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California Screamin'

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California Screamin'

  1. California Screaming is the longest roller coaster in track length in California
  2. Themed to look like an old time wooden coaster, most of the steel used on this coaster is actually for show and isn't actually needed otherwise!
    The California Screamin is in fact made of metal. All the metal (fake wood) supports do not have to be there Disney left them there because they wanted it to look like wood because that was the style bck then. Also you have to replace wood to often and it is not safe when it is made out of wood.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Lyon 08 MAR 01
  3. Launched by a specially-designed catapult system accelerating cars from zero to 50 miles per hours in less than six seconds 360 degree loop-de-loop around a shimmering Mickey Mouse silhouette? This high G-force launch takes place on the water while a wave crashes against the rocks alongside.
    Actually the California Screamin' roller coaster goes from 0-55 MPH in 5 seconds.
    UPDATE: Amanda 03 NOV 01
  4. The loop that you go through isn't really part of the Mickey head, it's a little bit in front of it.
    UPDATE: Amanda 03 NOV 01
  5. Like Rockn' Rollercoaster at Disney World, the windings of the Linear Synchronous Motors are made by General Electric, with the armature and case being made in the UK, most likely by Force Engineering.
    REPORTED: John 29 APR 99
  6. The ride also uses LSMs up the lift hill to maintain the silence of the lift since the ride is in a residential zone requiring certain noise limits. This is also the reason for the "scream tubes" on a few of the ride's hills.
    CONFIRMED: Mike and Amy 13 APR 01
  7. Because of all the LSMs, the ride has over 36 miles of wiring.
  8. Over 11.8 million pounds of concrete used for the footers of the ride - the deepest footer is 48 ft deep.
  9. Very nice, smooth coaster. Great acceleration from the water level. If you sit on the right side, you might get splashed by breaking waves. Very quiet... no clanking chain drive. Several real nice steep descending turns, lots of weightlessness. Not the fastest coaster in the world, but very fun!
    REPORTED: anon 16 DEC 00
  10. The first launch of California Screamin' is used with 33 electromagnets to propel the coaster up the hill. There are pressurized brakes on the ride but there are also brakes that are reversed magnets to repel the coaster. Boosters are also magnets. The ride music is similar to Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. Each "zone" of track has its own music clip. The clips overlap each other to keep the music smooth with different weights or the train. The second drop is higher than the first, and uses... you guessed it... more magnets to push the train up the hill. The tubes are to keep riders from viewing the backstage areas, and to keep rider's screams muffled. They look cool too.
    REPORTED: spencer 23 SEP 01
    On California Screamin', there is that hideous green tube on the first hill. They HAD to put it in even though the probably detested it. It is because of the Anaheim sound restrictions. It keeps the screams to a minimal. IT IS UGLY!
    UPDATED: Geoffrey Honda 04 MAR 02

California Screamin' Facts and Figures




Tubular Coaster






8 February 2000


5,940 feet


? feet

Longest Drop

107 feet


215 ft Catapult (0-55 mph in 5 seconds)

Launcher Weight

? Tons

Launcher Technology

Linear Synchronous Motors

Number of Inversions

1 teardrop loop

Number of Turns


In Car Music

Synchronized To Ride: ? speakers, ? sub-woofer, ? watt, onboard audio system

Ride Time

3 minutes


? mph (avg); ? mph (max)


1 G at launch, ? G turns

Car Capacity

4 riders per car

Train Capacity

6 cars per train

Train Weight

? tons with passengers


? people per hour; 1 train every 36 seconds; ? trains at once

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