Fantasyland Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland

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  1. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  2. Just as you turn to get on the ride there's a big yellow mushroom its right in in the middle of the stem.
    REPORTED: Phil Burchette 01 SEP 98
    The big mushroom with the Alice in Wonderland book on top has a real hidden Mickey near the base of the stem. Three crater-like circles create it and its really hard to fine because its hidden by bushes.
    CONFIRMED: Nellie 23 NOV 98
    I saw the hidden Mickey on the stem of the mushroom in line of Alice in Wonderland. It is in the last switch-back. It's were you can get the best look at the book at the top of the mushroom. The ears aren't connected but it's not that hard to put the ears together with the head.
    CONFIRMED: David Floyd 04 DEC 99
    The one on the stem of the big mushroom in front of the Alice in Wonderland ride is total Wishful Thinking. I looked at the stem and the circles are too far apart!
  3. When you go down the rabbit's hole at the beginning, one of the portraits has a Mickey for pupils
    REPORTED: Mark Mitchell 09 AUG 96
  4. When you get to the part where the cards are painting the roses red if you look down by his feet you will see a Mickey head made out of the paint drops.
    REPORTED: DisneyGirl 12 DEC 01
    As you approach the cards painting the roses red, look by the card's feet on your left. Three paint drops on the floor make a hidden mickey. I think this is a genuine hidden Mickey. It is very obvious if you sit on the left side.
    CONFIRMED: Brian 15 JAN 02
    A cast member told me to watch out for this hidden Mickey, so it is definitely genuine.
    CONFIRMED: Sue 06 JUN 02
  5. In the smoke from the caterpiller it is too small to notice at first but a second time on the ride I definatly saw it.
    REPORTED: Heather Mayo 06 JAN 99
    Someone reported a Hidden Mickey in the smoke of the Caterpillar's hookah on Alice in Wonderland. As the smoke goes up, a Mickey cloud comes up but it is too out of shape to consider it one when I was on the ride. It kind of looked like a messed up "Y".

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