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Condor Flats

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Condor Flats

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  1. Bear in Pavement -- along the walkway leaving Condor Flats you can find many "cracks" in the pavement, including this one that looks like the Grizzly Peak bear head.
    REPORT: Lindsy Johnson 23 FEB 01
  2. Condor Flats is the park's tribute to the old flight test centers and the 1940's aerospace industry in California.
Soarin' Over California

Soarin' Over California

Spirit of St. Louis
  • Wings of Fame Queue Area
    1. The first queue area pays tribute to such planes as the Spirit of St. Louis, The Lockheed Vega (made famous by Amelia Earhart), The McDonnell Douglas DC-3, The Spruce Goose, The Flying Wing, The X-1 (first over mach 1), The SR-71 Blackbird and the Space Shuttle Columbia.


    Chuck Yeager and the X-1 research plane

  • Hall of Fame Queue Area
    1. The second queue area pays tribute to the different aviators and designers such as Allan Lockheed, Jack Northrup, Howard Hughes, Amelia Earhart, Chuck Yeager, Kelly Johnson and Burt Rutan.
  • Preshow
    1. Right before you go on Soarin' Over California, you will watch a video on safety and how to operate the seat belt. The flight attendent who gives this speech is really David Putty from Seinfeld.
      REPORTED: SpencerL 09 AUG 01
  • Show
    1. 2 IMAX screens
    2. When the ride first starts off, you are flying through the clouds. As the ride continues, the clouds fade away, and you are suddenly over the ocean looking at sailing ships. Look down to your bottom left of the screen, and you will see Captian Hook's Pirate Ship
      REPORTED: Paul 13 JUN 02
    3. A cast memeber told me that Soarin' Over California was filmed using a helicopter. He said that the blades of the 'copter casts a shadow on the battleship. I looked and sure enough, down on the bottom, if you look for it you vcan see the shadow of...not just the blades of the helicopter but...The whole helicopter!
      REPORTED: The_Maliboomer 15 APR 02
    4. In Soarin' Over California, the golf ball that shoots by with Mickey on it is hit by none other than Michael Eisner.
      REPORTED: Clint 21 FEB 02
    5. When on Soarin' Over California you will fly over orange fields. When flying over the fields you should smell an orange tree scent. It is not very strong but it is there.
      REPORTED: SpencerL 11 JUL 01
      Not only can you smell the smell of oranges there are smells for almost all the places you soar over, such as the smell of sea breezes as you soar over the ocean. I think the ride was designed that way, for people to experience all the sensations of Soaring over California.
      CONFIRMED: aivlys 24 OCT 01

Facts and Figures




IMAX Theater




8 February, 2001

Number of Screens


Ride Time

4 minutes 30 seconds


87 per show; 1491 per hour

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