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Blue Bayou Restaurant

See Club 33 above the Blue Bayou Restaurant.
  1. Blue Bayou is themed to be a backyard party. The tables, lawn chairs and the lamps and the trees all form a backyard. And the guest are the guests to the party!
    REPORTED: Denise 07 FEB 99
    I remeber the place where the Blue Bayou restaurant now exists as originally being filled with animatronic characters. It was a big party with lots of people "dancing" (spinning around) and a full band on the balcony over the whole scene. I was quite surprised the day I floated by and my waving incited a response from the characters I had thought to be animatronic ... which is when I noticed the raging party was gone, and it was a full restaurant where one of my favorite scenes had once stood.
    UPDATE: Ben Golus 16 OCT 00
  2. Blue Bayou Restaurant. The Blue Bayou is the only place in Disneyand that serves yellow lemonade. If you buy it anywhere else, it will be pink.
    REPORTED: Jed 20 JUL 97
  3. There is a really long conveyor system that moved dirty dishes from the Blue Bayoo and other New Orleans restaurants. The restaurants combined with the humid climate that that Pirates provides made for large roach infestations, large foggers would be mounted on the pirate boats and circulated thru the ride to help control the roaches of the Carribbean at night.
    REPORTED: d coleman 10 NOV 97
  4. While dining in the Blue Bayou look for the moon in the "sky" and watch it for a while. It will appear to dissapear behind some "clouds" and then in a minute or two will reappear.
    CONFIRMED: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
  5. Look up at the sky, you will see a shooting star streak by.
    REPORTED: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Karen Rudolph 09 APR 98
    If you look up the the sky you will see a falling star about every 15 seconds or so. Its pretty cool!
    CONFIRMED: Steven Taylor 21 JAN 99
  6. Blue Bayou is actually a water park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
    REPORTED: SugarB115 19 JUL 98

Royal Street Veranda/Columbia Coffee Cafeteria

GC Logo
  1. If you eat at the Columbia Coffee Cafeteria, your child gets a free Mickey-Eared balloon. This is not the only way to get a balloon. Actually, you don't even have to eat there. Characters hang out there to please the eating folk. If your child asks them for a balloon, they will have the restaurant help get one for you. Gideon (Pinochio) often used to give my daughter a balloon. Also, if your balloon pops while in the park, Disneyland will replace it anywhere they sell balloons, even if you find a "dead" balloon in the park yourself, or bring an old one back inside.
    REPORTED: Bert Bacskai 08 SEP 97

Mint Julep Bar

  1. While sitting at the counter a band cane by and prepared to start a show. Just before they started, a band member reached into a support for the canopy above the restaurant and flipped a switch. It at that very moment the bands PA system was activated. It would appear to be the switch for the wireless microphone system. The switch was on the support that sits in the planter separating the walkway and the dinning area.
    REPORTED: anon 04 MAY 98
  2. We were eating at the Mint Julep Bar. When we came out there was a big Mardi Gras show going on. If you could wave and get the attention of the band playing on the second level, they would throw you some Mardi Gras beads!
    REPORTED: Juliet Violette 19 FEB 01
  3. Don't you just LOVE the mint juleps they sell? I get one almost every time I'm there. I was a little disapointed to find out that now they are with the other fountain drinks and you have to get it yourself. They used to get them for you. I liked that because they'd add a cherry and a little sword....
    REPORTED: JuNGLe CRuiSeR 07 APR 02

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