters on our little friends clothing. Grumpy is looking rather himself across the little fellows chest and our old pal Mickey seems at home on the small child's shorts.
      REPORTED: Mickey's Best 06 MAR 01
    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  • Show
    1. When you get to the part with the snow if you look straight forward but down slightly you can see three rocks with in the shape of a hidden Mickey.
      REPORTED: Daniel Prewitt 31 JAN 02
    2. On on the golf ball that looks like it's going to hit you
      REPORTED: Ray J. Parker 03 JAN 01
      During the Soarin' Over California attraction your hang-glider flys over a golf course, a golf ball flys past the screen to the right that has a black Mickey shadow on it.
      CONFIRMED: Gregory Holcomb 25 JAN 01
      In Disney's California Adventure on the ride Soarin Over California when the golf ball is hit at you theres a Mickey on it.
      CONFIRMED: Thomas 21 FEB 01
      During the next flight you take be sure to watch very closely when Soarin' over PGA West and don't close your eyes.
      CONFIRMED: Mickey's Best 06 MAR 01
      CONFIRMED: Meg & Jared & TR Shaw 08 APR 01
      In the new California park nextdoor to Disneyland in Anaheim there is a ride called "Soaring Over California" It's a wonderful ride and possesses a hidden Mickey. When you're flying over Palm Springs a golf ball is hit towards you Mickey is hidden on the golf ball. It goes quickly so you might have to go on a second time to catch it but the second trip is worth it for this realistic ride.
      CONFIRMED: Megan 24 APR 01
      CONFIRMED: Jeremy Gable 14 AUG 01
      CONFIRMED: Shaida 20 AUG 01
      CONFIRMED: Holly Edwards 14 OCT 01
      CONFIRMED: anon 26 MAR 02
      CONFIRMED: Paul 13 JUN 02
      CONFIRMED: Candy 09 MAR 06
    3. CONFIRMED: Little Star 01 MAY 06
    4. There is speculation among cast members that there is another Mickey Hidden on the top of the farmer's hat when you are Soarin' Over California's vast citrus gardens.
      REPORTED: Mickey's Best 06 MAR 01
    5. At California Adventure on Soarin' Over California (Condor Flats), during the Yosemite Falls sequence, I think I see a Mickey on the rocks on the left side of the screen just below the repellers. It looks like part of the stone, but it is a differnent color than the rocks around it. It is a little mishapen, but it looks like a Mickey to me.
      REPORTED: Christine Johnson 15 AUG 01
    6. Near the end of Soarin' Over California you fly over Disneyland and the Christmas Parade. If you look real close you can see Mickey and Minnie. They are just past the middle of Main Street.
      REPORTED: Russell Livesay, Jr 19 JUN 01
    7. At the end of Soarin' Over California, you pass over Disneyland. After flying over the castle, Tinkerbell starts the fireworks. In the middle of the screen, a hidden Mickey made up of one huge and two small skyrockets appears about halfway through the fireworks. This is the same kind of Hidden Mickey that appears in the "Believe" fireworks show.
      REPORTED: Pianoman & Mrs. Potts 04 FEB 01
      During the fireworks there is a large Mickey center screen made from the rocket blasts.
      CONFIRMED: Russell Livesay, Jr. 05 FEB 01
      At the end of the of "Soarin' Over California" after you fly over Disneyland, there are white fireworks that form a Mickey head! Very cool ride! If you go, get a fast pass first thing!
      CONFIRMED: Rachelle 06 FEB 01
      CONFIRMED: Mickey's Best 06 MAR 01
      There is a hidden Mickey in Soarin over California at the California Adventure. The last thing that you fly over is Disneyland at night with the Christmas parade going down Main Street. When you get to the castle fire works go off and slightly to the left of the screen there is one large fire work that goes off with two smaller ones next to it. Its the most perfectly shaped hidden mickey Ive seen yet
      CONFIRMED: Dolly 11 MAR 01
      CONFIRMED: TRMHatter 11 MAR 01
      CONFIRMED: Meg & Jared & TR Shaw 08 APR 01
      CONFIRMED: Jeremy Gable 14 AUG 01
      CONFIRMED: Jim Tang 19 MAR 02
    8. CONFIRMED: Little Star 01 MAY 06

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