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  1. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  2. Almost 70,000 "Safety Goggles" were purchased.
  3. All of the Disney 3D Adventure Shows, such as Muppet Vision 4D, and Honey I Shrunk the Audience, It's Tough To Be A Bug, as well as the since past show Magic Journeys all use the same principle of presentation. Unlike normal 3D show (red/blue lenses) these film use a process of reverse polorization every other frame. The clear glasses are reversed polorized which allow your eyes to detect the difference of angle between the two frames - this method is cheap for filming, and it can be added after filming is done. It also adds a higher degree of control on the 3D effects.
    REPORTED: Kenneth Klingensmith 25 JUN 98
    The effect of 3-D is made, like in Captain E-O, using polarized light. Half of the light coming to your eyes is going one direction, the other half rotated 90 degrees. The film is simultaneously projected onto the screen by two projectors. Your eyes can only see the film from one of the projectors, and each eye can see one projectors film. The films are each taken from different angles, and your eyes interpret the two different views as 3 dimensional. Now, the glasses/goggles are great fun. First, if you have a digital watch, put one of the lenses over the watch face and then rotate it. Watch the screen darken. Now take two of the lenses and put them over each other. Rotate. It will darkened at times because light cannot go through the two lenses at 90 degrees from each other. Now, this is the cool thing. If you've got two lenses placed over each other so you can't see through them, place a third lens between them at 45 degrees. Suddenly, you can see through!
    REPORTED: Kevin Hainline 16 JUL 00
  4. In Honey I Shrunk the Audience, the seats seem like people are stomping around you, cuz you're so tiny. This is accomplished by raising the whole platform, up four inches!
    REPORTED: Tiffany 09 JUL 98
    The HISTA seating platform actually moves to give the effect of people walking around and things falling during the show.
    UPDATE: Jim 21 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: J.J. 02 MAY 99
  5. The MC of "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" is Eric Idle of Monty Python fame.
    REPORTED: Cedric Chin 24 NOV 98
  6. The effect of the mice is different at Disneyland than at Walt Disney World. At Disney World, the effect is made using a small piece on 300 lb monofilement (same stuff as in your weed eater) but at Disneyland, the effect is created with compressed air.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
    It is controlled with air, but the air controls a piece of a rubber tube thing. I saw it before I put my seat down.
    CONFIRMED: Olivia Astika L. 04 AUG 98
  7. It's true, there are little black tubes under your seat that gives the effect of mice! Me and my freind went there and he reached under his seat and caught one it looked as if the air came out of it.
    CONFIRMED: Jon T. 27 AUG 98
  8. At the very end of the show, a dog sneezes on the audience. This is accomplished by having a little mister in the seat in front of you. Next time you're there, look for the little hole, I found it!
    REPORTED: Steve 14 JUL 98
  9. The 'mouse' that gets cloned in the "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" show is actually an albino rat, not a mouse. It's far too big to be a mouse, and, being familiar with rats, I can say that they'd be a lot friendlier and more well behaved on the set when they were originally recording the show!
    REPORTED: Nightlyre 16 DEC 98
  10. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience originated in Florida. It was first in Epcot's Imagination Pavilion before the new Tomorrowland in Disneyland.
    REPORTED: Chris 21 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Traci Green 16 MAR 99
  11. I'm happy to report that as of 9/5/98, Maynard is now working the "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" attraction!! I tell you, that guy alone is worth the price of an annual pass! A large number of audience members stayed long after our showing just to watch Maynard go off on a tangent about mice! I've never seen anything like him before; he's a classic!
    REPORTED: Doctor Z 07 SEP 98
    I've seen him and when he's asked if he's the same guy he makes up a whole story about a twin brother.
    CONFIRMED: Danielle Alexander 25 SEP 98
  12. Show: This was an all new 3D show I have listened to on RealAudio files from DisneyLand Source which is now being rennovated or updated to DisneyLand Media. Finally my brother Jason and I got the chance to see it LIVE at the Magic Kingdom back in March of 2000. You are first standing outside the main auditorium doors in the queue area watching a news broadcast from the WORLD NEWS NETWORK (WNN) and then after the news goes off the air, the doors open and we enter the theater. Once seated the guests put on their safety visors and the 3D show begins! It almost looks so real as though we are actually taking part in a ceremony presentation called THE INVENTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD being held at the Imagination Institute. The same actors who starred in the last 2 hit films (Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and Honey, I Blew Up The Baby) reprise their roles again...Professor Wayne Szylinski, Diane Szylinski, Nick Szylinki (Now grown=up) and his kid brother Adam Szylinski. The only actor not in the 3D show was Amy (Nick's sister) because she did not appear in the sequel film. When Wayne goes to demostrate his new & improved SHRINKING-ENLARGING LASER, something goes wrong and the machine zaps the audience (Those sitting in their seats wearing the 3D goggles) and we get shrunk to miniature size! We get attacked by a giant python, Adam picks up the theater and carries it around like a new toy while shaking us up in our seats, Nick is yelling like crazy for him to put us down, etc. In the end of the show, Wayne Szylinski finally fixes the laser to re-morph us back to normal size once again, Dr. Channing presents him the award trophy and we all applaude. Suddenly Quark, the family pet steps into view, a 10-foot giant dog!!! He was accidentally hit by the laser when it was restoring us back to normal size and is now the size of KING KONG or GODZILLA. He even sneezes on the audience, spraying us with a water mist, NOT!
    REPORTED: Scott Space Ace Oliverson 04 JUN 00

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