Frontierland Sailing Ship Columbia

Sailing Ship Columbia Fun Facts

Hidden Mickeys

  1. The Sailing Ship Columbia is a 10-gun, three-masted vessel. At 84 feet tall, This is a full-scale replica of the first American ship to sail around the world.
  2. Step below into the nautical museum and see what life was like for the original crew.
  3. I was on the "Columbia" sitting in the front when a cast member manned the cannon, loaded it with a 12 gauge blank and gave a "warning shot" to the wonderful plastic indians. The cannon is a 12 gauge blank.
    REPORTED: Cartaya 30 JAN 00
  4. There is only one known picture in existence of the original windjammer. Disney shipbuilders used it, along with research materials from the Library of Congress, to design the "Columbia."

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