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  1. Next to the ride there are barrels right near the entrance. The barrels look like a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Aaron Alvarado 23 JAN 02 Maliboomer
  2. While waiting in line to go on the Maliboomer I noticed a hidden Mickey under each seat where there is a small support beam for each seat it is formed of one big hole and two smaller holes. It is definitely a hidden Mickey and not that hard to miss.
    REPORTED: Daniel Montes 05 FEB 01
    On the bottom of the maliboomer cars are the three circles cut out of the metal. The face is an elongated circle which makes it questionable, but it's hard to say if the cuts in the metal are for looks or structural.
    CONFIRMED: Gates Browne 07 FEB 01
    On the MaliBOOMer the Mickey on the bottom of the row of seats is actually just how they are built. There is a amusement park near my house and the have a ride that is made by the same company. When I saw the bottom I thought that should be a hidden mickey at Disneyland.
  3. On the Maliboomer, in between the "500" and "600" scores there is a black rocket smashing through some meteors, which are also black. The rocket and three of the meteors form a profile of Mickey. The rocket is his head and the meteors form his ears and snout.
    REPORTED: Frank Saxon 12 JUL 01
  4. There is a hidden Mickey considered to be for Maliboomer, but it is actually outside the park gates. It is considered for Maliboomer only because it is the one place to see it. While on the SW tower facing the Paradise Pier Cast Member parking lot (and at the top, of course), look at the sidewalk to the left of the entrance to the Downtown Disney Parking. It will end up curving into somewhat of a Mickey shape. (if you ever walk it, it will just seem weird that the sidewalk just ends up curving in circles), but the plants between the sidewalk and the street make a Hidden Mickey. The easiest to see would be the Palm trees growing there. This is considered the largest hidden Mickey on the Disneyland Resort property. REPORTED: Mike Purcell 19 OCT 03

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