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  1. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  2. At night I was standing alongside the River Area in front of the entrance to Pirates of the Carribean and I looked over at the spinning water mill on Tom Sawyer's Island. Bear with me because I'm not sure what exactly the structure was that looked like it was in front of the water wheel and supporting it. It looked like it was a brick wall. Anyways it looked like it was "weathered" and there were dark brick areas and white areas. Me and my girlfriend saw a distinct Mickey shape in the "white" areas.
    REPORTED: Aran Johnson 04 NOV 98
  3. When you have just docked at Tom Sawyer Island, look at the first cave entrance where the sign is. Just above the enterance in the rocks, are 3 indents which form Mickey very clearly!!
    REPORTED: Mel & Mel & Jeromy & Colin 17 JAN 02 pict from
  4. It is on the top of the chimney of the Cider Mill, which is used for the Fantasmic! stage. It is a clear picture drawn in the cement capping the false chimney, complete with a smile drawn in. It is only visible from inside the Treehouse, looking south, standing on the exit stair landing gives the best view.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
    The trees are overgrown to the point where this Hidden Mickey is no longer visible to the public.
    UPDATE: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98
    While in Disneyland I went over to Tom Sawyer Island & i went up Tom's Tree house made for Kids while at the very top I glanced down at that house ( Fantasmic Building ) & on the chimeny which is solid not hallow there is Clearly a Hidden Mickey head ontop of it Pretty big sized......Robert Hyken
    CONFIRMED: Robert Hyken 21 JAN 99
  5. In the island of the "Fantasmic!" set, there is a square type section of the rock that seems to be cut and separated from the rest of the rock. In the upper right hand corner of the cut out section there seems to be a Mickey shape of the rock tilting towards the upper right.
    REPORTED: David Ng 15 JUL 99 pict from
  6. On Tom Sawyer's Island there is a Hidden Mickey in the treehouse. After climbing up to the top of the treehouse, there is a small (4-6" diameter) solid black wooden Mickey (3/4" thick) glued to the north wall of the treehouse at approx. shin/knee level. It is to the right one of the crates. It's right under the "telescope" thing on the right. It's pretty easy to see.
    REPORTED: Eric Snow & Michael Giese 10 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Michael Amsden 23 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Glynnis Sweetman 21 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Al Huffman 10 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: george 09 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Connor Henry 12 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Russell Condie 19 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Vikki Wellington 16 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Steven Taylor 21 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Icka M. Chif 02 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 11 DEC 99 pict from
  7. A couple months ago I found a Hidden Mickey on Tom Sawyer's Island. If you wander through all of the caves, there is a padlock where Injun' Joe's "treasure" is that is shaped like a Mickey (although the chin is a little bit more oval than round).
    REPORTED: 103043,2635 12 FEB 96
    The treasure does exist. To find it you must locate a very concealed hidden passage in one of the caves. It is difficult to find because it is concealed in the shadows. This passage leads down to the treasure room. It consists of a door with a small view port like a dungeon cell. There is a nearby lamp to give light. Inside the door is the treasure. The door lock is in fact a Mickey. I am not sure but i think you can find an easier entrance on the side of the island facing Big Thunder. A sign points to the entrance saying "Injun Joes Treasure."
    CONFIRMED: Dominic Paglia 04 MAY 96
    I will confirm it but to find it easier go the teter totter rock (there are signs that will show you the way) in the cave directly below it is the treasure.
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 12 MAY 96
    The padlock could be interpreted as a Mickey, but for me the head is too enlongated and the ears are too small.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Jeff Shepherd 04 SEP 96
    WISHFUL THINKING: Wendy Park 02 NOV 96
    When you go onto Tom Sawyer's island, go behind the giant rock that teeter's back and forth. The cave under that contain's "Injun' Joe's" treasure. The padlock of the door is a hidden Mickey. Maybe a better bet would be a decour Mickey. Definantly not a Wishful Thinking.
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 21 FEB 97
    In one of the caves on Tom Sawyer island, (not injun Joe's but one of the ones closer to the fort), there is a door you can look through and see a bunch of loot. The old fashioned padlock on the door is in the shape of a hidden Mickey head.
    UPDATE: Sean Mixon 05 JUN 99 pict from
  8. Go to Tom Sawyer's Island in Frontierland. Go to Fort Wilderness where there is a display in the Fort. At the fireplace is a bellows. Look in the center of the bellow and there is a hidden Mickey formed by the decorative work.
    REPORTED: Steve Wong 09 JUL 01
  9. We were exploring Tom Sawyer's Island recently (neither of us had done so since we were kids). In the tree house on the north eastern side of the island is a Hidden Mickey. On the top room (right before you go down the stairs) they have cut outs on the walls. One is a fish and other such objects, but on the western wall in the bottom corner is one shaped like a classic Mickey head.
    REPORTED: carrie & brian 04 APR 98
  10. On Tom Saywer's Island you can go through the dark tunnels in the caves. In a certain little dead end spot it is to dark to see but if you feel up against the rocks about four feet from the ground, you can feel indents in the shape of Mickey.
    REPORTED: M.W. 02 DEC 97

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