pict from hiddenmickeys.org Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel

Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. When you look up at the Paridise Pier hotel, you'll see a neon palm tree. Three leaves form the big circle, and two small ones! It's Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: Kyle Porter 23 SEP 01
  2. I spotted a Mickey mowed into the grass outside the back of the Disneyland Paradise Pier Resort.
    REPORTED: Adam Bland 24 APR 98
  3. On all paintings located in the DR hotels there are hidden Mickeys in all of them. For example , outside of the tea room at Paradise Pier Hotel look at the painting of the lilly pads and what not. You will find a distinct - tri - circle pattern that is undoubtly Mickeys head.
    REPORTED: Colin 18 AUG 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. At the Paradise Pier Hotel,in the hallways just outside the entrance to the elevators, [floors 2 thru 15] there is a square of carpet with the design of a palm tree. The palm leaves make the shape of Mickey's ears and 1/2 of Mickey's face.
    REPORTED: Patti 21 AUG 01
  5. At Paradise Pier there are several Palm trees along the back walkway between the parking garage and the hotel. Half way between the hotel door and the intersection there is a classic Hidden Mickey on one of the tree trunks. It is about three inches round, about about a yard from the ground and looks like it is built up from the tree bark.
    REPORTED: Kyle 19 FEB 06

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