Rancho del Zocalo

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  1. You can find a cart in the outside eating area that has a plate on it. Above this plate are two smaller plates that *almost* make a Mickey. The "ears" are too small, though, so perhaps I'll report the three flowers that are on the big plate that also *almost* make a Mickey...
    REPORTED: Allen Huffman 10 MAR 01

Stage Door Cafe Restaurant

  1. On the backstage gate right next to the Stage Door Cafe there is a mural that advertises Laod Bhang and Co. Fireworks. Look at the firebreathing dragon's smoke.
    REPORTED: tour guide 31 MAY 01 pict from
  2. Picture on left as you go in has a Hidden Mickey on the woman's dress. It looks painted on, but it could be a part of the original.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98

River Belle Terrace Restaurant

  1. The pancakes served for breakfast are Mickeys. pict from Confirmation may be hard due to the speed they are consumed. decor
    REPORTED: Mike Hathaway 25 SEP 96
    Those Mickey pancakes not hidden. I do believe the cooks make them that way on purpose.
    UPDATE: Theresa K. 07 FEB 97
    In regards to the reported Mickey stating that the pancakes in the River belle Terrace are Mickeys, there is no dispute. I would like to mention the statement made after the report, in which it was updated that they THINK the cooks plan them that way. Of coarse they do. I guess that no one ever reads the menu, where it says "Mickey Mouse Pancakes."
    UPDATE: Disneyman 17 SEP 98
  2. Three plates on the wall by the cash register make up a perfect hidden mickey!
    REPORTED: Jaycub 01 APR 02 pict from
  3. The high chairs for the kids are made from wood. All of them have some cut-out design on the back of the chair, except one. It has the Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Stephen N. Gingeresky 18 SEP 96
  4. Has anyone ever looked striaght on at the sign/menu on the side facing the Rivers of America? If you do, you'll notice that the light hanging down will make the head, and the decorative wood carving on the top of the sign makes the ears.
    REPORTED: Kat 25 AUG 98

Big Thunder Barbecue

smbarn2 free burgers7
Closed and under refurbishment
  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

Conestoga Fries

  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet


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  1. Right by "Rivers of America" you will find a Food cart. If you look at it from the New Orleans Square side, you will see that the 2 crates on top are simi-cirlces and so is the top of the cart, forming a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: William J Scott III 19 SEP 00

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