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  1. There's a rumor going about that there should be a new Star Tours comming on January 9th, 2007. I'm not exactly sure if it's true or anything, after all, it's just a rumor. But, if the rumors hold true, then we will no longer ride the Star Tours that we know and love, so hopefully, it will be better than it's previous one.
    REPORTED: Kaleb 03 JUN 06
  2. Opened in 1987
  3. There are other Hidden Characters here. pict from
  4. When Star Tours opened in 1987, Disneyland handed out digital watches to the first so-many people who entered the park. The watch has Disneyland written on it along with Star Tours Inaugral Flight, January 1987, and on the back shows a copyright of 1986 by Disney and Lucas films. The reason I know is because I was there and recieved a watch. I still have it! The battery is dead, but I still love it! When I received the watch it was during Disneyland's 60 hour Party.
    REPORTED: liz 05 JAN 00
  5. The StarSpeeder 3000 is the same type of flight simulator used by the military in training pilots.
  6. As you are about to walk into the Droid Room, look through the cockpit window of the StarSpeeder. You'll see that there are no seats for the passengers to sit on!
    REPORTED: Jason 10 JUL 00
  7. My friend and I were waiting for Star Tours when the robot that controls everything in the second room suddenly says; "Sorry, ma'am, but you can't bring all that heavy luggage here and...ohh!! I'm sorry, I didn't know that was your husband!" We liked it.
    REPORTED: Brett 04 NOV 97 pict from
  8. A little secret about Star Tours... if anything is on the entrance or exit ramps, the computer will NOT allow the ride to begin... we found this out on a rainy day (Valentine's Day)... there was too much water on the exit ramps, and the computer would not allow the ride to start. We had to be unloaded and put in a different shuttle.
    REPORTED: Robert Fox 17 FEB 98
  9. None of the Rebel Ships in Star Tours are destroyed. Only Imperial TIE-Fighters and the Death Star suffer that fate. This is true at the Star Tours in both Disneyland and Disney World.
    REPORTED: Howie Muzika 05 JUL 97
    When the Starspeeder is "losing altitude", a TIE-fighter distinctively shoots down an X-wing. These pictures display the before, during, and after stills of the incident. These stills are from an video mpeg downloaded from
    UPDATED: Michael Viselli 26 SEP 01
  10. There was a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of Star Tours on February 28th 1997. First, a Cast Member read off greetings from Tatooine, Endor and Bogden. Then, Threepio, Chewie and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) walked up. She cut a ribbon with a lightsaber, and stood around for photos. By the way, most people didn't get the Bogden jokes, because they hadn't heard of the planet. It's from the Droids TV series!
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97
  11. Star Tours was not only presented by George Lucas, it was also presented by M&M/Mars before Engerizer took over.
    REPORTED: Steven M. Saito 04 JAN 00
  12. Lucas Arts (the computer games division of Lucas) has honored Star Tours in its TIE Fighter game. In the first Historical TIE Interceptor Mission in the game, one of the shuttle the player has to inspect is called "Star Tours" and its cargo is "Tourists".
    REPORTED: Alexander T. Sanjenis 04 MAY 97
    Star Tours is indeed honored in the TIE Fighter PC game from LucasArts. The mission is also recreated in the new X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter game, as an inspection training mission. After inspecting a YT-1300 Transport (same type as the Millennium Falcon), the next ship in range is an Imperial Shuttle, named STAR TOURS...upon flying to sensor range, you'll discover it's cargo of TOURISTS...I always wondered who that crazy pilot was...
    CONFIRMED: David Hebbe 13 JUN 97
  13. At the end of the film, just after the Death Star is destroyed, your ship and a few X-Wings enter hyperspace. A couple seconds before you make the jump to light speed, look closely at the X-Wings, their s-foils (wings) are in the open "X" or "battle" position. In all of the Star Wars movies and computer games, the s-foils MUST be in the closed position before it can go light speed. Same with B-Wings. Watch the scene in Return of the Jedi when all of the ships go to Endor, it makes it pretty obvious.
    REPORTED: Steve Cox 15 APR 00
    During the video, at the very end there is a factual error. Only true Star Wars fanatics might see it. When the x-wings jump into hyperspeed, their wings (s-foils) are in the X position. X-Wings can only fire with s-foils open (X position) but can jump into hyperspeed ONLY with the s-foils closed.
    CONFIRMED: Josh Errickson 16 MAR 01
  14. While waiting in line in the first section, you'll hear an announcer ask for "Mr. Morrow...Mr. Tom Morrow", obviously a little joke as to the area the ride is in-Tomorrowland.
    REPORTED: Dynara 06 APR 97
    The Tom Morrow jokes has nothing to do with where the ride is located, although that's a good guess. Tom Morrow was actually your animatronic "host", if you will, for the extinct Mission to Mars attraction.
    UPDATE: Jed 13 APR 97
    Tom Morrow was actually the animatronic "operations director", for "Flight to the Moon" (1967-1975) in Disneyland. He, then, was transformed into Mr. Johnson when the attraction became Mission to Mars.
    UPDATE: TR Shaw 11 MAY 98
    Tom Morrow, along with being a former host for Mission to Mars and Flight to the Moon, make his grand reappearance in Innoventions as a host.
    UPDATE: Andrew Graves 24 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Matt Tweedt 13 JAN 99
    Tom Morrow also made a brief on-line, name appearance in Star Tours in Disney/MGM Studios, and the WEDway People Mover at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. He looks like a close relative of the Transportarium's TimeKeeper.
    CONFIRMED: Joseph St. Angelo 13 FEB 99
    In Star Tours, and other attractions, you hear about Tom Morrow. On the Disney Channel, there is a special little show called "Imaginear That" and the host is Tom Morrow 2.0!!!
    UPDATE: anon 16 JUL 01
    Tom Morrow is now considered the "mayor of Tomorrowland", and is also now the host of Innoventions.
    CONFIRMED: Cast Member 04 DEC 01
  15. The pages in Star Tours include George Lucas' name pronounced backwards. WAV Sound
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97
    When you enter Star Tours there is a guy who asks for Egroeg Sacul to come to the booth. Eogroeg Sacul is George Lucas backwards.
    CONFIRMED: A.White 03 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Karl Chan 15 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Frank Murphy 13 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Matt Tweedt 13 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Kozlowski 28 MAR 99
  16. The land speeder has the license number of THX 1138, Lucus's first feature film and his thesis from college.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 31 JUL 96
    The call over the intercom is: "The speeder, license # THX 1138 is in a no hover zone". WAV Sound
    CONFIRMED: Brian Curran 11 DEC 96
    While waiting in line, you hears the announcement, "Will the owner of the speeder with the license number THX 1138 please move their vehicle, you are in a no hover zone." THX 1138 is the 1st movie that George Lucas did (with Robert Duvall as THX 1138)...THX is also the name George gave to his great sound!
    CONFIRMED: Diamond Chad 18 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Frank Murphy 13 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Matt Tweedt 13 JAN 99 C3P0
  17. The C3PO in Star Tours is plated with 24k gold.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96
  18. The 2 repair droids used at Disneyland's "Star Tours" are actually stripped ganders from the old "America Sings" show. Most of the old characters from "America Sings" are known to have been reused in "Splash Mountain" (the only one missing is the Old Grey Mare in the model "T"), but before "Splash Mountain" and while "America Sings" was still open, you might remember that one gander of the quartet that sang stage right (audience left) was missing from two scenes. The missing bird(s) became the G-2 Repair Droids.
    REPORTED: Jim O'Connor 03 JUL 96
    The two G2 droids are in fact two geese from America Sings (sans feathers, of course). Only the heads have been replaced. Most of the rest of the animatronics from America Sings ended up in Splah Mountain. Addition: Disney and Lucasfilm developed a new type of film projector for the ride. The new system only touches the edges of the film, which helps prevent deterioration of the film from repeated showings.
    CONFIRMED: Curtis Craig 03 APR 98
    There are 2 G-2 repair droids that are geese from America Sings that can be seen while in line for Star Tours in Disneyland. You can spot them easily because one still has it's bright orange webbed feet!
    CONFIRMED: Nikki 04 JUN 06
  19. In the queue line you hear a lot of jabber from C3PO and R2D2. Anthony Daniels, the actor who played C3PO in the movies provides the voice here as well. Plus, one of the PA announcements (the one that's in some wierd alien language, kinda low pitched) is also voiced by Mr. Daniels.
    REPORTED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97
  20. While in line, the second main room where there is the droid fixing the R2D2 the music you hear around you is called "Droid Rooms" which can be found on the CD "The Official Soundtrack of Disneyland and Walt Disney World".
    REPORTED: Reynold Wang 11 FEB 97
    Yes, The song you hear as you enter the second room in the Star Tours waiting room is called "Droid Room".
    CONFIRMED: Sara Colwell 22 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Christine Lien 23 APR 01
  21. In the second DROID room where there is a conveyor belt moving above you, one box should contain a stuffed ewok. It was there in 1999, and I have no clue if it has been moved since. The other boxes contain various star wars jokes, mouse droids, some of han's tools, etc. I am not sure if these items are real star wars memorabilia. Probably not, since all that stuff is in museums!
    REPORTED: Andrew 11 JUN 00
    My friend and I noticed when we went last week. It takes a while for the baskets to make a complete circuit, so unless you're waiting a long time, you may not see it. I hope to get the number of the basket next time I visit!
    CONFIRMED: Marisa 08 AUG 00 pict from
    The little Ewok is still there! Right in the ride where you wait, like in the middle part there is the little Ewok there. I tried jumping but I couln't take a picture! The little tray that carry "junk" up in the air hasn't been working lately. But it is there!
    CONFIRMED: masterjedi170 25 MAY 06
  22. The crafts people have their initials and birthdates on the baskets that are conveying robot parts overhead as you make the U-turn? Is it because someone didn't notice? So, now ya know.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 24 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    In the second room of the line for Star Tours where there are robotic baskets they have the Initials and birth dates of the imaginears that worked on the ride. But one of the baskets has 4/01 which is April Fools day. the initials on it are "YUCK" which is supposed to an April fools joke.
    REPORTED: Tim Rasmussen 30 JAN 01
  23. The screen behind C3PO every once and a while has pictures from Sim City 2000.
    REPORTED: Tim Rasmussen 30 JAN 01
  24. When C-3PO and R2-D2 are jabbering to each other about Hoth, you hear a voice saying, "Hey, you droids! Get back to work!" I told myself that it sounded like Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker!
    REPORTED: Mandy 04 APR 06
  25. On Star Tours there is a small robot going around the first droid in the droid room. It can be seen also by looking over the right side of the rail before approaching the second droid.
    REPORTED: Tina 02 NOV 98
  26. In the second room, on the side with the radio playing the station "K-DROID", look over by the old computer boards by the hairpin turn of the pathway. There is a small console with a keyboard on the lower section, what looks like an intercom station on the upper left and some other switches and such. This is a prop you could see while watching the discontinued Captain EO. It is in their ship near the ceiling behind IDEE and ODEE and is only visible in a few shots.
    REPORTED: Budd Sweetman 18 FEB 97
  27. In the Droid room on Star Tours, next to the the droid listening to K-droid, there it a smaller droid that runs on LGB train tracks, it has flashing lights and goes around in an odd shaped oval. And aginst the wall on some boxes platform there is some left over track. I know this because I own an LGB train set.
    REPORTED: Jacob Bradshaw 02 JAN 98
  28. Along the way there is one robot who is listening to the radio but the last time I was there it wasn't at first I was confused and thought I had been wrong or seeing things. I just want to know if anyone knows why its been removed and replaced so many times.
    REPORTED: Jeannie 04 MAY 99
  29. If you pay attention to the radio that is placed next to him it was set on K-droid but I believe that now its set to radio Disney.
    REPORTED: Jeannie 04 MAY 99 pict from
  30. The C3PO in the first room of the queue was originally completely gold-colored. However, die-hard fans of Star Wars complained that this was inaccurate and he was eventually painted like his movie counterpart -- his lower right leg, from the knee down, is silver.
    REPORTED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: erin 13 JUN 98 pict from
  31. Once you enter the building in the line up and you see R2 and C-3P0 in front of you, if you look behind you and up to the right of the ceiling, there is a little control room with Admiral Ackbar inside behind the window (from Return of the Jedi)
    REPORTED: Lawrence Wong 16 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Steve Cox 14 APR 00
  32. In the room with the two repair droids, if look way down from the queue you can see the console from "Lost In Space." It's easier to see if you wait until you make the u-turn and look down when you're about halfway up (it's almost directly beneath the queue before the u-turn).
    REPORTED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97
  33. Right when you enter Sector 2 of Star Tours, if you look to the left, you'll see a long shaft, but in reality it really is connected to a mirror to make it seem longer.
    REPORTED: David Yeh 11 JAN 97
  34. The pipes in the queue area of Star Tours are decaled with the designing imagineers' initials and phone extensions.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 24 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96 pict from
  35. The crafts people have their initials and birthdates on the baskets that are conveying robot parts overhead as you make the U-turn? Is it because someone didn't notice? So, now ya know.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 24 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
  36. Not really a secret but cute. The monitor is talking about no flash photography, and the child in blue (front and center) turns around, and takes a flash photo, which aggravates Chewbacca and Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
  37. If you look up in the room where C-3PO and R2 D2 are you can see Admiral Ackbar.
    REPORTED: Chris Heady 29 OCT 97
    In the queue area of the starspeeder in Star Tours, If you look over your left shoulder you will see a control booth. In the control booth you will see Admiral Ackbar slowly shaking his head at the dialog exchange between C3PO and R2D2.
    CONFIRMED: Michael Byrd 02 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Carlos Munguia 12 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Jason 15 JUN 99
  38. Right before you go through the turnstiles into the boarding areas, there is a backlit "blueprint" of the Star Speeder. The plan view (top view) shows the centerline coordinate as zero, with negative coordinates to the left and positive coordinates to the right. The front view shows negative to the right, and positive to the left! Hope WED checks their engineering drawings for the critical stuff better than that!
    REPORTED: Ken Ishiguro 19 JAN 99
  39. All the humans in the video you watch while waiting to board are Imagineers and their family members.
    REPORTED: Olivia Astika L. 19 FEB 98
  40. When entering the simulator car, notice that the Star Speeder is painted on and the simulator is really shaped much like a rectangle.
    REPORTED: Tony 10 AUG 98
  41. The people in the boarding video are Imagineers and their family!
    REPORTED: Toon Boy 26 JAN 00
    The two boys that take a picture during the pre-flight show are brothers and sons of an Imagineer. The one on the right (I believe in a blue shirt) is the older of the two and was originally cast to take the picture. However, he had quite a difficult time making the flash go off at the right time so the younger boy was told to take over. He, as luck would have it, got it right on his first take and was used in the final cut. To this day, they still bicker about how the younger boy's camera was different and thus much easier to use but I think that the older is just jealous. BTW, they are now 25 and 23 yrs. old!
    UPDATE: Kyle Duarte 10 FEB 01 pict from
  42. The voice of Rex, your robotic pilot, is provided by Paul Reubens, aka Pee-Wee Herman.
    REPORTED: Dan Amrich 24 SEP 95
    CONFIRMED: jt august 07 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Richmond 27 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Matt Tweedt 13 JAN 99
    pict from
  43. The reason Rex doesn't work properly is because he has a red plastic strip attached to his torso that reads "Remove Before Flight"  the strip is easy to see, but you have to be sitting right up close to be able to read it as it flips around during the trip.
    REPORTED: Brent Rogers 11 JAN 97
    When you board your StarSpeeder 3000, look closely at Captain Rex when the cockpit screen lowers.If you look closely,you can see a red tape hanging from Rex that states "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT"!
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Anderson 08 MAY 06
  44. Just as your ship is about to crash into the fuel truck, a guy in the control booth ducks down. The ship stops, the truck moves on and the guy stands up and picks up the phone. That guy is the one and only George Lucas
    REPORTED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Glen Hidalgo 27 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Derrick Rottler 18 MAR 97
    In a recent issue of Eyes and Ears, a castmember magazine, there was a section of myths about the parks. One of the questions answered was the George Lucas Cameo at the end of the Star Tours attraction. According to an Imagineer that worked on the ride, it is not George Lucas, but a technician that was working on the film shoot who just happened to be in the right place at the right time to be cast in that part.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Brian Pastor 01 APR 97
    A cast member in the Disney Gallery has confirmed that George Lucas is the man at the end of the Star Tours ride.
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
    When you actually safely land at the star port and almost hit a fuel truck there's a guy in a booth who ducks at your incoming ship. Pay close attention.
    CONFIRMED: Joshua 20 JUL 00
  45. The name of the Red Leader you see on the smaller screen in Star Tours is Steve Gawley. He's a model shop project supervisor at ILM and he did the models for Star Wars. In the book "Industrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm", he tells the story of how other ILM employees had been inserted into movies, but he never got the chance because he's bald and has a beard. But since the Red Leader has helmet and chin strap, they let him play the part.
    REPORTED: FMImperial 09 AUG 99
  46. When in the trench run of Star Tours, Red Leader fires off his proton torpedos. But when you look to your right on the small television screen, he obviously fails to engage or even use his targeting computer!!! I mean, who is this guy supposed to be??? Luke Skywalker?!?!!? This Red Leader is no way near the status of a Squadron Leader. This is a disgrace to anyone who remotely relates to the ever present strength which is the Force. Good day and may the Force be with you.
    REPORTED: Senkai Cirrus 06 SEP 01 pict from
  47. If you look at the right hand side of the view screen just before flying out the portal into space, you can see the microscope-like shrinking ray that used to be the entrance to "Adventures in Innerspace", the ride that Star Tours replaced.
    REPORTED: John Douglas 11 DEC 95
    CONFIRMED: Loring Fiske-Phillips 29 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Richmond 27 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Brian Curran 11 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 FEB 97
    When the robot driver makes a wrong turn out of the space port- you crash through a door, and swoop down and just as you're about to fly out of the building and into space if you look to the lower right part of the screen you can see they're crating up the Monsanto Microscope from "Adventures Through Inner Space". It's as big as life!
    CONFIRMED: anon 07 DEC 98
    When the Starpeeder is exiting the space port, there is a giant white microscope to the bottom right of the door that leads to outer space. That is a replica of the huge microscope at the end of "Adventures Through Inner Space", the ride that use to be where Star Tours is today.
    CONFIRMED: Matt Tweedt 13 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Jeffrey Gruber 05 SEP 99
    As you begin your 'flight' on Star Tours and your Star Speeder takes a wrong turn through the Maintenance Bay, look for a 'Mighty Microscope', just before you fly through the doors to the outside. The Mighty Microscope is from 'Adventure Thru Inner Space', the attraction that occupied the Star Tours building before Star Tours was built.
    CONFIRMED: Spike McGuire 09 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: SchmittyGoodVibes 15 MAR 00
    On Star Tours, when the ride is operating. As the ride begins and you are traveling forward, your shuttle takes makes an unexpected left, when it does this look to the right. You can see the Mighty Microscope from Journey Thru Inner Space. It is a tribute, Star Tours replaced Journey Thru Inner Space.
    CONFIRMED: Chris Sakamoto 22 JUN 01
    Its in the lower right hand corner.
    CONFIRMED: anon 04 FEB 02
  48. When you are sitting down inside the ride, look to the left of the robot rookie pilot. On the wall in the "corner" is a glossy black plastic rectangle. Behind the facade is a security camera and the monitor is outside while you are waiting to board the ride. The monitor is covered by paper. A Cast Member explained: there are always kids that want to look at the monitor and since a Cast Member is not always there, kids may go over to the control panel and try to look. The kids could accidently push a button. By covering it, the kids never know it exists. Additionally, there is a control room between the second and third cabin that has a devoted Cast Member monitoring another set of screens. Obviously the Cast Members who work the queues cannot devote much attention to their screens and could miss a potential problem.
    REPORTED: lhudson 19 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Cabel Sasser 12 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 17 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Loring Fiske-Phillips 29 FEB 96
  49. Newer Disney rides have excellent contraptions for seat-belt detection. At Star Tours, the attendant opens a small hatch on the upper-right wall. Sometimes the attendant is blatant -- swings it wide open -- other times they keep it open enough for their vision. Underneath the hatch are rows of green LED's corresponding to fastened seatbelts. Un-lit LED's are unfastened.
    REPORTED: Cabel Sasser 12 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Joy Hogley 17 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: B 12 JUL 96
    The LED system for checking seat belts on Star Tours is actually more sophisticated than simply on or off. I once rode in the front row and when the cast member opened the console, one of the lights was yellow. She then looked up to see if anyone was in that seat. I belive that there are also sensors to check if someone is actually in a seat, similar to those in automobiles.
    UPDATE: Joe Zero 27 AUG 00
    The Yellow Light is for Seat A8 (Row A seat 8, Front Row, 1st seat into the cabin from the entrence) is basicly there to help the cast member orentate quickly themselves to which seat is which. The lights simply tell if a person`s seat belt is buckled or not, nothing more.
    UPDATE: anon 10 DEC 00
  50. The footage from the scene in which the Death Star exhaust shaft is blasted and the X-Wing pilot says "It's a hit", supposedly meaning that the Death Star is about to blow up, is actually the footage from the first attempt by the X-Wing pilots to destroy the space station, an attempt which resulted in a miss, with one of the pilots saying "It didn't go in." The actual shot that destroyed the Death Star in Star Wars came from Luke, with only Han Solo covering him.
    REPORTED: Rob Teitelbaum 22 JAN 97
    The Star Tours Death Star torpedo footage is not the one made by Red Leader on the first X-wing run (that was a side view). But yes, there would be no explosion if the shot went in. But wait a minute, it's really the wrong Death Star! If this really is the one that was in orbit around the moon of Endor, then why are we even in the trench run? Wedge and Lando are in the reactor chamber blowing this thing sky high! Shouldn't we be helping them? Wrong movie, wrong mission. (But then why are Threepio and Artoo not on Endor too! Whatever happened to continuity?
    UPDATE: Scott M. Leonard 22 FEB 97
    The storyline behind Star Tours actually states that it takes place AFTER Return of the Jedi, and that C-3P0 and R2-D2 have retired here, the inconsistancies lie within the fact that the Death Star is still in tact and the battle is being fought, even though it is supposed to take place after the battle of Endor.
    UPDATE: Cast Member 04 DEC 01
  51. I was on Star Tours recently with my friend and he pointed out that when the Death Star explodes at the end...if you watch the small screen on the right..the Death Star blows up upsidedown! The crater is on the bottom! Must be because they couldn't fit it behind R2-D2 without flipping it! Look for it when you go!
    REPORTED: Andrew Rodgers 05 JUL 02
  52. Sometimes people wonder how they get such realistic movement on Star Tours. Here's a secret: Warp Speed is made by tilting the seats WAY back. The reason you don't realize it is that your ship is going straight on the movie screen. The "slammed-on-brakes" effect is made by tilting the seats forward.
    REPORTED: Joseph Guisti 23 FEB 98
  53. If you want the most motion in Star Tours, ask to sit in the back row. You get more motion in the back as you do the front. If you have small children or get motion sickness, it is adviseable to sit closer to the front of the ride.
    REPORTED: Becky 18 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Kristy Lee 05 AUG 97
    Regarding sitting towards the front of Star Tours if you are prone to motion sickness. You'll actually feel the least motion if you sit near the simulator's center of gravity. It's likely this would be near the center seats but may be sightly offset depending on the mass distribution added by the cockpit set and the robot animatronics which are in the simulator with you.
    UPDATE: Adams Douglas 21 SEP 98
    As for the suggesstions of where to sit on Star Tours, I can confirm that the closer you sit to the center the smoother your ride will be, and sitting on the isles, or the front and back rows will move you around more. In fact, if this has not been changed, the seats in the back row are raised a little higher than the rest. (I'm 5'4" and while in the other rows, my feet lie flat on the floor, in the back I have to point my toes to reach!) I have had the best ride sitting in the back corner of the ride.
    CONFIRMED: anon 02 MAY 02
  54. Prior to the opening of Star Tours, the marquee above the entrance read "George Lucas presents Star Tours." Either shortly before or shortly after the ride had its opening day, the marquee was changed to read "Star Tours ... from the imaginations of Disney and George Lucas." George Lucas's top billing was dropped because of a disagreement between him and Disney regarding the Star Tours merchandizing deal.
    REPORTED: anon 05 MAR 98
  55. Rex yells, "we're losing altitude!" There is no altitude in space, space is infinite.
    REPORTED: John Lambert 02 MAY 98
    "Losing altitude" as relative to a planet's surface -- you would lose altitude as you drew closer. In space, with no heavenly bodies near by, loseing altitude has no reference point.
    CONFIRMED: Michael Byrd 02 AUG 98
    The Death Star(always referenced in size to a "small moon") is large enough to generate its own gravitational pull. The altitude Rex refers to is the distance between the DS and the Star Speeder - which is rapidly dwindling.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Eric Englebretson 22 SEP 98
  56. When watching the video, right before the death star gets blown up, you are going through the "canal" of the thing. Watch carefully, you have no wingman. Suddenly, 2 explosions go off, and then, out of the third, a wingman appears! Watch carefully, it's really obvious.
    REPORTED: Joe Gullo 22 AUG 99
  57. The StarSpeeder 3000 is the same type of flight simulator used by the military in training pilots.
  58. After the Death Star is blown up and the ship is heading back to the Star Tours station, the Death Star can be seen blowing up in the small window to the left of the large screen.
    REPORTED: Raul Perez 05 AUG 98
  59. The film you watch while in the ride was made by Indutrial Light and Magic(ILM). The animated lasers were contracted out to a small effects animation house in Burbank, CA called Available Light Ltd. ILM animators were too busy working on their masterpiece "Howard the Duck." Available Light also has done animation for "Honey I Shrunk the Audience", and "Captian EO."
    REPORTED: Joseph Thomas 28 AUG 98
  60. You know what's really strange about Star Wars? It's where the ride is located. Since the land is called "Tomorrowland" then why is an adventure that took place "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." in a land of the future? Oh well, truthfully I can't imagine this classic ride being in any other land.
    REPORTED: Reynold Wang 17 JUL 99
    Sadly, I've been wondering when the Star Wars mythology took place in referrance to the present. In my opinion, the opening narration "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." is being recited by someone in the far future. So Star Wars would still be tomorrow for us. Tomorrow, today is yesterday.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Alex Hall 02 AUG 00

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