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  1. In the entrance plaza in back of the 'R', to the right of the Sun icon which is the hub of the park.
    REPORTED: Ray J. Parker 03 JAN 01
    Just outside Entry Turnstile 8, behind the 'R' in California, among the rocks that are embedded in the cement on the ground, there is a grouping of three rocks that is undeniably a Mickey. To find it most easily, stand behind the tilted leg of the R in 'California' and look down to see that there is a 'stream' of concrete flowing away with rocks in it. Go two cracks towards Turnstile 8, then look at the right of this 'stream' (When facing the turnstiles) about 2 feet past the second crack.
    CONFIRMED: anon 25 FEB 01
    CONFIRMED: Meg & Jared & TR Shaw 08 APR 01
    There are three round pieces of glass deliberately placed behind one of the marquee letters "CALIFORNIA" as a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Adam 10 MAY 01
    The letters in front of DCA spell out California, but if you go behind the 'rnia' and look on the ground, you see small gems imbedded in the ground... just in front of gates 9-11 (right hand side) after the letters there is a very small Mickey head in a light green gemstone. I found this from walking back and forth to all the break rooms! Very interesting!
    CONFIRMED: anon 19 AUG 01
    13 feet behind the big "R" at the entrance of California Adventure, there are three piece of glass set into the ground that make up a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Mrs. Pianoman 02 SEP 01
    Before you enter the park, on the gate side of the CALIFORNIA sign, nearest to the "R", there is a hidden Mickey in the ground. You'll notice that there is decorated groundwork, almost like rocks or glass or something are molded into the ground in various shapes and colors. There is one, however, which is unmistakably Mickey. It actually looks as though they found the 3 most perfectly round rocks and places them in the perfect way. One is large, and the other 2 are identical in shape, and in perfect placement to make a Mickey!!
    CONFIRMED: Katherine Kolden 11 JAN 02
    CONFIRMED: mireya 21 FEB 02
    CONFIRMED: Dan Rich 03 MAY 02
    Just before the entrance, between the large free standing metal letters that spell "CALIFORNIA", there is a hidden mickey in the cement made up of those pieces of glass imbedded in the cement. all are random broken pieces. but between the "R" in california and the entrance, approximately ten feet toward the entrance there is a small hidden mickey made of three pieces of green round glass. it is pretty obvious.
    CONFIRMED: alexis mingus 11 MAY 02
  2. When you first enter the park there are two Mosaics; one on the left wall and one on the right. On the right wall with the big picture, there are grapes either painted or tiled. In the grapes, there is a Hidden Mickey. At first, I looked at the grapes thinking "oh this is Wishful Thinking" but then one caught my eye. I remember it being on the very right of the grapes just next to where the plains turn dark green to light green and back to dark again.
    REPORTED: TRMHatter 11 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: anon 19 AUG 01
  3. As you pass under the Golden Gate Bridge you'll eventually be asked by a cast member, if you'd like your picture taken. The picture will be taken of you and your family with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. You'll be handed a ticket to come back and view the picture and even buy the picture. The place you go and view/buy the picture is Greetings from California. Checkout what's on the wall in Greetings from California.
    REPORTED: Anthony Allen 01 JAN 02 pict from
  4. Part of the new California Adventure Plaza featured a compass.  Of course our favorite hidden symbol, corporate logo ... is there too. decor
    REPORTED: Martin & Veronica 23 JAN 01
    We can confirm this Mickey. There are four of them around the compass. They also appear many times in the Disney's California Adventure preview show that aired on the Disney Channel.
    CONFIRMED: Sean Catherall 26 JUL 01
    CONFIRMED: anon 14 OCT 01
  5. At the main plaza area (near the big sun) there is a popcorn cart. If the sun/water fountain is behind you, the popcorn cart in front of you, then there will be a bench on its right. Look on the concrete, beneath the bench, to the right of the popcorn cart (about 10 feet or so). It's very plain and clear, and about 1.5 inches tall (on the looks like a stone in the concrete).
    REPORTED: Ken Rosenberg 05 FEB 02 pict from
  6. Around the compass in the Disneyland and California Adventure Plaza, you could purchase a brick with your name on it.  You could request a number of Disney symbols on it.  The Mickey Mouse is limited to Disney Cast Members, which my wife is.  This is our brick in the plaza.
    REPORTED: Martin & Veronica 23 JAN 01
    There are many of them now. Some full-body silhouette, some the head and ears outline, others a circle full of stars with two crescent moons (see the hex at the lower right of the picture).
    CONFIRMED: Sean Catherall 26 JUL 01 pict from
  7. This Hidden Mickey is actually in the Sunshine Plaza, in front of the Sun Fountain. As you stand looking at the Sun Fountain, notice the rays of the sun on the ground that have glass pieces arranged in straight lines. Look along the third ray from the right (although it seems to be the second ray because the first is short and far to the right). The brown mickey head is found twelve feet from the fountain and four inches to the east of the ray (towards Hollywood Backlot). Sounds more complicated than it is.
    REPORTED: Heather Baldwin and Todd Martin 11 JUL 01
    CONFIRMED: Chris & Lisa Herren 09 JUN 02
  8. The entire area around the Sunshine Plaza is full of palm trees. Around the bottom of each palm tree is a circular section of grillwork with large and small circles that form an endless procession of Mickey heads!
    REPORTED: Kimberly Buckley 13 NOV 01
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