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  1. As you enter Frontierland from the hub and look to your right, you will see a cannon. Walk around behind it and look at the tongue... the hole and the two bolts on the end of it make up a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Amie Babineau 02 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97 pict from
    Ears are too small.
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 01 FEB 97
  2. On another tongue there is an upside down Mickey, although a little harder to note as the ears sort of "fold forward."
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 MAY 96
  3. It's been a few months since I spotted this one... I was with my friend who had just recently become a cast member, and we were walking through frontierland when I just happened to look down, and near one of the trashcans in plain sight in the concrete was a brown hidden mickey. This one is in plain sight, so I am surprised nobody has reported it yet. I cannot confirm it's exact location... I remember it to be in the vicinity of the Golden Horseshoe restaurant. Could be covered up at the moment due to Big Thunder being closed for refurbishment.
    REPORTED: Whitney 02 OCT 00

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