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Grizzly Peak Recreation Area

General Shops

  1.  We went browsing through several stores and if you look at the bottom of the feet of the stuffed grizzly bears they sell, their "pads" are in the shape of Mickey!
    REPORTED: Debbie Becerra 21 FEB 01

Rushin' River Outfitters

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. In Rushin' River Outfitters, lift up one of the cute, cuddly stuffed bears and look at their feet. Their bear paws are Mickeys!
    REPORTED: Meg & Jared & TR Shaw 08 APR 01
    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. The Gizzly Peak collectors pin has two small Mickeys on the shoes sole!
    REPORTED: Meg & Jared & TR Shaw 08 APR 01
    All of the stuffed souvineer bears in California Adventure have a Hidden Mickey on the pawpads of their feet.
    CONFIRMED: Justin Peeks 22 APR 01
    In fact, they're in many stores, including the Grand Californian Hotel gift shop.
    CONFIRMED: Sean Catherall 26 JUL 01

Bountiful Valley Farm

Santa Rosa Seed & Supply

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Condor Flats

Fly 'n' Buy

pict from hiddenmickeys.org pict from hiddenmickeys.org

  1. This is the Imagineer-placed hidden Mickey in the aviation shop. It is on the shelf madeup of coils of wire.
    REPORTED:Jared 08 APR 01
    CONFIRMED:Meg 21 APR 01
    This only looks like Mickey from a very odd angle (the one in the picture).
    WISHFUL THINKING: Sean Catherall 26 JUL 01
    Some air hoses and another bundle of hose on a top shelf make a clear Mickey shape.
    CONFIRMED: Allen Huffman 06 JAN 06
  2. There is another Imagineer-placed hidden Mickey on the counter in this same store, made from dents in the counter (it's supposed to look worn.) It is facing the guests. I couldn't find it, and neither could the Cast Member, but she had been told of its existence by another Cast Member.
    REPORTED:Meg & Jared 21 APR 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  3. There is supposedly another Imagineer-placed hidden Mickey in this cabinet somewhere, but the Cast Member's are not telling where.
    REPORTED:Meg & Jared 21 APR 01

Goldenn Vine Winery

Wine Country Market-Deli

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

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