Ariel's Grotto Fun Facts

Hidden Mickeys

  1. At Ariel's Grotto in Disneyland, Ariel is always equipped with a plastic fork to brush visitors' hair with.
    REPORTED: anon 16 MAY 99
  2. Some people don't even think of "How does she get backstage?" Well its really simple!!!! Her shell or rock that she sits on is a spining slab of cement level to the ground. So, when her hour is up she just spins around and is carried away!
    REPORTED: Bobby 29 MAY 00
    You don't see the "Little Mermaid" character walk all the way from Main Street and back. It was near Disneyland's closing time, and after a little while, the lights overlooking the shell shut off, and then the camera man, the actress, and a disguised security guard went into a hidden door on the back of that building that the Rocket Rod line starts in
    CONFIRMED: Donald 23 JUN 00
  3. The fountains with the jets of water that fly over you are actually a special type. Using a water property called laminar flow, the water flows out of a smooth pipe very quickly, giving it a glass tube appearance. This effect can also be found in Epcot over in Florida outside the Imagination Pavillion.
    REPORTED: Sam J 19 NOV 99

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