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pict from hiddenmickeys.org

  1. When you enter the Grand Californian Hotel, into the parking lot, right under the sign, three stones are in the shape of Mickey's head. This might just be coincidence, but it sure is convincing.
    REPORTED: Tim 16 MAY 01
  2. Just the other day I found a huge hidden Mickey on the ground six feet long its when you see the hotel and go under the shade of the entrance and look up
    REPORTED: randy 30 NOV 01
  3. There is a new mural outside the main enterance to the hotel. It was done by the same artist that did the one at the front desk. It goes around a pillar and is done on all four sides of the pillar, four seperate panels. When you first see the pillar it has the hotels logo on the front panel, but if you move to the oppposite side there are a bunch of trees on this panel. The largest tree on this panel has a spot between the branches about 3/4 of the way up tree where there is a gap between the branches. In this gap Mickey is seen from the backside bending over. You can plainly see his ears and also see the buttons on the back of his pants.
    REPORTED: Wizard ZOTTOZ 26 DEC 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. An official Hidden Mickey at the Grand California Hotel, pointed out by the tour guide at the Art of the Craft tour: Right under our noses in the Grand California Hotel logo - the redwood tree. It's the lowest gap in the branches, just above the top of the trunk. It's tiny, but it's real.
    REPORTED: anon 29 DEC 00
    If you look at the bottom of the green leaves just above the trunk, there's Mickey. It is hard to see on some of the smaller hotel logos.
    CONFIRMED: Howard Kier 31 JAN 01
    CONFIRMED: Dolly and Sarah 13 MAR 01
    The Grand California Hotel's logo has a large tree. At the top of the trunk inside the shade of the branches is the Hidden Mickey
    CONFIRMED: Blake Handler 01 JUN 01
    CONFIRMED: Cat 27 AUG 01
    It is my opinion that the "hidden mickey" in the hotels logo is not hidden at all and should be reclassified as decor. It has been placed there quite intentionally (and easily visable) as part of the hotel logo to establish that it is part of Disney.
    CONFIRMED: Wizard anon 08 NOV 01
    One such hidden Mickey that can be found in the resort hotels is located in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. The Mickey, which is intricately worked into the shades and shadows of the GCH's logo, appears in the lower base of the GCH's tree. After close inspection on one of the entrance mats, the larger logo available in the cast cafe, and the stain-glass window logo out in the garden of the hotel, I have concluded that there is a small silhoutte Mickey (green ears and head) on the Grand Californian logo. This design has been confirmed to me by my managers, and by the manager of the Grand Californian Hotel. If you need more information on hidden Mickeys, please don't hesitate to ask a cast member at any one of our many Resorts.
    CONFIRMED: Lee Almodovar 16 NOV 01
    The logo for the Grand Californian Hotel is a tree with 3 different colors gradually changing for blue to orange. On the tree in the base of the branches there is a hidden mickey. This is on all of the "logos" for the GCH. It can be seen on the pens, papers, at the front desk, the valet area, and anywhere else the logo is.
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 22 MAY 02 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. I just visted the Grand Californian Hotel, and was surprised to find a hidden Mickey at the new resort. It is VERY hard to find, but a cast member confirmed it to me. It is at the front desk of the new hotel, just about in the middle of the desk area towards the bottom. It is a back view of Mickey conducting. The artist who designed this put it in for fun. Good luck finding it, I could not have seen it without a cast members help!
    REPORTED: anon 28 DEC 00
    This hidden Mickey is located on the front desk. Looking at the front desk from the great hall, the first dip in the front desk from the left has a panel with bears dancing (like all the other panals). At the bottom, just to the left of the bear on the right is a profile of Mickey with a wand.
    CONFIRMED: N. T. Perez 03 JAN 01
    At the stations on the front desk there are two hidden Mickeys in the tiles in front of the stations.
    CONFIRMED: anon 17 APR 01
    I would like to confirm the Hidden Mickey in the panel at the front desk that has Mickey as a conductor with his back facing you.
    CONFIRMED: Wizard anon 08 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 22 MAY 02
  6. When I was staying at the Grand Californian last weekend, I spotted a hidden Mickey! In the lobby towards the entrance, there is a place where the carpet meets the stone floor, but the flower pattern continues from the carpet to the floor. About half an inch away from the stone, on the carpet, there is a tiny Mickey head in the pattern. It is facing the big flower bouquet in the middle of the room and is near a chair.
    REPORTED: Amelia 22 JAN 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  7. An official Hidden Mickey at the Grand California Hotel, pointed out by the tour guide at the Art of the Craft tour: In the Great Hall, opposite the fireplace there's a grandfather clock. The face has a nice Mickey in the hammered metal.
    REPORTED: anon 29 DEC 00
    In the lobby area there is a handmade grandfather clock. If you look at the face very carefully, you will notice the three classic circles have been pressed into the face.
    CONFIRMED: Howard Kier 31 JAN 01
    Inside of the lobby there is a old grand father clock near the elevators. If you look at the clock in the background you can see a very clear and cool siloette of the Mickey ears. It is not a difficult one to find but can easily be missed.
    CONFIRMED: anon 17 APR 01
    The bronze face of the grandfather clock in the lobby has Mickey's head dimpled slightly. You have to look closely.
    CONFIRMED: Scott Catherall 13 MAY 01
    CONFIRMED: Wizard anon 01 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 22 MAY 02
    CONFIRMED: Jim O'Connor 22 JUN 02
  8. There is a Hidden Mickey in main lobby. In the area which resembles are large stone chimney, there is a Hidden Mickey (using sqauris-stones) on the right side of the chimney face. It is on the top middle portion.
    REPORTED: Steve Saito 08 JUN 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  9. There are a few light fixtures with obvious Mickey cutouts. decor
    REPORTED: anon 29 DEC 00
    Here is a lamp in the Heartstone Lounge in the new Disney's Grand California Hotel at the California Adventure park.  This particular lamp is locate over the main bar in the lounge.  
    CONFIRMED: Martin & Veronica 23 JAN 01
    The overhead lights have the classic Mickey circles as part of the decor.
    CONFIRMED: Howard Kier 31 JAN 01
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 22 MAY 02
  10. I was eating at Storyteller's Cafe, and I didn't notice it immediately, but on the tables there are silhouettes of acorns, and on each side of the tables there is a grouping of three acorns. From the correct angle, they form a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Nate Zablan 08 JAN 01
  11. A Hidden Mickey (or a design Mickey) is at the Napa Rose restaurant. You will have to look at their elegant black folded business card. There are three stylized roses in a boquet. The boquet is the hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Steve Saito 08 JUN 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  12. In the Disney's Grand California Hotel, looking down from the 5th floor into the main swimming pool area, three planters formed a hidden Mickey.  We could not see it easily when we walked around the pool area until we went upstairs and looked back down. 
    REPORTED: Martin & Veronica 23 JAN 01
  13. The Children's Pool is shaped like Mickey's head. decor
    Grand Californian Hotel, the infant pool was originally supposed to be in the shape of the three circles. However, they discovered the circles did not allow for proper water flow. The two ear circles were never dug our but they still exist as marks on the concrete. If you look at the map of the hotel ground it can be seen there.
    REPORTED: Howard Kier 31 JAN 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  14. Outside on the boulder by the fireplace across from the pool...looks like a hidden Mickey face just pushed into the rock. Mickey looks like he's smiling!
    REPORTED: Krister 06 MAY 02

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