Disneyland Cast Members

Hidden Mickeys

Don't forget to stop in at City Hall when you leave and tell them about the great Cast Members that helped you during your stay at Disneyland.

  1. General Cast Member Fun Facts
  2. Let me tell you, on the Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters ride there is a CM who is just great. His name is Ric and he makes me believe in the magic of Disneyland everytime I see him. He is always telling stories, making funny jokes, and letting people do things most cast members wouldn't ever bother with. This guy is bound to be the next Maynard. He is so helpful too. So next time you're in Tomorrowland, look for Ric on the Astro Blasters, he'll make your day. MAYNARD WATCH OUT!
    REPORTED: RicFan06 22 MAY 06
  3. I just wanted to let everyone know that two weeks ago three of my friends and I all went to Disneyland for spring break and had a blast. Part of the magic was when one of my friends and I had been waiting in the same spots for two and a half hours in front of the 50TH Castle in wait for the "Remember...Dreams Come True!" fireworks display. After all this time of our butts hurting and people pushing their way into the area some Disneyland Uniformed Security person made his way to just in front of the castle and the roped off line, where we were. This guy began to entertain the entire crowd with his terrible jokes and off beat dancing. I wanted to get closer to see his name but wasn't about to give up my spot. When we waited a few nights after that, the same guard appeared and had a whole new batch of jokes to throw at us. Just a note to converse with Disneyland Security! All that we had conversations with were awesome and funny.
    REPORTED: Wade 02 MAY 06
  4. HOLA!! SOY JORDI DE BARCELONA. I was Cast Member on 1993 and I would really like to know about all you were working there in 1993. Please!! all Cast Members at the City Hall from Guest Relations!
  5. Cast members are human and are not always perfect. Once in line for Autopia (the new autopia), someone tried to line jump (cut in line) and was caught by a cast member and was thrown out of the line. Once the person had left, the employee then went on to complain about "dumb" guests. I asked him about some of the "dumb" questions he is asked. Some of his favorites were: "When people ask if the snow on top of the Matterhorn is real" "When people ask where a garbage is when I am standing right beside one" "When people wait in line and then ask the cast member what line they are waiting in" It's neat when you can get some fun information from cast members.
    REPORTED: Becky 14 JUN 01
  6. I currently work for Disneyland, and just first of all want to say that everyone that just stops and talks with the cast members are what I consider a GREAT GUEST! I always appreciate a compliment, but, even the smallest chat can turn my day around. There will always be guests that make you 'mad' but its guests like all of you who make it worthwhile. Hey don't forget about all those main entrance people! They sell and take your tickets!
    REPORTED: anon 19 AUG 01
  7. Attractions and Parking are Teamsters!
    REPORTED: Lynne 12 FEB 01
  8. Once when I was at Disneyland with my friends we started talking to a cast member who worked at one of the resturaunts. After talking for a while he told us his name, which didn't match his name tag. He told us that what happens alot is that workers forget their name tags so Disney has a bunch of un-used ones for back up. Even if they don't have your name you still have to wear one with a fake name on it.
    REPORTED: KidRcokette 20 JUN 00
  9. This isn't really a secret, but it's something most people probably don't even think about. At City Hall, you can fill out laud sheets for your favorite cast members! Those who have been particularly helpful, or really enjoyable, should be officially praised! When promotion time rolls around, having glowing guest comments in one's file certainly couldn't hurt.
    REPORTED: AprilDecember 13 JUN 99
  10. There are several places that cast members can clock in/out. One (and the most obvious) is behind the security post at the "employee" entrance or aka the Harbor House. Cast members enter at entrances that are closest to where their department is located. Usually cast members who work "onstage" enter through the Harbor House. Cast members that work "offstage", such as float drivers, float technicians, engineers, some parade dancers/performers, can enter through a western side entrance or a northwest entrance. (Harbor House is a southwest entrance)
    REPORTED: Java 12 AUG 97
    Harbor House is no longer the check in point for "Cast Members!" There is a new building called "Harbor Point" and this is the entrance for all cast member who work onstage or backstage in the park. the only members who dont enter here are members who work in TDA "Team Disney Anaheim"
    UPDATE: Terry! 01 MAY 00
  11. I was a character at Disneyland and we had shifts ranging from 4 to 9 hours. Entertainment at Disneyland is not union so we do not go by union rules. An atmosphere character (Mickey, Pluto, etc.) is onstage a half an hour and offstage a half an hour, and the onstage shortens the hotter it gets. Face characters (Snow White, Mad Hatter, etc.) are onstage 45 min. and offstage 15 min., and also are onstage less the hotter it gets.
    REPORTED: Daire Nolan 02 DEC 00
  12. I would just like to thank all of the Disneyland Cast Members for being able to keep Disneyland magical place for me for the last 14 years of my life. I have gone annualy (mostly semi-annualy) since I was 7 which is quite a feat to keep this place magical considering I am 21 and live 1300 miles north of Disneyland in Vancouver, Canada. My most memorable CM moment was on the Story Book Canal last year. After my friends and I were disappointed that we got a male skipper he made a comment about our fraternity shirts because he was in a rival fraternity. It was nice to see that any CM can make memories for any guest in the park. Thank you again to all.
    REPORTED: Brett Cameron 03 APR 01
  13. Does anyone recall a Jungle Cruise cast member, circa' early 80's by the name of Don "Mobs"? He was VERY dry and goofy and late at night cruises with him were hillarious. At least we thought so!
    REPORTED: anon 20 MAY 01
    I was a cast member from 1976 to 1986 and I wanted to confirm the one about the Jungle Cruise operator named Don. He was a friend of mine and his name is Don Bobs. He worked at the park for many years and anyone who worked there during the 70Ős or 80Ős would probably know him.
    REPORTED: Kevin Chaney 11 APR 06
  14. My high school band participated in the Disney Music Days this past year (2001) and we were escorted back behind the "It's a Small world ride". No pictures are allowed back there because of the characters, and even if we do see a cast member in costume we were instructed not to take pictures or run up to them. Each cast member in costume was escorted with someone at all times. We did get to see the woman playing Minnie Mouse that day because she walked by in costume, and then walked by without, but was still wearing the tights and was walking with her escort. The woman in charge also told us that they must have their heads on when outdoors at all times. Even in the back. We did see many characters without their gloves on, but their heads were on at all times.
    REPORTED: Rachelle Nelson 11 NOV 01
    I too also participated in Disney's Music days (1999) as part of the color guard with our band. We were to march through Main Street and they did escort us to a little white room behind Its a Small World/Toon Town and instructed us the same about not taking pitcures or talking to the cast members, and Rochelle is right, I also do not recall seing any cast member w/o their heads...very fun; one of my best memories!
    CONFIRMED: Jada 05 APR 06
  15. The Disney Princesses (as well as any face characters) are all Union Actors, not just any cast members!
    REPORTED: Princess 08 AUG 01
    It was listed that face characters and other characters were Union actors... not true in Disneyland... and it is only true of the characters at Disney World Florida and Tokyo Disney. The characters at Disneyland get paid almost the same as any other cast member and do not always have an escort. Unfortunately their injury rate is higher than any other employed group at Disneyland AND often it is due to guests taking advantage of these characters... so be nice :)
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 JAN 02 UPDATE: Todd O'Connor 03 APR 06
  16. Wardrobe usually has anywhere from 2-4 face costumes (not including parade specials) for each principal character.
    REPORTED: Princess 08 AUG 01
  17. In addition to strict height requirements, all Disney characters (face and mask) are given guidelines for "autographs" so each autograph resembles the same one written by your predecessor a few years ago. Actors come in all shapes and sizes, but a name is a name!
    REPORTED: Princess 08 AUG 01
  18. I have to recommend a cast member who was working at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street in Sept. of 2000. His name is Bob, and he was the coolest guy! We went there for breakfast every day for the 5 days we were there, and he was our waiter the 4 days he was on shift. He was very friendly, recognised us from when we met him the year before (one sitting, he must have an amazing memory!) and gave us stickers the last day we saw him. I hope he still works there, we will be looking for him on our next vacation!
    REPORTED: vicki-mouse 03 FEB 02
  19. Maynard
    1. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    2. For the Jungle Cruise there is one guy who is absolutely the best Jungle Cruise director. He let a little kid drive. He sang songs from cartoons and his jokes were the best I'd ever heard. I rode the ride at about 4:00. His name is Maynard. That's what his name tag said. He had banana leaves in his hat even. He made me love that ride all over again.
      REPORTED: Josh C. 06 NOV 96
      I must admit he is the best Cast Member that Disneland has to offer. He is known more as working at the Haunted Mansion and is just as funny there as he is on the Jungle Cruise. He also can be seen working at the Tiki Room and at the Swiss Family Treehouse. But the Hanuted Mansion is where he gets into the act the best.
      CONFIRMED: Eric B 30 DEC 96
      Regarding your jungle boat captain, Maynard; he is the best of all that is Disney! We first saw him in the Haunted Mansion and was impressed when he managed to give us an actual scare when he popped his head around the corner of the doom buggy just after the loading area. Although he is great in any of the attractions, when we see him we always ask why he's not over at the haunted mansion. He insists that the scary guy over there is his evil twin. We tell everyone who visits the park to look for Maynard and tell him Hi. (Hi Maynard!)
      CONFIRMED: Laurie Floyd 08 JAN 97 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
      I think everyone should get a chance to meet Maynard, so if you see him, don't hesitate to approach him!
      CONFIRMED: Missy Spencer 13 JAN 97
      CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 15 JAN 97
      A funny thing happened on my last visit to Disneyland. Some friends and I were waiting in front of the Tiki Room while reading a printout of all the "secrets" from this site. A Cast Member approached us and asked us if there was a Cast Member section. Having never heard of him before, I didn't realize until halfway through the Maynard reports that we'd met none other than Tiki Maynard (as opposed to evil Maynard from the Haunted Mansion). The comments he made as he read about himself were hilarious. When he was done, he borrowed the pages and made his own personal copies. He continued to amuse us until the start of the show with such outbursts as "Bird-lovers unite!", "In ten minutes there will be excitement in the air!", and "Come and gather under this hut of magic shredded wheat!." Everyone should meet Maynard. No matter where he is, he totally adds to the experience. All the Cast Members know him. Find out where he is from one of them. By the way, when he gave me his autograph, Maynard left me with this advice "Eat Figs, not Worms - From Tiki Maynard." Sure he's a bit strange, but he's also a great guy, so if you haven't met Maynard, what're you waiting for?
      CONFIRMED: Tony O'Bryan 08 FEB 97
      Picture of Maynard
      NOTE: TR Shaw 08 FEB 97
      CONFIRMED: Cara Codekas 21 JUN 97 Maynard
      I was in Disneyland last week and he was running the Haunted House the whole time. I went on it about 10 times just to see him. My uncle taped him so he did this 3 minute skit about his friend, a little rubber lizard that likes to sing. He is the best.
      CONFIRMED: Jeff 09 JUL 97
      There is this guy, Maynard, who works on the "mack shack" (haunted mansion) and he is the coolest. he has a british accent or just an accent and he pulled up some of the chains from the line and just started singing jingle bells he kinda looks like an old creepy butler, sounds like one too so next time you go on the mack shack look for him and say wus up!!
      CONFIRMED: Greg Nelson 14 JUL 97
      Maynard is just great! Find him at the Haunted Mansion or Jungle Cruise. The last time I saw him was on the Haunted Mansion and he was dancing around in the Stretching Room scaring the daylights out of two teenage girls. He also saw me getting out of the Doom Buggy and he acted like his "Bird Character" for me. He is just wonderful and really is a treat to watch and makes Disney magic happen!
      CONFIRMED: Mlle Upanova 05 AUG 97
      I read on the web site about Maynard that lunatic cast member. I have been keeping my eye out for him and I finally saw him yesterday (2/11/98). Me and my friend David were walking off the Haunted Mansion and he told us to "step to this side for happiness." He is AWESOME!!! He gave us a hysterical little puppet show, and when people stepped by he would greet the children with "Hello little person!" We told him that he was famous on the internet and he seemed pleased.
      CONFIRMED: Joe Guisti & David Casas 14 FEB 98
      For those of you who know Maynard, all I have to say is A-bung-a-dingy-dingy!!
      CONFIRMED: Disney Star 20 FEB 98
      Maynard is at the Haunted Mansion now. I had no idea who everyone was talking about, but when I saw his picture at the Jungle Cruise.....it's him! He was great....He scared the kids when he welcomed them into the main entrance to the Haunted Mansion. And then he went along for the ride and had the funniest laugh. After finally meeting him, I wish there were more operators/employees of Disneyland like him. That would make every trip to Disneyland even better! We love you Maynard!!!
      CONFIRMED: Tracie 16 APR 98
    3. Maynard has moved to Innoventions and Honey I Shunk The Audience and is happily becoming a mad scientist. I am not sure if he will be working in Inoventions proper, because it only recently opened.
      REPORTED: Jesse 22 JUL 98
      I'm happy to report that as of 9/5/98, Maynard is now working the "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" attraction!! I tell you, that guy alone is worth the price of an annual pass! A large number of audience members stayed long after our showing just to watch Maynard go off on a tangent about mice! I've never seen anything like him before; he's a classic!
      CONFIRMED: Doctor Z 07 SEP 98
      I've seen him and when he's asked if he's the same guy he makes up a whole story about a twin brother.
      CONFIRMED: Danielle Alexander 25 SEP 98
      My experience with Maynard was at the Hunchback Of Notre Dame Festival of Fools. A friend I was touring with wanted to see the Festival, but by the time we got there, there was a CM announcing that teh Festival was Full of Fools and we could come back tomorrow if we wanted to see the show (yeh right). We were feeling kinda bad about this, as my friend really wanted to see the show. However, as we were leaving, i noticed a rather down-looking CM on stroller-pushing duty. Then, I noticed his name tag said "MAYNARD". I went up to him and asked if he was the same Maynard made famous on the internet. He said he probably was, and then he checked through my Secrets book and read through all the stuff said about him. Then, he went into his own mini-Festival of Fools. Instead of the regular lyrics, he created lyrics of his own relating to strollers! It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. All I remember was the last one ending "in this stro...ller.. LAAAAAAAAAND!" After that, he showed us his termite character. I asked him to sign my Secrets book, and he left me with these words of wisdom: "Spam is tasty, yes! But it makes a messy hat." I also have a drawing by him of Jester Maynard- one of his personae no longer existing due to the Hunchback show being done with. There were a lot of people staring strangely at Maynard, as if he was having some sort of apoplptic fit- but my friend and I had the best experience of the day with Maynard; I think a couple of fans brightened his day too. Thanks Maynard!
      CONFIRMED: JK Grence 11 NOV 98
      We were also lucky enough to encounter Maynard in HISTA on our trip this year. We were intent on finding him after meeting his "Evil twin" in the Haunted Mansion last year and were not dissappointed! Professor Maynard was giving a spiel on the "cushy, squishy" seats in HISTA and no-one but us seemed to realize who he was and after we turned in our "golden goggles of happiness" after the show is gave us a private show, complete with a song and dance! Again, no-one around was paying any attention! The very next day we found "Space Maynard" on the Astro Orbitor and later in the week (we did a total of 8-days in the park!) found "Jungle Maynard" on the Jungle Cruise! Like the previous post said, this guy is worth the price of admission and certainly made our visit even more memorable!
      UPDATE: Michelle Carter 14 JUL 99
      Just wanted to assure everyone that Maynard is STILL working at Disneyland ~ we saw him this week! I had learned of him from this web site, and asked about him at City Hall. The man there assured us that yes, Maynard was still there, and that he was "unbelievable!" We saw him at the Haunted Mansion, standing at the point where our doom buggy enters the 'ride' portion. He went by too quickly for me to say anything, or speak to him, but he was shining his flashlight on his hand, where he was holding a little orange lizard thing, and making it move, while doing these weird sounds. What a crack-up! Hopefully next year, we'll be able to talk to him more. Good luck finding Maynard!
      UPDATE: Kimabee 07 JUL 00
      Maynard has made a movie! pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    4. I encountered "spooky" Maynard the other day for the first time, after buying my annual pass. I had two Scar bean-bags strapped to the shoulders of my trenchcoat (one on either side), and as soon as he saw me, he came over and started talking with/about them. The man is hillarious. He would say things like, "Ooh, look into my evil green eyes, I'm so evil!" and then began an interaction between the two of them. "I'm more evil!" "No, I'M more evil!" Deciding to get into the act, I contributed, "--Finally, someone knows what I do through every day!" Of course, Maynard topped me. "I go through that every day too-- but not with lions... WITH MY FINGER-PUPPETS!" At this point he pulled out two of those rubber ghoul finger puppets and started shaking them around. "I'm more evil!" "No, I'M more evil! Dr. Evil said so!" "Well... he never says anything that's true, so I'M more evil!" Later on, we saw Maynard walking by the Mint Julep bar, and called out, "Hey, Maynard!" I'm certain he heard us... he began running off with an evil little laugh. "Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!" I look for him every day now.
      REPORTED: Lord Talonne the Mad 13 SEP 99
    5. I was reading all these wonderfull reports on Maynard. As a guest I never had the chance to see him at his best, only a few quick glances. But as a cast member, I get to work with him. We work together at Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room. I will say he can be pretty bizarre at times (although compared to the rest of us he's normal =), we do have the habit of staring at him with very concenrned/questioning looks on our faces, but he makes us laugh. And I will say, it's strange to talk with a man who refers to himself as "myself, my sceintist brother, my evil brother, etc. ". But when it comes to work he is all business, strictly S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) and when we work together he does his very best to make things go smoothly and keep a smile on our faces. I remember late one night we were passing each other at our narrow path to backstage, I was going off, he was coming on, and I apologised for being in the way, just a simple "oh I am sorry" and usually I just get a nod from any other person, but he looked at me and said "all is forgiven" it was kind of creepy but it made me giggle.
      REPORTED: anon 21 FEB 01
    6. Maynard is definitley one of the funniest and most entertaining CMs at D-land. My family and I recently visited Disneyland, and when we went on the haunted mansion, a man with a flashlight and a lizard in his hand gave us a little dancing show while we were entering the beginning of the ride. I didn't get a good look at his face because it was dark,but I think it might have been Maynard (who else has been known to make plastic lizards dance?) and I hope it was him! This happened 06-15-01, has anyone else seen or heard of Maynard being around the park? Next time we go to Disneyland I will be sure to ask about him.
      REPORTED: Princess Aurora 19 JUN 01
    7. I was reading all these wonderfull reports on Maynard. As a guest I never had the chance to see him at his best, only a few quick glances. But as a cast member, I get to work with him. We work together at Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room. I will say he can be pretty bizarre at times (although compared to the rest of us he's normal =), we do have the habit of staring at him with very concenrned/questioning looks on our faces, but he makes us laugh. And I will say, it's strange to talk with a man who refers to himself as "myself, my sceintist brother, my evil brother, etc. ". But when it comes to work he is all business, strictly S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) and when we work together he does his very best to make things go smoothly and keep a smile on our faces.
      REPORTED: anon 21 FEB 01
    8. I had just walked in to the park , maybe 15 minutes down main st. getting ready to go into Adventure land, i saw a cast member dressed like a pirate telling a young visitor that his leg was as wooden as the tree (as he knocked on the tree in front of him), and was going on and on about it, i overheard this conversation, and just reading about him on your site the day before, i hollered to my friend "wait hold on" and i ran back to read his nametag, and sure enough it read "Maynard". i'm happy to report that Maynard still is at Disneyland, and possibly working at the pirates of the Caribbean ride.
      REPORTED: amanda 26 JUL 01
    9. I just wanted to say thay Maynard is still working at Disneyland! My family and I went there on 12-23 and went to the new Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and there he was! We talked to us and he entertained us with a dancing pen (He didn't have his finger puppets with him) and when we got off the ride he reminded us to have good nutrition, which will help us to learn the hula, which will help us to become astronauts to help with the over supply of tang. He had us laughing all night and I can't wait to see him next time!
      REPORTED: Princess Aurora 06 JAN 02
    10. Maynard is the COOLEST!! Going to Disneyland and not meeting him is kind of like going to San Francisco and not riding the streetcar (okay, not the best analogy, but you get the idea). I got to meet him near the Haunted Mansion and he was a TRIP!! He's a very sweet guy who's very colorful and extremely talented. Disney has quite an asset in him. He's not that difficult to find, but if you can't seem to locate him, just ask one of the Cast Members and they can tell you where he is. I met up with Maynard near the Mr. Lincoln exhibit just as I was leaving and got a pic with him. He did some GREAT cartoon voices for me, too. When you go, do your best to meet with him, even if only for a moment. He's a wonderful guy whom I look forward to seeing in the future.
      CONFIRMED: Anthony Samhain 06 JAN 02
    11. When my family went to Disneyland last week. Well I saw Maynard at the Great Moments with Mr.Lincoln. Now when you go to Disneyland Maynard can be anywhere so go ask City Hall or Roberta who works at the Lincoln show. Roberta told me alot about the Haunted Mansion and Maynard. So go and say hi to her.
      REPORTED: Jeffrey 18 MAR 02
    12. I went to Disneyland with my boy friend, 2005. We saw Maynard!!!!! He is awesome, He is no longer doing the jungel cruse because they would not allow him to improve any more, you can now find Maynard at the huanted mansion, the abe linchoin momorial, so pretty much he does main street and new orleans. He is so funny!!!! BUT I SAW HIM YAY ME!!!!!!!!
      CONFIRMED: Rebecca 25 FEB 06
    13. Some friends and I met Maynard last year for the first time! I had been looking at all of the comments about him and couldn't wait to meet him. We kept an eye open all day and before Fantasmic I spotted him directing traffic. We go to DL alot and every time we visit him at Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. We don't even go in to watch we just go to see him. He always remembers us and does all of his great little munchkin dances for us. He is no longer working at Haunted Mansion. He is exclusively at Mr. Lincoln or directing people traffic. I really thing that Maynard is the greatest cast member. If you go, make sure to visit him. He will have you rolling with laughter.
      REPORTED: Arianna 10 APR 06
    14. Maynard can currently be found in the Main Street Opera House usually in the evenings.
      UPDATE: Iframedroger r 16 APR 06
    15. Maynard's Home Page
    16. Maynard's Mansion
  20. Mike Ritchey
    1. On the East side of the park there is a Merchandise Cast Member by the name of Mike Ritchey. He is the best Merchandise Cast Member there. He really get's into the land that he is working in that day. I have seen him a number of times in different areas of the park and he is never the same person twice. Ask any Manager from the East side of the park and they can probably tell you where Mike is working. Disney needs more Cast Members like Mike and Maynard (The Cast Member from Attractions). They are the ones that keep the Disney magic alive. On your next trip to Disneyland, I suggest that you stop by and see them both.
      REPORTED: anon 01 OCT 97
  21. Josh
    1. We go to Disneyland about once a week with our annual pass. And we always seem to run into a cast member named Josh. He's just hilarious! Ask him anything and he'll come up with a perfect story. Yesterday afternoon the Matterhorn broke down and we asked him why. He told us that there had been an avelanch on the mountain and they couldn't send anymore bobsleds through 'till they cleared all of the snow off of the track. We challenged him by saying that there was no real snow on the Matterhorn. He just smiled and said "of course there is and since the weather is warming up the snow is a little loose and keeps finding its way to the track area." We let it go at that, but not before leaving a complement for him at City Hall. Disneyland needs more cast members who are willing to embrace the magic. We're sick of hearing "technical difficulties, it's broken, etc."
      REPORTED: Nancy 07 JUL 99
    2. I can confirm that Josh, at the Matterhorn, comes up with the BEST stories. Three days ago we were waiting on line for the Matterhorn and it broke down! We asked a cast member named Josh why and he told us that there was an accident at the annual "Inventor of the Year" awards ceremony (Honey I Shrunk the Audiance). 999 white mice were cloned and escaped from the institute. The Matterhorn snow man (Harry) offered them refuge in the icy caverns of the mountain. Disney Pest Controll had to retreve all of the "little mousies" before we could ride. (SURE Josh!)
      REPORTED: anon 13 JUL 99
    3. I know Josh (the one from the Matterhorn). He is super nice and really funny! He used to drive the submarine ride (before they colsed it). Josh had a really funny naration for the ride (I requested his submarine every time I saw him there) he let me wear the captain's hat and even skiped a break to drive the boat for us. Now he spends most of his time at the Matterhorn and Small World. He cries "ALL ABOARD! STEP LIVELY NOW!" on the submarines, tells silly stories at the matterhorn, makes everyone laugh at small world ... every cast member should be this enthusiastic about their job. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks Josh and let everyone else know how great my friends and I think you are.
      REPORTED: Kate Nash 13 JUL 99
  22. I went to Disneyland with my two friends Kari and Abby and we rode the new Haunted Mansion Holiday over and over. We're AP's so we go there so many times and we constantly ride the new HM. Anyways, we were gonna go into the first room when this worker stopped me and asked for my Fastpass. I freaked because I assumed I was in the Stand By line. He just laughed and said it was ok and we ended up talking to him. His name was Alex and he was sooo cool. We then figured to ask him about the Pet Cemetary behind the Haunted Mansion and if we could see it, and he let us! He got another cast member to take us back there, and he gave us these Exclusive FastPasses for any ride in the park that takes FP's. So we went in the back and saw it, it was really eerie because it was so empty and dark and quiet. After the cast member led us into the first room thru a side entrance, we felt so VIP! Afterwards, we went back to the front and talked to Alex and saw this other techie Colin and talked to them for like 45 minutes.
    REPORTED: Nikki 18 NOV 01
  23. At California Adventure, go say hi to Chris over in Midway Games while you are there. He is an awesome guy.
    CONFIRMED: Chris 13 JAN 01
  24. This is about a really great cast member I met at Disneyland. I forgot his name (eep! so sorry) but he is really easy to find. He works every weekend night at the Indy Fruit Cart right in front of the South Seas Traders and Tropical Imports stores. His shift is right when Fantasmic! is going on, so he hears it every night. Well, I guess he timed it perfectly because he played a little joke with me and my friend. He took a piece of ice and said it was "magic booming ice". He threw it in the air towards the South Seas Traders and right when it hit the roof, the huge "boom" from Fantasmic! went off. It was so funny! So if you are in Adventureland around 9:30, stop by and ask him about the magic ice.
    REPORTED: AliceInWonderland 07 MAR 00
  25. I wanted to add two CMs to your list of great Disney Employees. Alain and Ricky both work at Toontown. I got a chance to meet them on Rodger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin. The wait was pretty long and my friend and I couldn't get the new fast passes. By the time we got to the front we were more than a little irritated. But Alain and Ricky really changed that. They were cracking jokes and bringing the rest of the crowd in with them. Alain even helped me on the ride. Ever since then, I always try to make a point of going to Toontown just to watch these guys in action. Thanks Alain. Thanks Ricky. You two made my day.
    REPORTED: Carrie 28 MAR 00
  26. I am a Disneyland Cast Member and I work in Outdoor Vending (ODV) Selling Ice Cream, Balloons, and Glow Swords at night. I just wanted to shout out to all the other Cast Members in ODV and say Hi. Since we don't work on the rides here at Disneyland we are kind of the unsung workers and I think we all needed some recognition out here. So next time your at Disneyland stop by a Ice Cream Cart , Glow wagon or Balloon person and say hi! Were one of the most friendliest bunch of people out there. Make sure expecially to say hi to Lauren ( it gets lonely out there on those carts) Thanks and come see us!
    REPORTED: Lauren Ferreira 20 AUG 99
  27. There's an interesting cast member at Disneyland named Whimsical Will - If the name rings a bell, he's also on the Dr. Demento show giving the Demented News. (I'm not sure if he still works at Disneyland though.) He has a web site which has RealAudio of his Demented News on it.
    REPORTED: LilSimba 03 APR 98
    I can confirm that Will Simpson, a.k.a. Whimsical Will, is still a cast member, working as an Attractions Foreman, coordinating the Haunted Mansion among other attractions.
    CONFIRMED: Amanda 05 MAY 98
  28. There was this really cute guy working as conductor of the train. His name is Matt! {he is such a hottie!!!!} Me and all of my friends have passes and go all the time and now it is a tradition for us to ride the train just to see/talk to Matt! And just rember this quote Matt the Train Conductor always says.... "I didn't get this job for my looks!" That hott guy has one loud conductors voice! WE LOVE YOU MATT!!!!
    REPORTED: ferrisb14 06 FEB 00
    I know the Matt you're talking abotu! I think. Only this Matt was directing the Canoes. He was totally funny! He kept the jokes rolling the whole time and made paddling a canoe for 15 minutes fun. I'm a loud person so when I told him his jokes were lame after one particularly bad one he looked at me and asked me if I wanted to do it. (Not seriously just having fun) He told us if we like the ride he was Matt from the Davy Crockett Canoes but if we hated it he was Tom from It's A Small World. He was hilarious (and HOT)
    CONFIRMED: Niki Clayton 31 MAR 00
  29. I read these reports of awesome Cast Members and I just had to add one. His name is Ernesto Paz. He used to work on Davy Crockett Canoes and now works on Indian Jones. I have seen him a few times with my friend Sarah and he is just one groovy dude. He is not only extremely hot, but once when we (Sarah and I) were on his canoe he let me stand up, go to the front of the canoe and tell all the jokes! I've fed him Jelly Bellies and everytime I see him he's so super nice and remebers me!
    REPORTED: Shannon 15 JUN 99
    Hey, this is Sarah, Shannon's friend as mentioned above. After having met this Ernesto Paz, we asked around for him to see where he was working in the park. We got a variety of answers, but never anything concrete. If anyone out there knows where he's working, please drop by an e-mail. We would love to seek him out and thank him for making Disneyland truly the happiest place on earth.
    UPDATE: Sarah Lassek 18 JUL 99
  30. Peter, who works on the Jungle Cruise is definitely one of the coolest Cast Members! He's always telling funny jokes and it is so worth waiting to go on his boat.
    REPORTED: Shannon 15 JUN 99
  31. There is this real cool CM called Rita (aka Cupcake), and she worked on Jungle Cruise. She sung Lion King songs and Village People, and made us all laugh all of the time. She used a look of humour and it was often very spontaneous. After a 13hrs at Disneyland, she was a refreshing change. Look out for Rita Cupcake, she is PRIMO.
    REPORTED: Aaron Davis 08 NOV 99
  32. Hi, I want to report a really great cast member on the Jungle Cruise. His name is Scott and he's a young guy. (he is incredibly hot, too) Anyway, he was really funny and his jokes were great. I interrupted almost all his jokes and told almost all his punch lines because I've been to Disneyland hundreds of times and I've been on that ride thousands of times and I know that whole script by heart. He pretended to be mad, but he was laughing and eventually he let me tell the whole thing. It was great! At the end he gave me a big hug and I took a picture of him, but unfortunatley I can't upload it cause I lost it! Anyway, when you go on the Jungle Cruise look for Scott, he'll make your trip more fun!
    REPORTED: AliceInWonderland 17 JAN 00
  33. Since this cast member is a princess I'll leave her name out of it. Now if you want to meet the best Cast Member as a princess try to find Sleeping Beauty. Granted there are multiple Cast Membere playing each princess, however if you run into this particular one you'll know it. She mostly plays Sleeping Beauty and recently shes been playing Ariel. I can't say enough praise about her. She has gone out of her way not only for my daughter, Brianna but she gives 200 percent to all guests; going as far as going through the castle and other Fantasyland rides with guests after her shift. She is amazing. As are all cm playing princesses but this one ,in particular is sooo special. She is the first cm we look for after entering the park.
  34. My favorite Disneyland memory was courtesy of a Cast Member name MICKEY! Yep, that's really his name (and I bet he was tired of people asking!). He was on the Mark Twain in 1998 or 1999 (sorry, I've been so many times in the last couple of years I can't remember for sure which year it was). Not only was he entertaining (he did Mickey's voice, Donald's voice, and more--having conversations between the characters) he also allowed my children into the wheelhouse to pilot the Mark Twain. Pictures were taken, stories shared (I'm a Disney Store Cast Member from Seattle, WA), and memories made. I've looked for him the last few times I've been there but haven't found him. I would love to know if he's still there, and if he is, I just want him to know how special he was to make our day so wonderful.
    REPORTED: Connie 26 JUN 00
  35. There is this cute cast members who's name is Dennis, he is so cute, and so nice! I was there in May of 2001, and I saw him and made my friends go to the Haunted Mansion 4 times just to see him! I finally went up to talk to him, and he is the best! He's from England and he moved out here a few years ago to become a singer and an actor. I actually got him to sing to me! He told me he just got a manager and was trying to record a few songs. He sang to me from Le Mis, and was amazing! If anyone knows about this guy, please confrim that he's so cool!!
    REPORTED: Rachelle Nelson 12 NOV 01
    Dennis is awesome! He deserves great props as a Disney Cast Member!
    CONFIRMED: Nikki 07 MAR 02
  36. My friends and I went to DL yesterday. We watched the fireworks and had two great cast members, Karen and Laura, help us out. They totally entertained us while we waited for the show to begin and then help us get some seats for the Fantasmic show later. They were super helpful! Definitely try to find them when you're there, Laura works at Storybook Land and Karen works the Haunted Mansion. That's where they are when they aren't on parades. They are awesome!!! And the best part was that Karen knows Dennis! He is sooooo hot!!! She said that he left to pursue his music career and he's working on his album. She also said that if anyone wanted to say hi, find her and she'd passs the message through to him!
    REPORTED: Tami Thompson 16 JUN 02
  37. Okay, so I didn't actually go to D-land last week, but a BUNCH of my friends did. They came back with stories of "Ryan and Nick" who both worked Indiana Jones one day, then Ryan worked Haunted Mansion and Nick worked Pirates of the Caribbean later in the week. I've heard so many stories about these two, that I feel like I know them. One of my friends had a broken toe, so she was in a wheelchair (I dunno...), and they totally took pity on her. Like, she got a few pictures taken with Nick, and they gave her (and the people with her) tickets that are "faster than FastPasses" to the Matterhorn (i think). Ryan normally works at Splash Mountain, and told them about the side-by-side seats that are going in (it opens June 14, 2002 according to him, too). Also, supposedly they are really hot, but I have yet to pass judgement on that--cause I haven't seen the pictures of them...
    REPORTED: Hannah 25 APR 02
  38. I was on vacation last week at Disneyland California and went on Jungle Cruise. My brother and I had a great time because of the skipper we had. His name was Zyoal or Zyhal. He was very funny and nice. He made the ride so much better.
    REPORTED: James 11 JUN 02

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