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  1. There are talent scouts that walk up and down Disneyland's Main Street everyday. They are looking for guests to be in the Main Street parade. They take 45 guests to be in each parade. My dance team and I were just there in April. My coach and 4 of my team members were walking down Main Street when a talent scout approached us. He asked if we'd like to be in the parade. We said yes and were so excited. We had such a fun time dancing in the parade! So if you want a chance to be in the parade, just look for people walking down Main Street that look like talent scouts. When we were there, they were wearing blue overalls with clouds on them.
    REPORTED: Heidi 20 MAY 01
  2. Above the Bank is the control booth for the parades. When Light Magic was the summer parade, I was lucky enough to view part of the parade from the booth. Another interesting fact from light magic is that there are tiny sensors in the street that kept the floats centered on the street to ensure that the film projetors could hit the exact same place every time.
    REPORTED: Chris Jones 30 APR 98
  3. The name of the command post for the fireworks is called "Big Thunder" and is located on the top of the former Hallmark Store on Main Street. My command post was at the end of Main Street across from Coke Corner on what was once called "INA Carefree Corner." We would coordinate the parade and the fireworks from there.
    REPORTED: PhilChil 08 DEC 95
  4. Did you know that they have a backup plan for the parade on rainy days, called "Mickey's Rainy Day Cavalcade"? It is the omnibus, horseless carriage, and fire engine riding the parade route with all the characters they can cram in. It wasn't much, but they tried.
    REPORTED: Tangaroa Jr. & Ghost Host 15 FEB 98
  5. Disney has almost exclusively used men to portray all their wicked characters. In the 1980 there was a specific piece of choerography called the 'Mickey Shuffle' that many characters in many different themed-parades used over and over!
    REPORTED: Lauren Jensen 05 AUG 97
  6. The official work title for characters in the parade (at least when I was there, 1970 - 1974) is Pageant Helper, hell of a position name to put on a resume!
    REPORTED: PhilChil 04 DEC 95
  7. The best place to see a parade is by the Alice in Wonderland ride.. by the castle.. there are bathrooms right their across from the Matterhorn.. It is a really good spot. There is shade there and everything. Not many people know about it.. Try it out. You might be suprised..and yes also by It's a Small World is a good spot also...:-)
    REPORTED: Sahra 08 JUL 99
    Another great place to view the parade is the circle of Main Street near the train station..... alot of guests dont think of going there, and it's quite barron there alot of the time. When I'm working Guest Control, and people ask me where a good place to sit is, I usually send them down that way (it's always alot less crowded than the Hub area fight in front of the castle, and on the rest of Main Street.
    REPORTED: Laura 26 OCT 99
  8. You cannot walk down the parade route without being on at least one camera. These are hidden well but can be found. One obvious camera is in what looks like a light fixture on the top of a speaker pole next to alpine gardens. (in front of the temporary Christmas parade spot tower) The camera shoots down the dog leg towards Small World. These cameras are primarily used for spotting the parades, but Security has a feed too, so look out for big brother Mickey!
    REPORTED: Jeff 27 OCT 96
    At all times during the day at Disneyland, cameras monitor the park both inside and outside the attractions. There are a few places in the park where you can stand between two cameras' field of view. These places are pretty useless to wrongdoers, though, as they are in very public areas of the park.
    CONFIRMED: Curtis Craig 13 APR 98

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