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Bountiful Valley Farm

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Bountiful Valley Farm

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Citrus Grove

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  1. There are orange and lemon trees planted all along the entry pathways to Bountiful Valley Farm which is a return to the past since the area was originally an orange grove before Disney bought it for Disneyland.

Season Crops

  1. Along with the citrus trees, there are rotations of seasonal crops.

Fruit & Nut Trees


Irrigation Water Play Area

  1. Irrigation Station - Things Grow Where Water Flows: Kids can get soaked while playing with different irrigation equipment.

Tractor Yard

Challenger 95E
  1. It is a one-acre farm
  2. A place for the kids to play on and around real Caterpillar tractors.
    1. a vintage Caterpillar 10
    2. a Challenger 55
    3. a Challenger 95E

Farmers' Expo

  1. Crops and interactive displays like county fair.
  2. "COW"lifornia. Three-dimensional representations of a steer and a cow.

It's Tough to Be a Bug

  1. Painted on the facade of the building that houses It's Tough To Be A Bug is a mural inspired by "Orange Crate Art."
  2. Originally created for Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida, it is hosted by Flik The Ant from the movie, " It's a Bug's Life."
  3. The "dry-wash" queue and human sized ant hole entryways were designed especially for California Adventure winding
  4. More than 3D - its 4D!
  5. the voice of the unnamed insect who catches the acorn and runs into the flower is done by Jason Alexander (George form Seinfeld)
    REPORTED: anon 02 MAY 01

Facts and Figures




4D Interactive Theater




8 February, 2001

Ride Time

8 minutes 30 seconds


432 per show; 2356 per hour

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