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  1. I am not sure if this is a Mickey but as you walk into Disneyland you will look up at the sign that says prices for seniors and young kids. If you look at that sign on the left and right sides line up to form 2 ears and the head to make Mickey's face.
    REPORTED: andrew 13 FEB 00 pict from
  2. When you enter the park, there are ticket takers that let you in. Look where they are standing at about knee level. There is a speaker grid for the sound system which, I guess, has Mickey for the hole designs!
    REPORTED: John Azevedo 03 DEC 95
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 01 FEB 96
    Here's a picture of it.
    CONFIRMED: Brad C Willoughby 02 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Meg 16 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Allen Huffman 02 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: John Azevedo 23 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Mike Stella 27 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: cris robertson 29 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Bert Creighton 11 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Lauren Ferreira 12 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Ryan Vesely 19 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Robert Andruszko 26 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: DayPod 27 JAN 98
    When you enter the park from the main entrance, and the cast member slides your anual pass or ticket through the machine, there is a little chime. After you enter the park, turn around and look at the speakers that make this chime. There are three in the shape of Mickey.
    Here's another picture
    CONFIRMED: disneyfreak 13 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Glenn Schmidt 28 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 01 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: James Disney 11 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: Jeffrey Bent 20 FEB 00
    At the entrance to Disneyland there are new ticket taker booths. As with the old ones the new speaker grids are also in the shape of Mickey.
    UPDATE: Chris Prewitt 10 APR 00
    I was the first in line and I saw the the speaker that you here the ching when you go throw the turn style. It was the shape of Mickey's head. Its hard to see because its the color of the turn style and its covered up by the cast member because he stands in front of it. Look next time.
    CONFIRMED: anon 12 JUN 00
    We were showing our friend from Russia, the joys of Disneyland, and we had intoduced her to the concept of hidden Mickeys, when to our surprise she found one. When you enter the park (Disneyland) from the turnstiles, after you get through the actual turnstile at the entrance gates, turn back and look down toward the middle of the metal pedestal where the ticket attendant stands. The Mickey shape is cut into the flush panel where the attendant's legs are. The cut-out has a screen look to it as if it is a speaker. It may be hard to see on the way into the park because the attendants are in the way, but at night, when exiting the park, the shape is easy to see since most of the aisles are not manned at that hour. I consider this a hidden Mickey, because it is not in plain sight. I compare it to the hidden Mickey reported on the neck of the manniquins in the stores. (which we found to the delight of our Russian friend)
    CONFIRMED: Eric Duffy 06 SEP 00
    CONFIRMED: shaida 23 JUN 01 pict from
  3. At the stroller/wheelchair rental if you look on top of the building at the sign that says strollers, there is scrollwork on each end of the sign. In the scrollwork (sideways), there is the basic three circle shape.
    REPORTED: Misha Shandler 24 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 01 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: GCapra 25 MAR 96
    Brenda Favilla deserves the credit for this sighting. On the scrollwork above roofline of the stroller rental, just as you enter the park on the right.
    CONFIRMED: John Jerabek 05 APR 96
    Here's another photo
    CONFIRMED: Allen Huffman 02 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Tom Parash 24 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Rob 04 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Mitch Tatro 17 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Theresa Kyame 07 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Sunny 18 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Heidi Rittner 15 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Lauren Ferreira 07 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 01 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: shaida 23 JUN 01
    CONFIRMED: Steven 14 JUL 01 pict from
  4. As you exit the park through the kiosk, look up at the top of the columns. There are small HMs there. These replaced the scrolled HMs that were like those still over the Stroller Rental sign.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 16 OCT 99
  5. When you first enter the park, the arch on the right hand side, a bit past that, if you look in the ground, you can see a metal Mickey in the pavement.
    REPORTED: Michiru364 23 JUL 99
  6. I was looking at all of the motorized wheelchairs lined up at the Mainstreet entrance and found that five of the numerous wheelchairs have blue stickers in the shape of a Hidden Mickey where the number would normally be. The numbers I found were 3, 9, 16, 18, and 19. This is best found during the Early Morning admittance when the wheelchairs haven't been rented out yet.
    REPORTED: Brandon Davis 02 AUG 99


  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

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