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  1. The $10-million Supreme Scream is the tallest drop ride on the West Coast. By contrast, the Maliboomer ride at California Adventure is less than two-thirds as high. The otherwise nearly identical rides are made by the same manufacturer. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. Just like the scream tubes on California Screamin', Mailboomer has scream face plates to help comply with Anahiem's nightime noise laws.
    CONFIRMED: Mike and Amy 13 APR 01
  3. A triple "Space Shot" tower built by S&S Power. At 185 ft tall, this is the tallest attraction in California Adventure. Themed to be a "high strike" attraction from an amusement park.
  4. I was listening to the music on Maliboomer and heard Goofy's WOOHOOHOOHOO! It is hard to hear over the screaming. but you can hear it if you go on DCA's website and go to EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC on Maliboomer.
    REPORTED: Kayla Sampson 20 APR 01

Facts and Figures




Turbo Drop Freefall




S&S Sports Power, Inc.


8 February 2000


196 feet

Ride Time

30 seconds


4 G's


40 mph (max)

Tower Capacity

12 riders per Tower

Ride Capacity

3 Towers


1440 people per hour; 1 cycle every 2 minutes

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