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  2. Did you know that the Rivers of America and The Jungle Cruise used to be connected by a water way before Disneyland's opening? It was connected right near where Pirates of the Caribiean was built.
    REPORTED: Steven Taylor 26 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: AprilDecember 12 JUN 99 pict from
  3. There are fish in the Rivers of America. I know they stock the old bear lake (with the Phantom Fish) with Koi, but I was relaxing on Tom Sawyer's Island when I saw it. It just popped its orange head up near the surface, looked around, and swam away.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97
    There are plenty of fish in the Rivers of America. All you need do is go between Fowler's Harbor and the Snack shack next to it on a warm day and look down into the water. You will see many, many small guppies basking in the warm water here!
    CONFIRMED: Bob Grundmeyer 12 APR 97
    I speculate that the "Guppies" in the Rivers of America are actually mosquito fish (common name) used to control insect larve in standing water. Here in Utah, the mosquito abatement district provides mosquito fish to anyone that has a pond where mosquitos may live and breed.
    CONFIRMED: Gregory Shoop 28 APR 97
    The reason there's fish in the Rivers of America is because for a while guests would be able to fish off of Tom Sawyers Island. But they stopped allowing people to do that for some reason
    CONFIRMED: Trevor Kelly 03 OCT 97 Shop The Orvis Catalog Button 1 - 121x70
    There are no planted fish in the river. Many years ago when the park initially opened it was possible for a youngin to catch fish in the Huck Finn's fishing hold directly across from the boat dock. The fish were controlled to a small area and not the entire river. Over the years, the river has been emptied for ride maintenance and upkeep and no catchable fish were reintroduced.
    UPDATE: Anthony Gallegos 18 OCT 97
    In the pond near Big Thunder where the "Flying" fish are, there are also real fish in that pond. In the early days you could rent poles and actually fish there just like you could in the Rivers of America. Cast members used to find the fished fish all over the park after closing because people would either accidentally leave them somewhere or decide they were tired of carrying it around all day.
    UPDATE: Brooke C. 01 APR 99
    Those fish in the rivers and waterways around Disneyland are brought into the park on the feet of ducks, mud hens (the black birds with the really big feet and other wild birds. The fish eggs are tiny and settle in the mud and muck where the waterfowl walk, they take off and go to Disneyland and the eggs wash off and hatch.
    UPDATE: anon 17 SEP 99
    They stopped allowing people to catch fish in the park because they were afraid someone might catch a catfish and try to eat it.
    UPDATE: Stacee 09 MAY 00
    Today we saw one of those long-necked black water fowl on Rivers of America catch and try to eat what must have been a six inch fish. We had just gotten off Mark Twain and this bird was wrestling with this large fish. The fish had some orange on it but just on part of it. I don't think the bird actually managed to eat it because it was so big.
    UPDATE: Jason 25 APR 06
  4. There is a phantom fish by the young Native American boy and his dog. It is almost under the log they are on.
    REPORTED: Greg H 09 JUL 98 pict from
  5. There is talk that the divers have this tube that goes all the way from the Submarine Lagoon to the Rivers of America, so that they can retrieve lost stuff...  I doubt it.  Look at the diver in the Rivers of America, and we gather that he is doing something to repair the track that the Steamboat has to travel upon to reach Fowler's Folly.  Another picture also shows a signal light which shows the position of the switch.  The diver got into the water right there at the landing for the rafts to go over to the island.  Additionally, I'll note that all river traffic was at dead stop, canoes, steamboat, pirate ship, and the rafts were all stopped, and turned off.  This would be presumably for the safety of the diver.  Also, if you think about it, any sort of a tube (note that the water is murky at the Rivers and clear at the Submarine Lagoon) that long would be nearly impossible to traverse in a quick manner, instead taking around 15 minutes (it takes at least 5 minutes to walk quickly the guestimated length).
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 02 MAY 97
    The fact that there is a tube connecting the Rivers of America to another body of water in Disneyland is partially correct. However, it does not connect to the Submarine Voyage. It connects with the Jungle Cruise ride. The trip is fairly short underwater.
    UPDATE: Steve Chavez 22 JUN 97
    The assumption made by Benjamin Rockwell is correct. The diver in the photo is preparing to go to the bottom of the river adjacent to the old Keel Boat dock. The reason: That is where the switch is to allow the Mark Twain or the Columbia to go onto a side rail and park at Fowler's Landing. The two large boats are on a rail and the diver makes a positive check that the switch is completely open or closed and clears all debris from around the switch. This is to ensure that neither of the two large boats will derail as they make their transit on or off of the main path. At times timbers are placed behind the parked boats and the water is pumped out, making,in effect, a dry dock. This allows maintenance to be done on the bottom of either of the boats.
    CONFIRMED: Larry R. Patterson 07 MAY 00
  6. When you are riding on the Mark Twain as your getting ready to come around the last bend, on your left side there is a waterfall and below it there is a train, the train is one that was used in the old Natures Wonderland train ride.
    REPORTED: Trevor Kelly 13 APR 97
  7. The water in the Rivers of America is actually clean. It is chemically treated to make it look murky. A former R.N. for Disney told me this fact.
    REPORTED: Scott Van Lul 01 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Tony Crescenzo 09 JUL 97
    I saw a posting claiming that the water in the Rivers Of America is actually clean. Not at all. There is no big filter just a screen that the water is pulled through when pumped up to the waterfall. With the ducks, trash and cleaning chemicals that runoff into the water it is some of the most disgusting water around. When performing canoe testing (usually after an accident) management won't allow anyone with a scratch on their skin to go into the water for fear of possible infection. Green dye is added to make the water opaque and obscure the shallow bottom/tracks. I've been in that water twice (while working canoes) and I wouldn't willingly go in again.
    UPDATE: Dan 29 MAY 02
  8. Did you know that they had to fill the "Rivers of America," twice before opening day? The first time that they filled the river, the water drained into the sandy soil that the river was excavated from. They had to line the river with a soil with a high clay content. This clay lining kept the river from being absorbed by the earth.
    REPORTED: David C. Shadle 31 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: May 01 APR 01
  9. A little known fact is that each canoe from the canoe adventure on the rivers of America costs $100,000, too! It's because of the materials they're made from.
    REPORTED: Chris 11 SEP 97 pict from
  10. Not all the water crafts on The Rivers of America are free floating, The Mark Twain and the Sailing Ship Columbia are both on a guide. All the others are free floating, just wait about a year or so till they drain it. Due to the complexity of having at least four types of crafts driving around, the keel boats, Tom Sawyer rafts, and paddle boats, are manually steered.
    REPORTED: Allen Huffman 12 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Jerm Good 15 MAY 96
    There is one central track used by the Twain and Columbia that has a "Y" junction that leads to the dry dock next to the Fowler's Harbor Restaurant.
    CONFIRMED: Andy Hicks 18 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Jan S. McMahon 07 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Rogers 16 SEP 96
    You can see the track at the dry dock by Splash mountain...we've also asked people at DL and seen it on the web before...
    UPDATE: J.J. 03 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: Kevin L. harris 22 MAY 99
    I was a cast member and ride operator from '69 to '73 and worked many days on the Rivers of America. The Tom Sawyer Island Rafts are completely free to go wherever their operator directs them. The fact that the tiller is out of the water is not significant, since the y shaped yoke that holds the tiller is connected to a much more efficient rudder underneath the raft. It may look like the rafts follow the same path, but an hour with a video camera and you will find similar but distinctly different paths. Also, if you know where to look, you can find the U.S. Coast Guard marine sticker on the raft. That will give you something to look for.
    UPDATE: Larry R. Patterson 24 MAY 99
  11. The two small traul boats that give you a tour around Tom Sawyer's Island are not on tracks. We were there one day and as we got off Big Thunder Mountain, we noticed that the Bertha Mae had completly turned over, right by the waterfall. The cast member we were with asked another what had happened, and he told us that the cast member driving the boat was rocking it, and then it tipped over, dumping a full load of people in to the river.
    REPORTED: Shannon 26 JAN 98
  12. Before the park opens every summer, the cast members race the Dave Crockett's Explorer Canoes around the Rivers of America at 5:15 am
    REPORTED: Becky 22 MAR 99
    Every once in a while the cast members from various parts of the park would have early morning canoe races. They would each come up with a punny name, and race before the guests arrive. Look in the book "Mouse Tales: A Behind-The-Ears Look at Disneyland" for more info about it. In case you were wondering, the canoe crew usually won, with the parking lot coming in second.
    CONFIRMED: benji vorspan 17 APR 99
  13. If you're ever on the Davey Crockett canoes with a group of fun people, form a small mutiny against the guide and start rowing backwards. They always get a kick out of it.
    REPORTED: Sissy 13 MAR 02
  14. When Disneyland was building the Fantasmic set and the Rivers of America had to be drained, a dear family friend was one of the construction crew. On the last day he was working there, as he climbed back up he dropped his hammer.When he realized it was gone he headed back towards the river, When he got there they had begun pumping the water back in. So to this day as far as we know our friends hammer is at the bottom of the Rivers of America.
    REPORTED: DisneyBrat 23 APR 99
  15. After the big splash at the end of Splash Mountain, the log makes a quick bend that quickly extends into the Rivers of America. It happens right after the drop, so riders usually don't notice where they are; they're too busy examining how wet they got. But if you go on Tom Sawyer's Island and wait around in an area where you can clearly see Splash Mountain, you'll see a log appear from a little cave and bend counter-clockwise into another one on the Rivers of America.
    REPORTED: anon 19 JUN 99

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