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  2. If you look at the mirror in Fantasyland's Mad Hatter shop long enough, you'll notice something very interesting, the Cheshire Cat appears! He'll slowly disappear every once in a while but don't worry, he'll return.
    REPORTED: Gus Mora 17 SEP 96
    The Cheshire Cat does appear and disappear every few minutes.
    CONFIRMED: Dynara 21 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 25 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Matt 19 JUL 98
    If you go into the Mad Hatter's store next to the Alice In Wonderland ride, look at the big oval-shaped mirror on the wall. Every few seconds you can see the Cheshire cat's face. I used to work there and I used to tell kids if they step on a certain square he'd appear. So we had alot of kids stomping on the floor trying to make the Cheshire cat reappear.
    CONFIRMED: Audra 28 DEC 00
  3. Although many people know that the Cheshire Cat appears in the mirror in the Mad Hatter shop every few seconds, few know how he's done. This is the setup: first, there is the mirror. it is a type of one-way mirror, also known as a 50% mirror. This type of mirror allows you to see only your reflection as long as anything in back of the mirror is not lit. To make him "appear" they bring up the lights in a room behind the mirror. Now he is semi-visible. To make him dissapear, they dim the lights. The Cheshire Cat is relly a solid animatronic. This effect is used extensivley at Disney parks. It's how they do the Hitch-hiking ghosts in the Haunted Mansion. Also, it is used in the "World of Disney" shop at Walt Disney World in the jewelry room. Watch the mirror in back of the cash register. Every few seconds, a reflection of the Evil Queen from Snow White will appear in the mirror, and turn into that of the witch. Same effect, just with a rotating table.
    REPORTED: Chrisfoxx 08 JUL 98

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