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Phsst: Fun Facts Phsst: Fun Facts

Carnation Baby Care Center

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  1. The wallpaper in all the rooms have the shape of a Mickey head amongst all the scrolls and vines.
    REPORTED: Sheri Farley 24 MAY 98
    Cast Member states that it is Laura Ashley wallpaper
    UPDATE: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
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Plaza Inn Restaurant

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  2. A few feet inside the Plaza Inn is a small wall candleabra. A cherub sits at its center. If you tilt your head slightly, the head and left wing or the cherub form Mickey's ears and the torso makes his head, with the right arm making a smile. Check out the picture and I think you will agree.
    REPORTED: Jed 18 JUL 97
  3. Upon entering the Plaza Inn, look around at the wonderful Victorian decoration. Follow the intricate woodwork to the corners of the archway. There are three circles together, with a slight spread between one pair.
    REPORTED: Kory Trapane 19 NOV 96
    It's a standard trefoil, with no additional spreads or whatever
    WISHFUL THINKING: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
    By standing on the porch of the Plaza restaurant look at the edging of the filigree that surronds the porch. Little Mickeys are all around by looking out at the edging. My husband and I were celebrating our honeymoon and made it a part of our stay to search them out.
    CONFIRMED: Candee Gyll 06 JAN 00
  4. I ordered the Cobb Salad. The server took two small plastic cups and started ladling salad dressing into them. I though to myself, "Why are they giving me *two* cups of dressing?" She handed the cups off to another server, who put them on a plate, and tossed a large circular roll beneath and to the center of the two cups of dressing. I looked at the plate and just laughed out loud. I consider this a Hidden Mickey; it's not as obvious as the little Mickey chips they serve with sandwiches, and not everyone in my group could see it until I pointed it out.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 02 JUL 97

Tomorrowland Entrance

  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

King Triton's Fountain

  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

Fantasyland Entrance

  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

Plaza Pavilion

  1. Between the Plaza Pavilion and Coca-Cola Corner there's some lattice work that is about 10' off the ground. At each of the posts is a tri-circle Mickey made of wood. These appear to be hand-made because they aren't all the exact same shape; in particular, on two of them, the ears aren't the exact same size, but the one that is the closest to Plaza Pavilion is a definite Hidden Mickey. I didn't find this on my own -- it was pointed out to me by a very helpful Cast Member.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 23 APR 99

Frontierland Entrance

  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

Adventureland Entrance

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  2. Near the Adventureland entrance, where the board shows the time wait for the rides, there is a pole to measure the height of the guests and on top of the pole is a Mickey Mouse head, in gold color.  decor
    REPORTED: Rhonda 16 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 23 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: troll boy 22 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
    Its out in the open
    WISHFUL THINKING: shaida 23 JUN 01
  3. This Mickey can only be seen when the sun is high enough above to cast a shadow. It is in the smoking area just along Main Street as you turn to enter Adventureland. The chairs, tables, and umbrellas form a most interesting shadow of a basic Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Ben Benya 04 MAY 01

Silly Symphonies

Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. When you exit the location, located now where the Carnations Plaza restarant used to be, on both pillars that have "exit" signs the hidden Mickey is in the script of "exit."
    REPORTED: anon 16 NOV 99 Matterhorne Poster
  2. On the poster advertising the Matterhorn. On the road behind the riders, there is a small Mickey upside down in the bubbles.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
    Mark Twain Drawing
  3. The Drawing of the Mark Twain steamship accurately depicts the hidden Mickeys that are on the real grillwork.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
    Splash Mountain Poster
  4. The poster for Splash Mountain has a grouping of rocks that hardly looks accidental.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
    Pirates of the Caribbean Poster
  5. The poster for Pirates of the Caribbean has a Mickey formed by the pig's nose and eyes.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
  6. This is now a character meet-and-greet, with Mickey and Minnie. Behind where 'Conductor Mickey' stands, there is a mural on the wall. Look for the tuba. Slightly to the right, there are green bushes. Within the bushes, is that familiar ol' Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 18 APR 99

Carnation Cafe

Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. We got a plastic kid's cup at the Carnation Cafe with characters running beneath clouds and a hot air balloon. The cloud on the balloon above "Food and Fun" sign is a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jim, Teri & Samantha Guida 13 OCT 97
    These cups have been available with kid's meals all through the park.
    CONFIRMED: Steve Kennedy 05 SEP 98
  2. On Main Street at the Corner Cafe, the sign above the entrance to the outdoor patio contains a hidden Mickey. The O in Corner and the C in both Corner and Cafe form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jeff and Sylvia 22 MAY 00

Refreshment Corner

Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. At the entrance, there is a wall of iron grillwork. Above the actual entrance, at the top, to the left and right, where the entrance curves, there are large large circles, with two smaller circles, right where the ears would be. Undoubtedly, a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Debby Forrest 01 APR 98


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  1. In regards to the Walt/Mickey Partners statue in front of the Castle, there is a hidden Mickey on the ring in which Walt is wearing.
    REPORTED: Marty Loupe 23 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Ramona Pinter 12 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Melissa Thyne 24 FEB 99
    When you get to the Castle and you are greeted be a statue of Walt and Mickey, Walt has a ring on which is the shape of Mickey's head.
    CONFIRMED: anon 30 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: quinn and dylan ogozelec 06 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 08 JUN 00
  2. Around the statue of Walt and Mickey there is a little statue of dumbo sitting on a ball. Dumbo's back legs make the ears and the ball makes the head. I pointed it out and thought it was cool!
    REPORTED: Craig Roc 17 JUN 01

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