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Grizzly Peak Recreation Area

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Grizzly Peak Recreation Area

  1. Representative of Yosemite and the California Redwoods,
  2. It is an eight-acre mini California wilderness planted with redwoods and other native vegetation
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
  1. An obstacle course (featuring zip lines, rock-climbing, and cargo nets) housed in a living forest of young Coastal Redwoods and Incense Cedar.
  2. Disney uses the same wonderful ruberized floor material that they used in DinoLand USA at Animal Kingdom. The bouncy material is called Safety deck. It was first used in the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" play area at Disney/MGM. It is made from ground up tires, minimizes injuries and allows water to drain through it rapidly.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 14 JUN 01

Grizzly River Run
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  1. Themed as a whitewater river raft ride through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's Grizzly River.
  2. It is the tallest, longest, fastest river rapids attraction ever built.
  3. In the Mill Building listen to the local radio station. KGRR, "ROAR" radio.
  4. Grizzly River Run's motto is "The Wetter the Better".
    1. One place that people aren't expecting to get wet is on the lift hill which features a newer Disney innovation called "Leaky Pipe".
  5. At the top of the lift/summit there is a sign: "Grizzly Peak, 1,401 feet" - WDI's offices are at 1401 Flower Street!
  6. Original information about the ride indicated that at the end there were guest operated geysers to get you wet. I guess the imagineers changed their mind because the geysers are now set to go off before you get to them, giving you the impression that you are going to get soaked, when in reality when you get close, they shut off. This is completely automated. Park guests have no control over them.
    REPORTED: anon 25 SEP 01
    They have changed the Grizzly River Rapids in serveral ways. First they have added many leaky pipes on the lift, that get you wet wherever you are sitting. Second when you go down the last big drop, your raft no longer spins. And third, the geysers that used to shut off when you got close to them, now actually stay on as you go through. You can feel it rumbling under the raft, and when it comes out the other side, it gets you pretty wet. Good job Disney!
    UPDATE: Dave Provenza 24 NOV 01
    On the ride the rafts do spin during the last drop also the geyser does stay on all the time but only some of the time it stays up about 1 in 20 will get hit with the geyser. For all others it will stay low so they will not get hit with it but they will feel it under them.
    UPDATE: anon 10 MAY 06
  7. We were on the Grizzly River Rapids, we got to the top, right before the first drop and the water pumps stopped. The cast member at the top told us to stay seated while the water level dropped. We waited about 5 minutes and the water completely went away. He brought a special metal ladder out that attaches to the rafts and we got to walk down from the top. They have wooden walkways for you to cross the ride path. We then walked down the cast member stairs, and got to go inside the moutain! Not much there, just steel girders and a few leaks. Still it was pretty cool!
    REPORTED: Dave Provenza 24 NOV 01
Facts and Figures




Raft Ride






8 February 2000


? feet


45 feet



Bear Claw Falls

10 Feet

Wash Out Falls

22 Feet at 30

Water Volume

? gallons per minute

Ride Time

5 minutes 30 seconds


? mph (avg); ? mph (max)

Raft Capacity

8 riders per raft




2067 people per hour

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