Fantasyland Dumbo the Flying Elephant
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  1. There are pennant holders around the ride, each of which are topped with a pile of four elephants, done in gold. The top elephant's belly and front paws form a Hidden Mickey when you stand in the right place.
    REPORTED: Amie Babineau 24 NOV 96
    The stomach is not a circle and the feet are not close enough.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Frank Carrillo 05 JAN 97
    The elephants in the queue line for Dumbo there feet and stomach form hidden Mickeys
    CONFIRMED: Matthew 11 AUG 00 pict from
  2. This one is spotted at "Dumbo's Flight". If you look up at the decorations on the ride while you are standing in line you will see a circle with a stork carrying a baby. The baby blanket is purple, and so is the head and feet of the baby! It makes a Hidden Mickey. The head, the body and the feet all make a hidden mickey face. Check it out next time you are in that hour long wait for the ride.
    REPORTED: Elizabeth Van Buskirk 10 SEP 00
    I went on the Dumbo ride in Fantasyland and looked up at the stork. The little baby he carries around looks a lot like a hidden Mickey. The feet and head are exactly the same size and the part that forms the larger circle is in the little sack, but still noticeable. A perfect example of a hidden mickey, in my opinion.
    CONFIRMED: Steve D. Forse 20 SEP 00
  3. I can't believe no one has spotted this Hidden Mickey. On Dumbo ride, the fence around the ride forms a big circle, and there is another two half circles with flowers in them that would be Mickey's ears it's hard to see because it's so big when you're on the ride, make Dumbo fly all the way to the top and then you will see!!!!!!!!!
    REPORTED: Carolina Munoz 18 APR 06

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