Club 33
33 Royal Street
New Orleans Square, Disneyland
Anaheim, California

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  1. Club 33 Brochure
  2. There is a Club 33 in Tokyo Disneyland!
    The doorway entrance is on Center Street off of Main Street in World Bazaar.
    CONFIRMED: JoeInJpn 18 JUL 00
    REPORTED: Jeff 16 OCT 01
  3. While waiting to meet up with my wife near the Main Street Train Station, I noticed a cast member come out of an access door over by the bathrooms by the bank. I didn't take much notice until she got a bit closer and I noticed that her uniform was a bit "unusual" for Disneyland. Basically, it was a tasteful version of the "French Maid" uniform. I pondered this for a few moments, trying to figure out where a uniform as (even slightly) "Racy" would fit in amongst the attractions in the park. The mystery was solved as she walked right past me and I spotted the little "33" emblem towards the bottom of her skirt.
    REPORTED: Bigugly 03 JUL 02
  4. They have the six stretching room paintings (the original small ones that Marc Davis painted) on the wall in Club 33 right by the men's bathroom.
    REPORTED: Jaycub 11 JUN 02
  5. We are frequent visitors of Club 33 and the Matre'd told us, when the new Walt Disney Company took over in the 80's all the original art work in Club 33, was removed by Mrs. Disney. She allowed for copies to be made and rehung in their original locations in the restaurant. We were also, told about the chandliers in the main diningroom. The chandlier that hangs in the middle is an original fixture. It has been refurbished to accomodate electricity. The other two are duplicates of the original that hangs in the middle. The evelator is NOT an evelator but a LIFT. Walt had it shipped from Europe, specifically for the Club 33.
    REPORTED: Gigi 20 OCT 00
  6. Club 33 has about 400 members, and the waiting time for membership is approximately 2-3 years.
    REPORTED: Kent Karwood 11 NOV 95
  7. Disney recently opened up a new level of membership for individuals. The former Indivudual Membership is now the Gold Membership, and there's a Silver Membership. The only two differences in the membership levels are:
    1. Gold members can make reservations up to three months in advance for any day of the week, whereas Silver members are restricted to 1 month advance on Fridays and Saturdays (every other day of the week can be booked 3 months in advance), and
    2. Gold members get their newsletters (with listings of special Club 33 events) well ahead of Silver members, and are thus able to reserve a spot ahead of the Silver members.
    The cost of the Gold membership is the same as the old Individual Membership, and the Silver is about $2500 less to join and, if I recall, about $1000 less per year. Silver members still remain on the list to join as Gold members when a Gold membership becomes available. There are some other items, such as special parking for members.
    UPDATE: anon 10 JUL 98
    The new Club 33 membership is as follows: no longer are the silver memberships offered, only the gold and individual. Apparently in the year 1999-2000 there were some legal problems with the "wording" of the transfer of ownership between a husband and wife, and Disney was dragged into the middle of it. No status or any other kind of letter were sent out because of this; for all of you wondering were you were in line! The only thing I could not verify was the individual ownership/gold membership prices, but I'll get it. Also, you may take as many people as you wish into the park with you, just as long as you eat lunch or dinner at club 33, otherwise you will be charged for all admissions in your monthly billing.
    UPDATE: anon 04 JUN 01
  8. Club 33 even is mentioned in the Touchstone Pictures' movie, Oscar.
  9. Members have many priveleges. One of these is that they get to ride on the "Lilly Belle." This was Walt Disney's private car and is the only remaining car left from the original train. It was named after his wife. There are four trains at the park and each day three are in operation. This car is always locked and is seldom used. This benefit is only for members. The member must be present and it is only for their party. On the thrill level it rates a zero, but on an historical level it is really wonderful.
    REPORTED: Kerry Rutkin 29 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 JUL 98
    Unfortunately, "Lilly Belle" has been off the tracks since mid-1998 due to wood rot and termites, and it seems as though she's been forgotten, never to return. I get the feeling that bringing her back up to snuff is "not in the budget". I only had the privelege of riding in Lily Belle once, and while it rated zero as a thrill ride, the history and everything about her makes me rate the ride as being in the top ten!
    UPDATE: anon 21 AUG 00
  10. I have had the pleasure of dining at the club several times in the past decade, since I first went on my 18th birthday. My most recent visit was last week and I noticed a few minor things have changed. Embossed matchbooks have been replaced by embossed notepads, although the embossing machine was not working at the time. Also marketing has arrived at the club. You may purchase Club 33 logo watches and tulip glasses. The watches are $75.00 and very well done. According to one member of our party, the women's restrooms have been remodeled, but I will have to take her word for it. Our visit was the second day of the new menu that includes a prix fixe meal that was wonderful. As always the food and service were phenomenal. The employees are chosen from the pool of current park employees and applicants, and all front of the house people must start as bussers.
    REPORTED: Michael A. Young 12 OCT 96
  11. There is a secret door in the Trophy Room of Club 33 that leads to the audio room where Walt had intended to interact via an animatronic Vulture. The idea was scrapped but the room still exists.
    REPORTED: Don H. Nishioka 12 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 30 MAY 98
    In the Trophy Room, the Animatronic animals (raccoon, owl, etc.) in the room today are the same ones installed in the original construction... and were created for use in 'The GnomeMobile'. Take a close look at the chandelier in this room and you can clearly see where the hidden microphone was to be placed for this gag... which was never activated.
    UPDATE: Ron Schneider 11 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Joseph 03 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: Jeff 16 OCT 01
  12. Club 33 is the only place within Disneyland where alcohol is served.
    REPORTED: Kent Karwood 11 NOV 95
    CONFIRMED: Robert Fox 18 JUL 96
    Its true but as a guest at the park you don't have to be a member of this private club to get a drink, though not in the park. Just get on the Monorail and get off at the hotel, go through the courtyard, past the radio controlled boats, to "Strombolli's", they have good Italian food and a full bar.
    CONFIRMED: Tim Cline 19 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 12 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 JUL 98
    I have been there on several occasions and am here to tell you that it is fantastic!! It is for members only or guests of their selection, which is how I got in. It is the only restaurant within Disneyland that sells alcohol. It is decorated with some of his personal possessions, photos, etc., and is an experience that my husband and I will never forget! It is such a plush, upscale dining experience! The food has always been "to die for"! And the waiters/waitresses provide the most impeccable service that you could possibly desire. (Keep your eye out for the "magic folding napkins"...) And to top it all off, you are there in this gorgeous place and it hits you that you are in a place that was so important to Walt Disney himself...his "home at the park". This thought alone makes the entire experience well worth any price! My memories of Club 33 are cherished ones.
    UPDATE: anon 01 AUG 99
  13. Various origins are claimed for the name Club 33. Some say the name sprang from the number of lessees (park sponsors and merchants) Disney expected to entertain at the club, others say an address was required for the liquor permit and others say Disney liked the way the numbers looked together. Officially, the name comes from the club's address: 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square, and is located adjacent to the Blue Bayou restaurant.
    REPORTED: John Naioti 07 DEC 95
    Club 33 was named in honor of the 33 Disney investors who didn't call Walt crazy when he proposed Disneyland. The official line is that the addresses in New Orleans were already laid out before anybody realized that Club 33 just happened to be located at 33 Royal Street. All shops, restaurants, and attractions in New Orleans have addresses (# and street name).
    CONFIRMED: Wade Peeler 30 JUN 96 maximum occupancy of 33
    Another origin story for the name of the club is that the Trophy Room (the original room of the club) has a maximum occupancy of 33 .
    UPDATE: anon 10 JUL 98
    WED's favorite number was 3. When you turn the 3 on it's side it is in the shape of Mickey Ears. That's one of the theories behind the name of Club 33.
    UPDATE: Mark Benda 07 OCT 99
    Actually, Club 33 gets its name because, of the 40 members still in the club after walt died, 33 voted to keep the club in business, while the other 7 did not.
    UPDATE: Joe Harper 26 FEB 06
  14. Truth about the liquor license comes directly from the Anaheim Alcohol Beverage Control at 714-558-4101. The liquor license is issued to Club 33, 1400 S West Street, 2nd Floor, Anaheim, CA.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 09 APR 99
  15. The Club entrance is right next to the entrance to The Blue Bayou Restaurant. It has both stairs and an elevator leading up to it. If people want to see it without actually going in, they can either stand across the street from The Blue Bayou entrance and look up at the windows, or they can ride Pirates. At the start of the ride, their boat passes diners at The Blue Bayou. The balcony above the diners is part of Club 33.
    REPORTED: Maddy 26 NOV 95
    I was a Disney character (Brer Bear) from 1970 - 1974 and worked mostly in New Orleans square. The spiral blue staircase in the secluded portico near the restrooms was used by us, and the Club 33 employees for entrance to the club (and our break area). At the top of the stairs there is a balcony, to the right is the rear entrance to Club 33, to the left is the entertainment break area where the area musicians had a locker room.
    CONFIRMED: Philip Chilcote 04 DEC 95
    The Club 33 entrance is right next to the Blue Bayou entrance. It is clearly marked with one or two gold "33's," and has a little intercom. You can't get through that door without a reservation, which means you need to either be a member, or a guest of a member.
    CONFIRMED: Wade Peeler 30 JUN 96
    The curvy staircase behind some shops, leads to many places, one of which is Club 33.
    CONFIRMED: Wade Peeler 30 JUN 96
    There is a "secret elevator" somewhere near the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't want to reveal it's location and spoil the surprise. It's very well hidden. It takes you to three floors:
    1. is a basement that seems to hold food storage -- we never wandered far enough.
    2. is the floor us mortals enter the elevator on. And,
    3. is the kitchen for Club 33. I've had many interesting conversations with cooks and repair men.
    The Cook confirmed Club 33 with the simple message, "Yes, I work there." Also, in the kitchen on the 3rd floor we got a nice camcorder shot of a box of something labeled "Club 33." So, no doubts here.
    CONFIRMED: Cabel Sasser 12 FEB 96
    About the elevator:
    1. the bottom floor opens into the New Orleans Main Kitchen which supplies food to the Royal Street Veranda, Blue Bayou, Club 33 (cooking ingredients only), Cafe Orleans, La Petite Patisserie, French Market, Art Gallery Balcony, and Mint Julep Bar.
    2. The second floor is street level.
    3. The third floor opens into the Club 33 kitchen,
    but don't try going to the Club 33 kitchen. If the chefs act responsibly, you'll quickly be escorted outside the Park, and they may forbid you from ever returning.
    CONFIRMED: Wade Peeler 30 JUN 96
    Having had the privilege of dining at Club 33, I learned a fun secret: once you enter through the door adjoining the Blue Bayou and take the stairs (or old-fashioned elevator) up, you actually walk around in a half-circle to be seated. Guests eating there can step out onto the balcony, which FACES the entrance to the club . . . so the club dining area itself is on the opposite side of Royal Street. (So next time you're walking past, look up-- you may find someone looking down on you! That balcony isn't just a facade!)
    CONFIRMED: Meg 22 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 12 MAR 97
    I could not find an elevator in the Blue Bayou. I did find an elevator in the hallway to the Royal courtyard. when walking in look to your right and there will be a large door. The door is usually locked but fortunatly was not on the day my friend and i were there.
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 JUL 98
    The 'back entrance' to Club 33 at the top of the curving blue staircase opens directly into the Club Manager's office.
    CONFIRMED: Ron Schneider 11 AUG 98
    Just wanted to confirm that there is a handicapped elevator that leads to the kitchen of Club 33. I went up the elevator last year with my mom. She was in a wheelchair because of the brain tumor she had. It smelled wonderful, and when I asked the very nice Disney employee who came to help us upstairs to the gallery if that food was for the Blue Bayou downstairs she replied that it was for a party that night at Club 33 (which up until that time I had never heard of).
    CONFIRMED: Noelle Gorbett 30 JUN 99
    The elevator to the kitchen of Club 33 does indeed have several uses. One of them is the handicap access to the Disney Gallery. In April of 1999 I went with my mother to Disneyland. She needs a wheelchair since she cannot possibly walk around the park. When we wanted to visit the Gallery, the castmember told us about the elevator access. We could not find the elevator and the cast member had to show us it is behind the door on the right side of the passageway to that courtyard with the curvy staircase.. We rode up and saw a couple chefs in the kitchen. We were not told it would take us to a kitchen, but the chefs saw we were confused and ushered us through the kitchen to the second story balcony which takes you between the Disney Gallery and Club 33. We asked and the chefs confirmed it is indeed the kitchen for Club 33 and would have been also for Walt's appartment, replacing the hotplate he used above the Firestation. It's not a very easy way for wheelchairs to access the Gallery, but it sure is fun! Sin
    CONFIRMED: Ryan Damerell 01 FEB 02 pict from
  16. For the most part, the food is made downstairs. Club 33 does have its own kitchen, which is much more formidable than Cafe's Market's or even the Bayou's, but they rely on the main kitchen for such things that are labor intensive: preparing dressings (we make our own) is only one such example. Making soup. I'd say most of it is pre-prepared downstairs, and cooked itself upstairs. So while all of the restaurants share a main kitchen, the entrees are actually cooked "upstairs" -- whether that be in Club 33, the Blue Bayou, or whatever.
    REPORTED: anon 21 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Terry! 01 MAY 00
  17. As you pass the Blue Bayou restaurant on the Pirates of the Carribbean, there is a second-story balcony that appears to be a facade. Actually, the balcony is part of Walt Disney's Club 33.
    REPORTED: Erin 23 JUN 97
    The second story of the Blue Bayou Restaurant as seen from the Pirates of the Caribbean, does indeed lead to Club 33. More specifically, it leads to the "sound room" which was to be used to respond to diners eating in Walt's trophy room, (through a vulture above the door and microphones hidden in the chandeliers!). Unfortunatly, Walt passed away before this could be accomplished, and it is now used as an office.
    CONFIRMED: Kim Nissen 02 JUL 97
  18. Members are given a Club 33 card that has the appearance of a charge card but it is only used for admission to the park or to the club. Photo ID must also be presented. Members do not have to ring the bell to get into the club. Right below the bell is a slot. Whe you put the card into the slot the door opens.

    Originally founded for the executives of the park's original 33 sponsors/participants, the club was expanded to accommodate other members. There is a long waiting list and it's indeed expensive to join.

    I've been to the Club on several occasions. The entrance was indeed given the street address of 33, and the entrance is next to the Blue Bayou. Once inside, the atmosphere is elegant. The bar is great, the service is great, the food is great. And, considering that, if you go as a guest, your meal price includes admission, it's not a bad price. 35-50 dollars per person.

    Here's a tiny fact. The waiters and waitresses get one (perhaps it's 2) Club 33 pens each day, and are very selective about who they give them to. Also, when your reservation is made, they print up matchbooks with your name on them (although this may have changed since the new no-smoking laws took effect in California).
    REPORTED: Ralph Shelton 22 APR 96
    Club 33 card
    CONFIRMED: Kerry Rutkin 21 MAR 97
    The room is a nice size and the buffet is fairly large. I received a pen and didn't know the significance till now. There is a little place to sit outside of the windows where you get a great view of the place. I watched one of Disney's Fantasmic performances and was impressed. You can see the fireworks and the tubes in the back where the pyrotechnics is done.
    CONFIRMED: Dave 12 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 JUL 98
    The door to Club 33 does not automatically open when you insert your membership card. Inserting your card alerts the downstairs receptionist, who opens the door for you.
    UPDATE: Ron Schneider 11 AUG 98

  19. A table in the club was a prop from the movie Mary Poppins.
    REPORTED: Alex Cohn 27 OCT 99
  20. The set designer for Mary Poppins also decorated Club 33.
    REPORTED: Alex Cohn 27 OCT 99
  21. In the main area of the club there is a large map that says "The Pirates of the Carabian." If you look closley on the map the Imagineers marked one island as Gillian's Island!
    REPORTED: Alex Cohn 27 OCT 99
  22. In one of the dining rooms there is a audio-animatronic vulture. Our server told us that Walt Disney would speak into a microphone his voice would come out of the vulture. Under all the tables in the room were microphones so that Walt could hear what his guest were saying and that way he would know what to have the vulture say!
    REPORTED: Alex Cohn 27 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: Jeff 16 OCT 01
  23. A Cast Member explained that the public never saw Walt Disney smoking, in fact it was well hidden that he was a smoker. In the trophy room, there is a picture of Walt, laying on a couch next to an ashtray. This is the only picture that depicts Walt's habit. Others used to exist in the club, but they were removed.
    REPORTED: Jeff 16 OCT 01
  24. A Cast Member told us that one of the pictures in the trophy room is completely fabricated. A picture shows Walt standing outside the first true Disney Studios on Hyperion Ave. In the background is an ad/cell of the first animated Disney movie ever made (however, not 1st released) "Plane Crazy." The reason the photo is fabricated is the fact that "Plane Crazy" was not made at the Hyperion studios, it was created by Disney years earlier. It was "Steamboat Willie" and "Snow White" that enabled Disney to start his empire at Hyperion. If you look closely at the photo, you can in fact see that the picture grain of the full photo is different from that of the people standing in front of the building, in fact the "Plane Crazy" picture is almost not visible because it is so different. Our tour concluded by the host taking our picture inside the old style glass elevator (which we were told was removed from Walt's private residence and relocated to the club).
    REPORTED: Jeff 16 OCT 01
  25. Disney Fireworks Patents: US05627338, US05739462, US05526750, 5440990 and US05339741
  26. It's possible to watch Fantasmic from the balcony off of the main dining hall, but the view is not the greatest. There are very large trees in the way, and although you can cram over 30 people out there, no more than four of them will get anything close to a decent view.
    REPORTED: anon 13 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Joe Gullo 07 AUG 98
  27. Did you know that, if you mail a request for info about Club 33 to Disneyland they will send you a nice booklet about Club 33, a form to get on the waiting list and prices.
    REPORTED: Daren 20 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 JUL 98
  28. The area now occupied by The Disney Gallery was intended to serve as a private apartment for Disney family members, sharing a kitchen with Club 33. After Walt died, in 1966, the apartment plan was scrapped, and the space was used for offices until The Disney Gallery opened in 1987.
    REPORTED: Maddy 26 NOV 95
  29. The Disney family private apartments over Pirates of the Carribean were once considered as a possible expansion to Club 33. The last two pages of the original booklet given to new members of Club 33 in 1967 (and reissued for the 30th anniversary in 1997 - $20) shows two of Dorethea Redmond's watercolors originally done for the design of the Disney family apartments (Now The Disney Gallery). The text states that the designs depict concepts for a possible expansion of Club 33 should membership demand warrant more dining space. Club 33 opened only 6 months after Walt's death with the apartment space never used, but already completed. The two paintings are of the living room and the open-air courtyard.
    REPORTED: Jim O'Connor 04 JAN 98
  30. The phone booth in the upstairs hallway, modelled after the one seen in the film The Happiest Millionaire, contains a working telephone. Club guests are permitted to make free telephone calls from this booth.
    REPORTED: anon 02 OCT 95
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 JUL 98
    The phone booth in Club 33 is not "a replica of the one in 'The Happiest Millionaire'"; the phone booth was, however, the ornate personal elevator in the Biddles' home in that film... now converted to a phone booth.
    UPDATE: Ron Schneider 11 AUG 98
  31. I'm told that all the artwork displayed in the Club is the original work, not lithos or other reproductions. There's a lot of artwork up there...
    REPORTED: anon 27 JUL 98
    The art work on the walls at Club 33 includes original conceptual artwork for New Orleans Square, Pirates of the Caribbean and Bear Country, as well as personal pieces from Walt's collection and gifts of artwork and collectibles presented to the Disneys.
    CONFIRMED: Ron Schneider 11 AUG 98 pict from
  32. The buffet is served (lunch only) every day and dessert is included. Sunday brunch now has characters that make appearances. Champagne is also poured.
    REPORTED: Kerry Rutkin 28 DEC 96
  33. I work as a publicist for several well known entertainers, one of whom was doing some promotional work for Disneyland in the summer of 1992. Several Disney execs took us to lunch at Club 33. There were 10 in our party. We first lined up at a huge buffet table which consisted of various salads, appetizers, fish, meat, etc. There were a couple of guys in chef's hats stationed behind the table to answer our questions regarding the various selections (I had no idea what half of the stuff was!). The interior of the club was very elegant and tasteful (like an old-style gentleman's club). I never got to check out the main buffet, as one of our group talked about how stuffed they were just from the preliminary buffet and almost everyone else agreed. I didn't want to embarrass my client by breaking with everyone else and heading to the main buffet like a pig. If I recall correctly, there was no dessert buffet, as that was served by the waiter. The service was incredible (the minute you took a drink from your glass, someone was there to fill it) and the food was awesome. One of the Disney execs told us how much it was to join (several thousand dollars) and that the waiting list was several years for prospective members. He told us some of the people who were members and it read like a who's who of Hollywood (Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Costner, Schwarzenegger, etc.). The Club is only accessible to high ranking Disney officials and members and their guests. Because of this, most Disney workers don't know of its existence. It is the only place at Disneyland where alcohol is served, although we didn't imbibe while there. The entrance to Club 33 is near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, along the French Quarter street. There is a 33 above (or on) the nondescript door. If you didn't know it was there, you would never notice it. It appears to be just another facade.
    REPORTED: Kent Karwood 11 NOV 95
    CONFIRMED: Henry Mensch 13 NOV 95
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 JUL 98 pict from
  34. My next-door neighbor and his family has had a membership to Club 33 for the past twenty years. I had the great fortune of dining there with him and some friends one July. The greatest part was that, since reservations are made in advance, the staff welcomed each of us by name, gold engraved matchbooks with my friend's last name were provided on our table, the food was divine, and we got to watch the fantasy fireworks from a private patio on Club 33's balcony overlooking New Orleans Square. Yes, it is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol, and they prepare a wonderful apricot brandy sniffer. If I remember correctly, memberships are now close to fifteen thousand with dues charged every year. I guess people that do get a hold of one keep it in the family for years.
    REPORTED: Nicole McAllister 27 MAY 96
  35. As a guest I have eaten at Club 33 on several occasions, the food was indeed buffet style as mentioned. The buffet is located on the left hand side, while on the right side they have a Pasta chef and the dessert table. At each table is a setting of royal blue china with the gold 33 symbol. As you sit down they remove the setting and replace it with something more suitable to eat off of. You may eat as much as you like, and pretty much stay as long as you wish. As we were corporate guests, the entire bill was taken care of, which included an open bar, making it truly the Happiest place on earth. Everyone there was very attentive to the guests needs, when leaving I requested a bottle of water and received it with no problems whatsoever. The water served with the meal was Vittel, and that was what I carried with me throughout the park that day. On my next visit I will inquire about the pens.
    REPORTED: David Kassab 30 AUG 97
  36. I know a little more about the Club 33 elevator. The easiest way to get in it--without knowing any cast members--is to be injured. I was in a wheelchair at Disneyland, and I wanted to see the Disney Gallery. If you are obviously disabled (as opposed to all the people who literally fake a broken leg to get in without lines) the cast members are really good to you. When I asked a cast member if I could possibly get into the Gallery, she took me to the elevator, whose bottom level is near the Pirates exit. The top, of course, is in the Club 33 kitchen, which is connected by a little door to the Gallery.
    REPORTED: Sally A. Marshall 07 FEB 98
  37. I have dined there on a few occasions. I was engaged there, and once took a tour of the club. On the night of our engagement, we had dinner at the club and were scheduled to see Fantasmic on a private balcony in the Gallery. We were running late, so our waiter said he would take us a secret way to the Gallery. He took us through the Trophy Room, through the kitchen, and out to a small balcony on the backside of the building that took us to a door which led to straight to the Gallery. This door is at the end of the Gallery hallway, usually with a velvet rope in front of it. On another occaison, A friend who worked there gave me a tour of the Club. He told us about the sound room of Walt's for listening to the guests. Not only could Walt listen, but he could talk to the guests through the crow above the Trophy Room door. Various animals in the room are also audio-animatronic. They turn them on every once in awhile to make sure they still work, but it isn't a common thing. The door to the sound room isn't through the Trophy Room, but before you go into the room. It would be on your immediate right if you came out of the elevator. Through that door, the sound room is on your right and is no bigger than 5 ft. by 10 ft. All of the sound equipment has been removed and is now just an office. However past the sound room door is another door that takes you out on to the balcony of the Southern Mansion facade behind Blue Bayou's dining area. There was a few instruments up there for the jazz band that was playing earlier...
    REPORTED: Scott Davis 12 JUN 98
  38. I heard once that Club 33 was the site for the Press Opening of the Haunted Mansion. At midnight, after members of the press were wined and dined, the lights suddenly went out and a specially-recorded prologue (by the great Paul Frees, aka your 'Ghost Host') introduced the new attraction. Reporters were then escorted through the darkened Park toward the eerily-lit Mansion for its official premiere. Musta been some show, huh?
    REPORTED: Ron Schneider 11 AUG 98

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