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Hidden Mickeys

  1. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was origonally intended to be a "Roller Coaster type ride" which I think would have been pretty cool.
    REPORTED: Joey (Future Imagineer) 28 MAR 99
  2. As you enter there is a statue of Mr. Toad on your left in the window. His arms are behind his back now but one used to extend up and forward. The fingers of this hand were positioned so that people could (and often did) place a cigarette between them creating the effect of a smoking Mr. Toad. The arm was repositioned at some point but if you look around the statue you can still see the fingers in a cigarette grasping position.
    REPORTED: Michael Sanchez 21 NOV 97
    I don't know about cigarettes, but I can definitely attest to the fact that GUM - wads of it! - found itself between the Toad statue's thumb and forefinger while the arm was positioned in front of the figure's body. It was really gross. I'm sure that this was the main reason, if not the only reason, why the limb was repositioned.
    CONFIRMED: AprilDecember 12 JUN 99
  3. Above the entrance to Toad Hall (Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.) you can find a shield bearing the words, "Toadi Acceleratio Semper Absurda." Which translated means "Speeding with Toad is always absurd."
    REPORTED: Jed 24 JUN 96
  4. I heard from the brother of a man who helped build Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland that there is a piece of note book paper in the hand of one of the characters in the bar scene that has his little girl's name and birthday written on it, since she was born during construction.
  5. The bar scene on Mr. Toad, the two beers and the bartenders head make a hidden mickey, or what looks like one.
    REPORTED: Tony 28 MAY 06
  6. The room where you crash through the fire is red.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 05 APR 01
  7. The first cop has a speaker under his feet.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 05 APR 01
  8. The cop that holds a baton is in front of a black sheet.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 05 APR 01
  9. The car you almost hit before entering Winkies reads "Smollett Deliveries."
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 05 APR 01
  10. In Winky's Pub -- one of the notes on the wall says something about a wild party. This was put in because one of the designers working on the ride got married and had a bachelor party around the same time the ride was being painted!
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
  11. Melvin the Moose (from the Country Bear Playhouse in Critter Country) is hanging in Winky's Pub.
    REPORTED: Jed 31 JUL 96
  12. There is a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes, complete with pipe and hat, in one of the second-story windows.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Jed 31 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    As soon as you leave Winky's pub, turn around and look to the left.
    CONFIRMED: Tangaroa Jr. 15 FEB 98
    I've seen it mentioned here, and also read in several guidebooks, that Sherlock Holmes' silhouette can be seen in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Could this be a little nod to the fact that Basil Rathbone (the most famous Sherlock Holmes until Jeremy Brett came along) narrated the Disney film? And, if you see the actual movie, which is out on video once more, guess which literary character Basil names at the beginning of the film as one of literature's greatest?
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer 16 JUN 99
    As you first enter the village at night, in one of the upstairs windows there is a shadow of the real Sherlock Holmes.
    CONFIRMED: raul bustamante 11 AUG 00
    Sherlock Holmes is seen when you exit Winkies, above the constabulary.
    CONFIRMED: Jeremy Fassler 05 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: tawni coolness 23 FEB 02
  13. The painting over the fireplace in Mr.Toad's Wild Ride looks an awful lot like the chalk picture in "Mary Poppins" that Mary, Bert and the children jump into.
    REPORTED: Tangaroa Jr. 15 FEB 98
  14. In Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, in the scene with that horse holding Toad up fountain, or in the room where the shadow of Sherlock Holmes is, on the left on the wall, painted on is a statue of "Blind Justice". It is a lady with a blindfold on holding a scale and a sword. The blind fold is a sign of impartial judgement. But if you look closely she is peeking under the blindfold, and that is why Toad is found guilty!!!
    REPORTED: Josh Scott 17 AUG 97
  15. In the last scene-- there's a devil that looks like the judge that we saw earlier in the ride.
    REPORTED: Krister 22 JUN 02
  16. The so called train is a light on a wire being operated by a couple of mechanics and a yellow spring.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 05 APR 01
  17. If you look at the various book shelves throughout the ride, you will see some oddly named books about different characters.
  18. As you are entering "Hell" near the end of the ride (after being hit by the train) you enter through a giant mouth of what looks like the devil. His eyes are at the very top near the ceiling and his mouth is wide open for you to ride through. His fangs are visible, and it is pretty clear. It is visible only for the first few seconds as you enter the room.
    REPORTED: Bryan and Jennifer 18 MAR 97
  19. When you ride Mr.Toad, you can notice that there are badger, cryil, winkie, rat, weasel, mole, and toady.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 27 MAR 99
    On Mr.Toad, there is one scene with each of the car names except Ratty. Mr.Toad, in works of art, as a statue in town square. Mole, in the pub, eating fried chicken. Badger, on a ladder in the library. Cyril, holding up toad in the center of town. Weasel, on the chandeliers in the hall after the leaded glass window. Winkie, in the pub, spinning the beers.
    CONFIRMED: Jeremy Fassler 05 JAN 00
  20. The "hell" scene in Mr. Toads Wild Ride is known as by Cast Members as "The Inferno Room". You think we're allowed to say "Hell?"
    REPORTED: Johnny 08 JAN 01
  21. On Mr. Toad's, Toad only appears once, as a statue. This is because the ride is designed to put you in Toad's shoes, like how Snow White and Peter Pan were originally designed as. The whole idea of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is that YOU are Toad. This is from the first dark rides (Snow White, Peter Pan), when the imagineers decided that you were in the role of the title character. This was corrected in 1983, when Fantasyland got a major refurbishment. This is why, in the current version of Mr. Toad's, you start in Toad Hall. This perpective was also in Florida's Toad ride.
    REPORTED: Joseph Gillis 04 JUN 06

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