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  1. Main street does have vents at street level that blow scents of whatever your passing by onto the street. It was actually one of Walt's ideas. Main street does have scents pumped into the street from the Candy Palace. In the summer, you can smell vanilla and in the winter, peppermint. Walt wanted peppermint coming out at Christmas time. This is not done as a marketing ploy, however. It is done in the spirit of Disney, providing you with the best possible experiences in sight, sound, and in this case, smell.
    REPORTED: Eric B 14 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Darryl Reed 19 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Jim Goings 11 JUN 96
    if you're walking down Main Street on the left side of the street going towards the center of the park, you may or may not notice a specific scent. This scent is different in winter and summer. In the winter, you might sense a light hint of mint in the air. During the summer you might sense the smell of chocolate. There is a small vent near the Penny Arcade which emits these smells. However, these scents are very light, almost subliminal.
    CONFIRMED: jeff hanson 27 OCT 96
    Outside of the candy shop, they pump the smell of vanilla into the street, except at Christmas, when it is peppermint.
    CONFIRMED: Cary Kirby 09 DEC 96
    I can confirm that the candy store on the left hand side of main street (as you enter) does have a fan system which purposely blows the candy "smells" out onto main street to intice would-be customers to buy.
    CONFIRMED: Kim 16 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 28 MAR 99
    CONFIRMED: AprilDecember 12 JUN 99 White Cookie Background 120x60
    The popcorn and cotton candy smells come from the vendors - it is not artificial. In fact, the only smell that is piped in is the Cookie smell by the bakery.
    UPDATE: Holly 23 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Kirk 21 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Erin Deal 18 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: anon 07 AUG 00
    Our town car driver told us that on somewhere on Main street the Popcorn you smell, is actually artificial and is being pumped out through vents along the way.
    CONFIRMED: denise keller 29 NOV 00
    The scent of vanilla/peppermint definitely comes from BOTH the Candy Palace and the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. I used to work at DL and on our first day of training we did a walk-through of the park and our guide pointed it out to us, explaining that the scent is pumped in from both places. If you look down, you can see the vents where other shops only have paint.
    CONFIRMED: Sarah 01 AUG 01
    I worked as a candy maker on Main Street at Disneyland from 1985-1987. My co workers at the time, Lee who had worked at the park for so long he had pictures of himself with Walt, and Robbie had been there 15+ yrs (I think he may have just retired in 2005).They told me when I asked how the vanilla smell was pumped on to the street that the fan that did it was so bad it had started numerous little smoke incidents and that it had not been used in years! I asked why the orientation tour still talked about it and they just laughed. Been to Dland thousands of times since I left and have never smelt artificial vanilla. This is a myth that while once true, is false.
    UPDATE: Michael Bergevi 16 FEB 06
  2. There is a secret entrance to the park via a candy and gift shop on the Main Street U.S.A. Head towards the ribbon before it is cut and head into the store - the furthest down the street on the right. They let you out just as soon as everyone else and you have a straight shot at Fantasyland an Tommorowland.
    REPORTED: Nate Kaufman 29 JUN 98

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