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California Adventure General

  1. Grand Opening February 8, 2001
  2. The site of Disney's California Adventure was originally a orange grove. Then, it took on a new life, flat and covered with asphalt, as Disneyland's main parking lot. Now, the DIsney company had transformed it again. It has come almost full circle now containing a forest area and a orange grove. To do this Disney spent more than $500,000 on 136 smog-resistant Aptos Blue and Soquel redwoods from the Santa Cruz area to give portions of the park an authentic forest look and even more for the rest of the landscaping.
  3. I heard it from a friend that used to work at Imagineering as an Intern, that there was no intention of putting hidden Mickeys in DCA but hiding something else; basketball hoops! Check it and see, but the person that told me this is pretty reliable.
    REPORTED: JC 15 FEB 01
  4. My coworker has a friend on the Anaheim PD, and she calls her regularly to check on traffic flow and attendance. Did you know that on the opening day, the 8th of Feb, Knott's Berry Farm had more attending than the Calif. Adv.? It's true. And Friday, Feb. 9th! In fact, they only had 700 cars parked by noon on that Friday! All that week, they warned Cast Members to please not visit either park on their days off due to attendance. (Mon & Tues were official visitors' days at Disneyland Park, and Wed. was Media Day)
    REPORTED: Lynne 12 FEB 01
  5. E. B. Effects created the Coca-Cola vendor cart ice displays. Checkout a sample of their work.
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAY 01
  6. DCA was renamed for a day as Cal Adventure to honor one of the great baseball players of our time- Cal Ripken Jr. After the presentation Cal rode Grizzly Rapids with his family and members of the media.
    REPORTED: mschulteis 04 AUG 01


Disney Electrical Parade

  1. The new Disney Electrical Parade is now reincarnated. There was a lot of controversy over it being in California Adventure at first, since everything in that park is intended to be California themed. So, in a fit of infinite wisdom and creativity, Disney placated those who decided it wasn't California themed. Every once in a while, a random float on the parade route turns its lights out for 15 seconds, and continues along the route. When it turns back on, the float behind it goes out for 10 seconds. Then, the one behind that for 5 seconds, and that is it. This is very rare, but necessary to keep things properly themed: Rolling Blackouts!
    REPORTED: KitFox 17 JUL 01
  2. In the reintroduced "Disney's Electrical Parade" the Pinnochio float which was included while the parade was in the Magic Kingdom is sadly absent.
    REPORTED: mschulteis 04 AUG 01

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